Name: ______#:______Due Date: ______

Parents, the most important thing for your children to be doing at home to support their learning is read often (various genres of literature and nonfiction text), write often (creative stories, directions, lists, summaries, diaries, journals…just get them writing! J ), and master their multiplication facts (these need be mastered in order for learning more complex mathematical concepts). Problem solving, creative thinking, and reading critically are skills that should be continually strengthened and practiced.


Mrs. Downs

Please return this packet with this cover sheet included into the black basket on Friday, February 13th. Make sure to attach your spelling sentences. Check the line when completed.


*Read 20 minutes nightly

M:_____ T: _____ W: _____ Th: _____

*Complete MIND fluency 3 times per week ______, ______, ______

*Complete the CGI problem completing the

process steps (see 2nd page of this handout) ______

*Spelling Sentences (only 5 words this week)

(Sentences each need to be 9 words long and only

two may begin with a pronoun/name; example: he, she, I, you) ______

*Study prefix/suffixes 10 minutes nightly:

M:_____ T: _____ W: _____ Th: ______

Complete spelling handout on antonyms (given on Tuesday) ______

Complete math review sheet (given on Tuesday) ______

Spelling Words/ Week 18:

Probably, again, true, using, understand

Prefix/Suffix: -ist, im-, in-, -less, -ly, -ment

(use study sheet given in class; you can find a copy under “spelling” on website)

Name: ______Date: ______#: ______

Please draw a model, labeling your picture/diagram, create an equation to represent your model, then write an explanation in complete sentences as to how you got your solution.

Ashton has 2 5/6 packages of clay. He used 1/3 of a package to make a model from Minecraft. How much clay does Ashton have left?


Explanation: ______


Daphne is going on a 3 ½ mile hike. She has already hiked 2 ¾ miles. How many more miles does she have left to hike?


Explanation: ______