To the University of Utah Campus Community:

The Center for New Student & Family Programsis excited to offer campus departments and student organizations the opportunity to apply for Welcome Week Innovation Grants to aid in the development of programs. Welcome Week events should provide a glimpse into facets of life on campus, including academic, social, athletic, cultural, artistic, and wellness events. Events must take place between August 20 and August 30, 2015.

Welcome Week Innovation Grant applications will be accepted through Monday, June22, 2015, at 4:00pm, via email to . Departments are responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of the event, including reserving space on campus. The Center for New Student & Family Programs will include all grant recipient programs in the broad marketing for Welcome Week. The following restrictions are put on funding:

  • Funds cannot be used for marketing individual events
  • Events cannot serve as a fundraiser for the department
  • Admission be cannot be charged to attend the event

After the event takes place, departments must submit proof of expenditures to be reimbursed up to the amount of their grant award. All receipts and proof of payment must be documented in the Center for New Student & Family Programs by September 15, 2015.

Additionally, all student organizations will be asked to make a 10 minute presentation to New Student & Family Programs on their event and why it deserves funding. This presentation will focus on how the event will achieve its learning outcomes presented in the application and how the event will foster a sense of belonging in the U’s community. The presentation should also include time for questions from the Center. Please let us know via email if you have any questions about this requirement. We will reach out to set up appointments once all application materials have been submitted.

We look forward to working with you and your innovative ideas designed to showcase all that the University of Utah has to offer. If you have additional questions, please explore our website, or contact our office: 801-581-7069 or .

Welcome Week Innovation Grant Application

Department/Organizational Information

Department/Office Name:______

Contact Person: ______

Contact Person email/phone: ______

Contact Person Position in Department/Office: ______

Event Proposal (see p. 3 for example event proposal):

Event Title:______

Event Description:

Learning Outcomes & Assessment:

List any learning outcomes you have for the event and how they will be assessed before/during/after the event.

Number of Expected Participants: ______

List any organizations, departments, offices, or centers with which you are co-hosting this event. (Co-hosting events are encouraged and may increase your probability for funding approval.):


Is this event new or existing?

If an existing event, how will you utilize the grant to change the program?

Estimated Total Event Cost:

Amount Requested for Innovation Grant (Total Cannot Exceed $500):

Please specify how grant funds will be spent and list the amount in each category (decorations, food, space, etc):

Please provide the total amount of funds you are receiving from other sources (your department, ASUU, etc):


All information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.

My organization will abide by all campus policies and Center for New Student & Family Programs requirements.

(if Student Organization) My organization is an approved student organization through ASUU or is affiliated with a campus department/office.

By signing your name below, you are agreeing to the above statements.

Name: ______

Title: ______

Signature: ______


Please note: Please write expenses as specific line items (i.e., Room Rental, Equipment, Advertisement, etc.) as shown below.

Event: Concert on the Union Lawn

Event Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Event Description: This concert will showcase three University of Utah student ensembles from the College of Fine Arts, two strings ensembles and one brass quartet.


  • Space Rental (Union Lawn):$40
  • Giveaways (tickets to Kingsbury Hall event):$150.50
  • Decorations (banners):$15
  • Food (desserts, water, lemonade)$35


Center for New Student & Family Programs

200 South Central Campus Drive, Room 280

Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

(801) 581-7069

FAX (801) 585-5114