Common Core Algebra I
Course Criteria 2017-2018
Sewanhaka High School Math Department: (516) 488-9626
Mrs. Dunphy:

To be successful in Math this year:

You will need:
-your IPad and a stylus (We will be using the GoodNotes app)
-a folder with looseleaf paper (you will keep handouts and tests/quizzes in this folder)
-graph paper
-a ruler
-a graphing calculator*

*We will be using a graphing calculator in class everyday to enhance our curriculum and in preparation for the Common Core Algebra Regents exam. You MUST purchase a graphing calculator at some point during the school year. You will need the calculator for homework and the Common Core Regents exam.

You are responsible for:
-taking notes in class and maintaining a well-organized notebook (IPad)
-completing homework assignments EVERYDAY*
-making up missed work including class notes, homework assignments and/or quizzes/tests when you are absent**
-participating actively in class discussions and explaining/presenting problems
-asking questions when you don’t understand something or are struggling with a topic***
-showing all quiz/test grades to your parents/guardians so that they are aware of your academic progress in this class

*Please use Schoologyto find out what assignments you have missed. You will have one day to make up an assignment unless there are extenuating circumstances.
**Schoology is an excellent resource for connecting with classmates and asking your peers for assistance with difficult concepts and questions.

Grading Policy
Tests/Quizzes: 70%
Homework: 20%
Notebook (IPad)/Classwork: 10%

*You will be taking the Common Core Algebra Regents exam in June 2018. This Regents is a challenging exam and requires hard work and dedication to this class. Your grade on this Regents will count as one fifth of your grade in this class. This Regents is also a requirement for graduation.
*You must maintain an 80average in this class as well as achieve an 80 or higher on the Common Core Algebra Regents exam to remain in the Advanced Math track.

Please fill-in your name, information and sign below along with your parents/guardians.

I, ______, have read our course criteria and understand my responsibilities in Mrs. Dunphy’s CC Algebra I class. I pledge to work to the best of my ability in order to be successful this school year.

Parent(s) email address: ______

Parent(s) phone number: ______


Student SignatureParent/Guardian Signature

I look forward to working with all of you!

Welcome to the Wonderful Wacky World of Mathematics!!!