Jay S. Albanese

(703) 819-8830


1976 1980Rutgers University Ph.D. (1981)

School of Criminal Justice

Dissertation: Criminalizing Corporate Behavior

1974 1975Rutgers University M.A. (1976)

School of Criminal Justice

Thesis: An Exploratory Study of Fear of Crime

1970 1974Niagara University B.A. (1974)

Niagara Falls, New York

Major: Sociology; Minor: Natural Science


ProfessorVirginia Commonwealth University

(on leave at National Institute of Justice, 2002-2006)

July, 1996-Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

PresentRichmond, Virginia

Courses taught: Criminal Justice Survey (Intro course), Organized Crime, Professional Ethics & Liability (graduate and on-line), Comparative Criminal Justice (undergraduate, graduate, and on-line), Senior Seminar, Criminal Justice Assessment (graduate), White Collar Crime (on-line), Thesis supervision.

Graduate director, Criminal Justice, 2006-present

Responsible for admissions, curriculum, scheduling, and enrollments for Master’s degree program and post-baccalaureate certificate program in criminal justice.

Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, 1996-2002.


Responsible for program with 500 Bachelor’s degree students and two Master’s degree programs totaling 100 students, includingall teaching, research, and service activities planned, budgeted, and executed by the chair, plus faculty development and evaluation.

ChiefNational Institute of Justice

Aug, 2002-International Center

July, 2006Washington, D.C.

The National Institute of Justice is the research arm of the U.S. Department of Justice. Responsible for development and execution of transnational crime and justice research andevaluation, and coordination with United Nations efforts in these areas. Primary responsibility for developing research ideas and projects in the areas of terrorism, human trafficking, transnational organized crime and corruption, emerging crimes, and international justice system issues. The International Center develops a research agenda, international partners, and contracts with investigators, overseeing a program of research, publications, a web site, seminars, intramural research, and visiting fellows.


Academy Fellow, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, 2002.

Elske v.P. Smith Distinguished Lecturer Award, Virginia Commonwealth University, College of Humanities & Sciences, 2001.

Inducted to Phi Kappa Phi, Honor Society for Academic Excellence, 2001.

Founder's Award, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (for contributions to criminal justice education and to ACJS), 2000.

Jay S. Albanese Outstanding Graduate Student Award annual award named in my honor by the Department of Criminal Justice at Niagara University, 2000.

Selected to Who's Who in America, 1995-2006.

Selected to Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 1994, 1996, 2002, 2004.

Teaching Excellence & Campus Leadership Award, Sears Foundation, 1989-90.

Outstanding Teacher Award (Social Sciences), College of Arts & Sciences,

Student Advisory Council, Niagara University, 1987.



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IPA grant award from the U.S. Department of Justice to serve four years as Chief of the International Center at the National Institute of Justice (the research arm of the Department of Justice). Salary and benefits reimbursed to VCU during term (2002-2006).

 "A Descriptive and Predictive Model of Organized Crime," National Institute of Justice, 2000-02.

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Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, President, 1995-96

White Collar Crime Research Consortium, President, 2001-02

International Association for the Study of Organized Crime, Executive Director, 2001-06

Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences, President, 198889

American Society of Criminology, Co-chair of Task Force Report on Organized Crime to U.S. Attorney General, 1995; ASC Program Committee (9 times).