Faculty’s Travel Course Planning Worksheet

Faculty Leaderfor the Program______


2nd Faculty Leader for the Program______

*A second leader is required, if you are going to stay overnight in more than one city or country


Are there others who we should be communicatingwith? YES______NO______

If yes, please provide:Name/Phone/Email:______


Estimated # of Days:______

Specific program dates:

Departure date______Return date______

If your dates are flexible, what are the earliest and latest dates possible: ______

Anticipated number of paying participants for group:______

Are there any special needs within group (disabilities,etc.) that require attention when planning this course? ______

Main objectives and educational goals (field experience, cultural immersion, academic study, etc.)


Do you want Group Airfare to be included in the proposal? ______

Requested cities or locations to visit:



Is this course open to Non-CU Students? YES______NO______

Number of course credits offered ______

Anticipated course number ______

Anticipated course name ______

What could this course satisfy? (GE, major, minor) ______

At what level will this course be offered: FR, SO, JR, SR, GRAD?


Pre-requisite classes or minimum GPA required for course? YES______NO______

If yes, please state: ______


How many classes will you have at Chapman before departure?

Dateand Time:


Onsitemeeting rooms/classroomspace for lectures or conference times required?

Date and Time:


What media equipment is required?


WASC guidelines require 15 contact hours per week. Estimate the number of lectures expected to be taught during the course. ______(Contact hours)

Do you want an onsite program office and guide? Do you want onsite orientation?


Do you want assistance with any academic components of the program (guest lecturers, access to university libraries,field trips, etc.)


Do you want pre-purchased entrances/activities to specific museums, theatres, weekend trips, tours etc.______


Preference forgroup accommodations: hotel, homestays, dorms, etc.


Number of paying participants per room while on tour (double is most common. Single may be available at a premium cost) ______

We typically put faculty in single rooms in the samelocation as group participants. If that is not acceptable, please outline your preference. ______

Rate each aspect as it relates to lodging:1= Not Important 5=Very Important

______Public Transportation

______Accessibility to tourist sites

______Accessibility to a local university campus

______Facilities at the accommodation (e.g. gym, pool, restaurant)

Will you be taking any family members or guests with you on the trip?


Additional information needed:



Please submit this completed worksheet to The Center for Global Education Office

Revised 6/2014

The Center for Global Education, 576 N. Glassell, Orange CA 92866