Do you have a Herding breed dog that you would like to learn more about the art of livestock herding? Join us for a Herding/Handling Clinic for all levels of handlers from beginner to advanced levels. We will be working ducks. Ducks are easier to keep, don’t require a lot of land and require little space to practice competitive trial herding skills. Duck work requires a slightly different skill set than working sheep or cattle but the fundamentals and commands are virtually the same for working all livestock. For ducks, the dog must be able to work in close quarters, remain calm and be immediately responsive to commands. AKC and ABHA Herding Judge Joyce Norris, from Illinois, will be presenting this clinic at Patriot Hill Farm in McGaheysville, near Harrisonburg, VA. Clinic topics include:

  • Introduction to Duck Herding
  • Duck Breeds and Characteristics
  • Starting a Herding Dog
  • The Basics of AKC Herding Trials
  • Beginning skills/exercises. Round pen work.
  • Focus on the AKC Course A Demo Course A
  • Demo on the AKC Course B
/ Sunday:
  • How to Polish Your Handling Skills
  • How a Judge interprets your run
  • Understanding Your Score Sheet
  • Comprehending the AKC Herding Rules on scoring
  • Recognize how points are lost
  • How to get the best scoring run
  • Analysis of the AKC Course A

10 Working Slots per day for dogs who have at least basic herding skills/commands. Unlimited Auditor slots. Directions, motels, restaurants and seminar hours will be sent nearer to the clinic dates. More info on breakfast/lunch as details worked out. Bring shade and chair/drinks. All dogs, Non-working and working dogs MUST BE QUIET/UNDER CONTROL. All working teams will work a minimum 2 times per day (will work Course A/exercises). No videotaping except for optional official videotaping of your session with Joyce at $10 for both days, (You will receive a disk with your sessions at the end of the day).

Contact Jana Brady, Patriot Hill Farm, for questions or for more information at

or (540) 289-5587.

Joyce Norris has been involved with the herding sport for over 14 years and has earned triple herding championships on her dogs including advanced titles in sheep, cattle and ducks. Joyce has been raising and leasing ducks for herding trials for over 6 years, presenting Duck Herding Demos for 8 years and has been an active Judge for AKC and AHBA for 5 years.

Prior to the 2-day clinic, Joyce will be offering a limited number of private lessons on-site. Private lessons are $35 for one half-hour. If interested, contact Jana at



City:______State: ______ZIP: ______

Dog Name: ______Breed: ______Herding Titles: ______

Home#______Work# ______Email: ______

Check appropriate line: - Amount enclosed ______Video Disk $10______

Working Slot: Sat ____$70 Sun____$70 Both days____$125

Auditor: Sat ____$35 Sun____$35 Both days____$60

**Lunch each day: $6.00 includes drinks, sub sandwich, chips, veggies and desserts

Make checks payable to Jana Brady Mail to: 605 Mt. Olivet church Rd. Elkton, VA 22827

I agree to maintain control of my dog at all times and to keep my dog quiet. I agree to pay for any damages my dog

and/or I may cause (value of stock $40/head) and to exercise due care. I understand that there are inherent risks involved in the sport of herding. I agree to hold Jana Brady, Patriot Hill Farm and any other person on the premises located at 605 Mt. Olivet Church Rd. Elkton, VA or its agent Joyce Norris, all stock handlers and other participants harmless from any injury or damage to my dog, my property and/or to me.

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