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Please include the following information in an email to:

FROM: San Diego County Schools Risk Management JPA

Policy Number: 2280945

School District:______

School Name:______

Location Address: ______ZIPCODE: ______

Contact at Location: ______PHONE: ______

Type of inspection required:


Other: ______



NOTE: Should you have any difficulty with this inspection request, or if you are not contacted within 24HRS, please call Lauren Peck, HSB Dispatcher, at 484-582-1589.




The following is a list of jurisdictional requirements for Boilers & Pressure Vessel inspections.

Note: Depending on size, pressure rating and application some vessels may require inspections more or less frequently than the standards detailed below:

Jurisdictional Inspections: The State of California requires the following jurisdictional inspections:
¨  Annual inspection of High Pressure Steam Boilers (above 15 PSI).
¨  Stationary Air Tanks require an inspection every 5 years.
¨  LPG Tanks require inspection every 3 years depending upon size and application. / The following is a list of equipment which does not require a jurisdictional operating certificate:
¨  Domestic Hot Water Heaters
¨  Low Pressure Boilers (15 PSI or less)
¨  Hot Water Heating Boilers
¨  All other unfired pressure vessels

Hartford Steam Boiler provides jurisdictional inspections and issues operating certificates on behalf of the State of CA. This service is included in your insurance program. Should you require a jurisdictional inspection please complete the “Inspection Request Form”.

Once the inspection has been completed and a certificate is issued, it should be posted under glass in a conspicuous place on or near the pressure vessel or in a weatherproof container secured to the unit and shall be available at all times to any authorized Inspector. NOTE: It is recommended you keep the original on file and make a copy to attach to the vessel.

Claim Reporting – Should you have the need to report a Claim please call 1800-HSB-LOSS. If contact is not satisfactorily made, please contact Joe Reed, Account Engineer directly by telephone at 626/387/9304.

Los Angeles Branch, 100 North First St., Suite 103, Burbank CA 91502