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Questionnaire regarding technical training courses

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Please return the completed questionnaire to us as soon as possible or, at the latest, six weeks before the course begins. Thank you!

or by fax to +49-40-7250 3840.

Note: Please either forward the questionnaire to the above email address or save it and attach it to a new email.

Who from your company can we contact concerning training enquiries in general?

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This questionnaire is about the following training course (please fill in as much as you can)

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Questions and notes regarding training courses held in our Training Centre:

When your employees arrive on our factory premises, they should contact:

Full name: / Anne Lena Konopka / Tel./mobile no.: / +49-40-7250 2573
Position: / Team Assistant / Email address: /

Our instructor is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If the training times are to differ from those specified, then they will be agreed at short notice between the instructor and the trainees.

Please specify the names of the max. six participants, the interpreter (if applicable), their function in the factory, their experience with the selected machine and their knowledge of PLCs, if any.

Note:Our instructor speaks German and English. For courses in other languages, please provide an interpreter with a good knowledge of technical terminology for the full duration of the course.
By a knowledge of PLCs we mean how to use control systems or bus systems.

Name / Function / Experience / PLC
Interpreter/translator / German/English

Questions and notes regarding training courses held in our Training Centre:

Please list the machines that will be used for this training course, along with their serial numbers, so that we can provide the correct documentation for the course and prepare better for any questions that the participants might ask.

Machine type / Serial number / MIDAS no. if applicable / Link-up machine(s) / Serial number

Are there any further topics you would like the instructor to cover that are not mentioned in the course description (

Note:If this training course is a tailor-made course, please list the topics separately on the last page. Thank you!

Notes on training courses held in our Training Centre - please ensure that your employees observe the following points. Thank you!

  • It is strictly forbidden to take any photos or make any video or audio recordings anywhere on the factory premises!
  • Protective footwear and work clothing must be worn when performing all practical exercises on our machines.
  • Participants do not need to bring laptops for electrical training courses. PCs for training on the visualization system are available in the Training Centre.
  • Make sure that your employees are aware of the weather in Hamburg (long winter, lots of rain, no air-conditioning in the Summer) and ask them to bring suitable clothing.

Questions and notes regarding training courses held in our Training Centre:

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Is this training course a tailor-made course? If so, please list the topics that are relevant to you by referring to our standard course description for mechanical or electrical equipment (see also:

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