Corner Store @ H Hwy & M Hwy7:053:15

Cumberland Road & F Hwy (on Cumberland) 7:103:10 #3 BIRD SHEILA

F Hwy & Ricky Rd7:153:05

Kountry Kids Daycare7:302:55

Blaine & Birch7:352:55 Teachers kids to

Cooper & Chestnut7:352:50 BPMS if needed

OakMcDonald7:402:50 A.M. & P.M.


Store on 64 Hwy in Louisburg7:053:25

Thomasville-Victory Baptist Church7:153:20 #9 COWCAROLYN

Hickory & Ramsey7:203:10

Mill St. Apts7:253:10

Buffalo Heights Apts7:253:10

Chisholm Trail Daycare7:303:05

Broken Bow & Legend Rd7:353:00

Countryview Estates pts7:402:55


Maple Leaf Daycare7:402:50


Monarch Rd & 65 Hwy7:003:25 #6 DOLPHIN TRENA

D Diamond Travel Plaza (215 Hwy)7:103:15

Redtop Road & Potter’s Rd7:153:10

Gray Daycare onFoose Rd7:203:05

Redtop Trailer Park7:253:00

Ash St. & Granger Lane (old Hwy 65)7:302:55

Ash St & F Hwy7:352:55

Buffalo Prairie Middle School7:40 2:50


Bennett Springs7:003:15

Winchester Gap7:10 3:10 #21 CAT SHIRLEY

Store @ K & 647:153:05

Melton’s @ 73 & 64 Hwy7:253:00

73 Hwy & DD Hwy7:302:55

Locust & Ramsey7:352:50 Teachers kids to

Locust & Mill7:352:50 Mallory if needed

A Step Ahead Daycare (Locust & Benton)7:402:50 A.M & P.M.


K Hwy & Sullivan Loop6:503:25

Long Lane School7:003:15

JJ Hwy & 32 Hwy7:103:10

Three Springs Loop and K Hwy7:203:05 #16 PANDA PAM

Quarry Rd & Ozark Trail @ 32 Hwy7:253:00

Woodland & Main7:302:55

Pear & Lincoln7:352:50

Pear & Howe7:352:50

Poplar & Madison7:402:50


These are designated drop-off points. Buses do not drop off at students homes for summer school routes. Bus passes are NOT issued for summer school. There is ZERO tolerance for discipline issues for summer school. **Summer school route times are approximate and may vary due to issues that may arise at the school before busses can leave, please make every effort to be at the bus stop before the bus arrives. Thank you in advance for your patience.