AP Psychology Unit 04- Sensation & Perception

R402- Color Vision

How You Will Be Graded:

This will count as a minor assessment.

ASSIGNMENT R402- Other Senses

Please complete the following research using the computers.
This will be graded as a minor assignment.

In addition to our senses of sight and hearing, we possess other senses that are equally important to our general well-being. The sense of smell is referred to asolfaction, and, along with taste, is identified as a chemical sense. Taste is referred to as gustation.

Our vestibular sense tells us about how our body is oriented in space. While our vestibular sense keeps track of our overall body orientation, our kinesthetic sense gives us feedback on the position and orientation of specific body parts. These senses are referred to as body position senses.

The purpose of this lesson is to understand the relation of these senses to our body’s movement and balance. (the links are provided below each question.) Please turn this in as a document.

How to do it:

1.  Clickon this link to read about myths about the sense of taste.Myths about the tongue. Write a summary of the myththat is debunked in the article.

2.  Clickon this link to read about experiments with color and taste.Taste Experiments.What did the overall results of the experiments reveal?

3.  Clickon this link to read about motion sickness?Motion SicknessWhat is motion sickness? To what sense does it relate? What are two suggestions to combat it?

4.  Clickon this link to view theThe Vestibular SystemMake a chart defining the Vestibular System, its function, location, and result of damage.