Credentials & CV of Prof. Dr. H.E.M. Vereecke, MD, PhD

Prof. Dr. Hugo E.M. Vereecke (°04/07/1972), MD, PhD became a medical doctor at the Ghent University, Belgium (1997) and consultant anesthesiologist (2002) at the University Hospital Ghent, Belgium. After finishing his PhD Thesis (2007) on improving anesthetic drug titration using neuro-physiological monitoring, he proceeded an academic career at the University Medical Center Groningen (2010-current), the Netherlands, where he became an assistant professor in anesthesia (2015-current).

He is involved in multiple study-projects related to anesthetic pharmacology: improving pharmacokinetic-dynamic models for anesthetic drugs; using interaction models to predict responsiveness during anesthesia; exploring the use of electroencephalographic derived information to assist the clinician towards an improved and individualized titration of anesthetic drugs.

Prof. Dr. Hugo E.M. Vereecke currently combines his academic position with a consultancy at the general hospital AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV, Brugge, Belgium. (2016-current) His current aim is to initiate and/or support new clinical study-projects related to the implementation of model based, target controlled drug titration. He is treasurer at the board of the International Society of Anesthetic Pharmacology (ISAP, USA) and is an experienced lecturer and educator in his domain of expertise. His publication list includes peer reviewed research papers, book chapters and editorials in multiple highly cited anesthesia journals.

Attachment: Recent academic CV


Prof. Dr. Hugo E.M. Vereecke (°04/7/1972), MD, PhD studeerde geneeskunde aan de Universiteit Gent (1997) en werd erkend anesthesioloog (2002) aan het Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent, België. Na het succesvol afleggen van zijn doctoraatsthesis (2007) rond het optimaliseren van anesthesietitratie door gebruik te maken van neurofysiologische monitoring, vervolgde hij zijn academische loopbaan in het Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (2010-heden) in Nederland, waar hij docent (assistent professor) werd in de anesthesiologie (2015-heden).

Hij is betrokken bij meerdere studieprojecten rond anesthetische farmacologie. Onderwerpen van zijn interesse zijn: het verbeteren van farmacokinetische-dynamische modellen voor het toedienen van anesthetica, het gebruik van interactiemodellen om reactiviteit tijdens anesthesie te voorspellen, het exploreren van elektro-encefalografisch gemeten informatie om de clinicus te ondersteunen in het individualiseren van titratie van anesthetica.

Prof. Dr. Hugo E.M. Vereecke combineert zijn academische aanstelling momenteel met een functie als erkend anesthesioloog in het AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV, Brugge, België. (2016-heden) Zijn huidige doelstellingen zijn om nieuwe studieprojecten op te starten en/of te ondersteunen met betrekking tot het klinisch implementeren van modelgebaseerde titratie van anesthetica. Hij is tevens schatbewaarder van “the International Society of Anesthetic Pharmacology (ISAP, USA)” en is een ervaren en gedreven spreker op congressen en een bevlogen docent binnen zijn expertisegebied. Zijn publicatielijst omvat “peer reviewed” onderzoeksrapporten, hoofdstukken in educatieve boeken en editorialen in meerdere vaak geciteerde anesthesie tijdschriften.

Bijlage: Recent academisch CV



Name: Vereecke

First Name: Hugo, Eric, Marc

Date and place of birth: 04.07.1972Aalst

Nationality: Belgium

Spouse: Josine Beenakker

Offspring:Vereecke Vic -° 11.02.2003
Vereecke Noor - ° 09.1.2005

Vereecke Saar - ° 12.07.2007

Vereecke Zoé - °19.09.2016

Languages:Dutch (First language)



Working address:University Medical Center Groningen,

Dep.of Anesthesia (EB32)

Hanzeplein 1,

Postbus 30.001

9700 RB Groningen


Telephone:+31 50 361 61 61



2. Education

College: St.-Hendrikscollege, Deinze1990

AcademicTraining (University)

Medical doctor (Arts), Ghent University, Date: 1.07.1997

Post-academic education

Post-academic education, specialization, doctoral thesis,

Licenses and certificates / University / Date
CertificateElectrocardiography / Ghent University / 2.07.1996
CertificatePost-academic training in Anesthesiology / AVU (Departmentsof Flemish Universities) / 1998
Certificate acute medicine: / AZ Sint-Jan Brugge
Dep. Of Emergency Medicine / 8.05.2000
Certificate Advanced Life Support Providers Course / European Resuscitation Council, Brussels / 19-20.03.2000
Specialist in anesthesiology and reanimation’ by the
Ministryof Social Affairs, Health and Environment (Belgium) / 1997 - 1998: UZ Gent:
Mentor Prof. Dr. G. Rolly
1998 - 1999: AZ St.- Jan, Brugge
Stagemeester Dr. J.P. Mulier,
1999 - 2002: UZ Gent
Coordinating Mentor
Prof. Dr. E. Mortier / 1.08.2002
Specialist in anesthesiology and reanimation’ in the Netherlands / BIG and KNMG registration,
Ministryof Health, well-being and sports, The Netherlands / 11.05.2010
(until 2015)
Basic course Regulations and Organization for clinical researchers (BROK) / The Dutch federation of universityhospitals, NFU / 12.07.2012
Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) provider / The American College of Surgeons: Harlem Hospital New York / 07-08/06/2013
Teach the Teacher course / The Wenckebach Institute, Groningen, The Netherlands / 13-12-2013
European Patient Safety Course, Euroanaesthesia pre-Congress Course / European Society of Anaesthesiologists / 27-05-2016

Doctor in Medical Sciences (PhD)

Title of Doctoral Thesis: / The use of fast extracted mid-latency auditory evoked potentials monitoring to improve the measurement of the hypnotic component of anaesthesia.
Promotor: / Prof. dr. M Struys
Universiteit: / Ghent University
Datum: / 08.11.2007

3. Professional carrier

Function or Task / Institution orEmployer / From / Until
Trainee anesthesia and reanimation / Dep. Of Anesthesia, UZ Gent
AZ St-Jan, Brugge
Dep. Of Anesthesia, UZ Gent / 1.08.1997
1.08.1999 / 31.07.1998
Anesthesiafor general, hepatobiliary and digestive surgery / UniversityHospitalGhent
Department of Anesthesia / 1.08.2002 / 31.12.2005
Deputy-head of clinics

Anesthesiafor liver-transplantation

Anesthesia for
Neurosurgery / University Hospital Ghent
Department of Anesthesia / 1.01.2006 / 31.12.2007
Head of Clinics
Anesthesia for
Neurosurgery / University Hospital Ghent
Department of Anesthesia / 1.02.2008 / 31.08.2010
Anesthesiologist / University Medical Center Groningen
Department of Anesthesia / 1.09.2010 / Current
Assistant Professor in Anesthesia / University of Groningen (RUG) / 1.04.2012 / Current
Member of the Institutional Medical Ethical Commission / University Medical Center Groningen / 1.02.2013 / 01.02.2016
President of the de-central Incident notification commission of the department of anesthesia / University Medical Center Groningen / 1.05.2013 / 01.09.2016
Board member / The International Society of Anesthetic Pharmacology / 1.10.2013 / Current
Anesthesiologist (Temporary approval) / General Hospital AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV, Brugge, Belgium / 1.09.2016 / 29.11.2016
Anesthesiologist / General Hospital AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV, Brugge, Belgium / 30.11.2016 / current

4. Educative experience

Multiple ALS courses (Advanced Life Support) for ICU nurses

Multiple Lessons for the post-academic training in anesthesiology on pharmacology

Multiple lessons in “Arteveldehogeschool” (Nursing school) on Pediatric anesthesia

Multiple lessons for the junior trainees Anesthesiology (UMCG):Pharmacology in anesthesia

Multiple lectures and workshops on national and international conferences

  1. Scientific CURRICULUM : (cf. addenda 1, 2 en 3)

Summaryof scientific activities throughout my academic career:

Publications in national and international scientific journals:39

Publications in top 25% of SCI Ranking (including submitted and under revision):34

Bookchaptersin scientific review books:4

Posters and abstracts on national and international conventions and symposia:42

Lectures on national and international conventions and symposia: 51

Personal RG score on Research Gate: 36.13

H-Index: 17

  1. Scientific Prices, Grants and Recognitions

1)Pricefor best publication in the category Clinical Research of the Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium(2006): Cerebral State Index during Propofol Anesthesia: Erik W. Jensen, Hector Litvan , Mirem Revuelta, Pere Caminal, Bernardo E. Rodriguez, Hugo Vereecke, Michel MRF Struys – 500 Euro
2)Price for best publication in the category Clinical Research of the Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium(2012): Sevoflurane-Remifentanil Interaction: Comparison of Different Response Surface Models.: B. Heyse, J.H. Proost, P. M. Schumacher, T. W. Bouillon, H.E.M. Vereecke, D.J. Eleveld, M. Luginbuehl, M. M. R. F. Struys. -500 Euro
3)Grant of the section Pediatric Anesthesia of the Dutch Society of Anesthesiology: 2011, Development and validation of a pediatric effect-site controlled TCI model. – 400 Euro
4)Laureate (Second price out of 900 abstracts) in the “runner up competition” for best abstract 2013 atthe Euroanesthesia, annual meeting 2013, Barcelona Spain: Drug interaction models are better predictors of tolerance/response to noxious stimuli compared to individual measured parameters: LN Hannivoort, JH Proost, M Luginbühl, DJ Eleveld, MMRF Struys, HEM Vereecke.- 2000 Euro
5)2014: Non-restrictive educational Grant from NeuroWave Systems Inc., 2490 Lee Boulevard, Suite 300, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 – 10000 Euro
6)2015: Non-restrictive educational Grant from Medtronic Covidien Inc., Switserland – 1000 Euro
7)2015: Non-restrictive educational Grant from Draeger Medical, Lubbeck: 3000 Euro
8)2014-2016: Sponsor initiated study on EEG measurements during anesthesia: Research Grant from Masimo Inc: 600000 Euro




Chapter in a book

Hugo Vereecke, Michel Struys
Depth of anaesthesia monitoring

In: The Year in Anaesthesia & Critical Care - Volume 1, Chapter 10, p.231-249, Clinical Publishing Oxford,UK, 2005 eds. J Hunter, T Cook, HJ Prieve, M Struys

Erik Weber Jensen, Pablo Martinez, Hector Litvan, Hugo Vereecke, Bernardo Rodriguez

and Michel MRF Struys

Recent advances in composite AEP/ EEG indices for estimating hypnotic depth duringgeneral anesthesia?

In:Handbook of Neural Engineering, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,

Wiley-IEEE Press, January 2007, Chapter 33, p. 535-553, ed. Metin Akay

ISBN 9778-0-470-05669

Hugo Vereecke, Hans Proost, Douglas Eleveld, Michel Struys:

Chapter 3: “Drug Interactions in anesthesia”

In: Clinical Pharmacology for Anesthesiology

Ed.: Ken Johnson

New York : McGraw-Hill Education Medical, [2015]

Klaus Oykalla,Hugo Vereecke, Martin Lüginbuhl:

Drug Interactions in anesthesia practice

In: The Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia, Edited by Jonathan G Hardman, Philip M Hopkins, and Michel M.R.F Struys, Publisher: Oxford University Press, Print Publication Date:Apr 2017, Published online:Apr 2017. DOI:10.1093/med/9780199642045.001.0001


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a3) articles in the nationale journals with peer review

1/Comparison of contemporary EEG derived depth of anesthesia monitors with a 5 step validation process.
B Heyse, B Van Ooteghem, B Wyler, MMRF Struys, L Herregods and H Vereecke
Acta AnaesthesiolBelg 2009, 60:19-33

2/The perioperative use of intra-articular local anesthetics: A review
RJ Baillieul, TF Jacobs, S Herregods, P Van Sint Jan, B Wyler, H Vereecke, F Almqvist, L Herregods
Acta Anaesthesiol Belg 2009, 60 (2): 101- 8

3/ Preoperatief stoppen of verder nemen van chronisch gebruikte medicamenten

S Herregods, N Holfthof, H Vereecke, E Vandermeulen, L Herregods