Description of host organisation

Name of organization / YMCA PARTHENOPE ONLUS
Type of Organisation / Non-profit association.
Legal Status /  Private /  Public / Number of staff / 10
Commercial Orientation /  Profit /  Non profit / Number of learners
(if applicable)
Postcode / 80141 / City / NAPOLI
Country / ITALY

6.2Contact person at host organisation

Title / MR / Gender (m/f) / M
First name / GIANLUCA
Familyname / IACUVELLE
(if applicable) / BOARD
Position / PRESIDENT
Postcode / 00152 / City / ROMA
Region / LAZIO / Country / ITALY
Telephone1 / Telephone 2
Mobile / +39 340 7821363 / Fax
E-mail /
Education fields: description of the organization’s activities
Y.M.C.A. PARTHENOPE ONLUS is a non-profit and free association, independent from every other civil or religious organization, composed by young and adult people which intend to promote the development of their intellectual, social, spiritual and physical personality. The association promotes therefore study travels, meetings, debates, lectures, and any other initiative to improve and develop the cultural exchanges among young and adult people on the historical, geographical, artistic, naturalistic and environmental realities of all the countries in the world. For this purpose the association develops publishing activities and publish bulletins and newspapers; it promotes mobility and organizes training courses and/or delegate such kind of activities to corporate bodies able to train them, it organizes programs with other partners and advertise them in order to promote its own initiatives, including strategies of communication and action tools to create, modify or/and to improve its own social activities. Our workforce is composed of 10 people: volunteers, educators, support staff, coordinators and organizers. Our association is very motivated in Grundtvig projects as we are very interested in the topic of adult education, mobility and European cooperation with foreign partners. We are ready to learn from them their methodologies, their local and International work. At the same time we are very open to transfer our knowledge and illustrate how we work and what we do. We work on the European level because it is the richest one in terms of cultural variety and diversity, the one which can offer and guarantee most learning opportunities to our target groups. Dealing with media, dance & theatre, outdoor activities and voluntary camps can enrich everybody curricula and skills in order to create or improve their key competences. We expect to cooperate in an open and advanced environment where people can learn, exchange their knowledge and experience, in a word “grow”. We can offer our competence and reliability by taking care of mind, body and spirit of the people involved in the project. We have staff experienced in informal learning education who can create and lead activities aiming at learning sustainable life-styles in harmony with the environment, promoting sport, healthy diets and with a social focus contributing to a peaceful and constructive attitude of living together. We have a YMCA centre near Rome for these kinds of events where we carry out our regular activities and an office in Naples. The people involved in the project have all a sound International experience, having worked with foreign people in Italy or travelled abroad for their own personal development (intercultural exchanges. training course, youth work, voluntary activities). Our working languages are Italian and English.