May 14, 2015

Barren County Board of Education


BCHS Auditorium

  1. Call To Order

2.Recognition of Guests –

Certified Employee of the Month – Julie Mohon

Classified Employee of the Month – Lavetta Jessie

Students of the Month – Zechariah Craddock, Barren County High School; Hannah Doyle, Red Cross

Volunteer of the Month – Rochelle Coleman

Retirees 2015 –

Sharon Moore – Austin Tracy Elementary School

Patty Dennison – Eastern Elementary School

Mike Elmore – Eastern Elementary School

Karen Witty – Hiseville Elementary School

Georgia Jessie – Park City Elementary School

Phyllis King – Park City Elementary School

Sheryl Bailey – Park City Elementary School

Yvonne Bartley – Red Cross Elementary School

Lavetta Jessie – Red Cross Elementary School

Marla Stewart – Red Cross Elementary School

Shelia Edmunds – Red Cross Elementary School

Robin Lindsey – Red Cross Elementary School

Lynn Harlow – Temple Hill Elementary School

Charlotte Vibbert – Temple Hill Elementary School

Jeanne Garrett – Barren County High School

Steve Riley - Barren County High School

Angie Saffer – Barren County High School

Roy Francis –BC Bus Garage

Ruth Ann Foxall – College Street Campus

Dee Barrett – BC Migrant

End of the Year Awards –

Elementary School Teacher of the Year – Debbie Dickerson

Middle School Teacher of the Year – Olivia Dooley

High School Teacher of the Year – Karen Maxwell

Certified Techie Employee of the Year – Chasity Shipley

Classified Techie Employee of the Year – Rhonda Costlow

Classified Employee of the Year – Shelly Young

Substitute Teacher of the Year - Angie Tucker

Classified Substitute of the Year – Kathryn Lamb

  1. Superintendent Staff Recommendations
  1. Consent Items


4B. Bills, Salaries and Accounts

4C. Monthly Financial Reports

4D. Out-of-State/Overnight Student Travel

4E. Approve student shortened school day

4F. Approve Contracts/Agreements:

  1. Beth Meiman EKU Contract
  2. Auditor’s Contract
  3. Nursing Contracts

4G. Approve bids:

  1. Banking Bid
  2. Mops/Uniforms
  3. Tire Recap
  4. Drug Testing
  5. Diesel
  6. Gasoline/One Card System
  7. Bus Service Bid
  8. Copiers
  9. Student Accident Insurance

4H. Approve Professional Development Plans for 2015-2016

4I. Approve paid lunch equity tool

4J. Approvelunch price for 2015-2016

4K. Approve Emergency Certification for teachers and substitute teachers for 2015-2016

  1. Action Items

5A. ApproveTentative Budget for 2015-2016

5B. Approve Capital Funds Request

5C. Approveintent to participate in Community Eligibility Program 2015-2016

5D. Approve declaration of surplus property

  1. Any Other Business

6A. Closed Session as allowed under KRS 61.810 (f) discussions or hearings which might lead to the appointment,

discipline, or dismissal of an individual employee, member, or student without restricting that employee’s, member’s, or student’s right to a public hearing if requested. This exception shall not be interpreted to permit discussion of general personnel matters in secret.

  1. Adjourn