Haitian LU

Associate Professor and Associate Head

PolyU Business School
Associate Professor - Law


New York University, Stern School of Business

Visiting Research Professor, January–July, 2016

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Accounting and Finance

Associate Professor in Law (regular term), July 2012-Present

Assistant Professor in Law, July 2007-June 2012

Visiting Lecturer in Law, September 2005-June 2007

Academic Background

Ph.D.National University of Singapore,Singapore,Law,2007

(Supervisor: M. Sornarajah)

LL.M.University of Liverpool,U.K.,Law,2002

LL.B.Nanjing University,China,Law,2001

Research Interest

Empirical Legal Studies, Law and Finance, Corporate Governance, Chinese Legal Systems, Law and Society, Corporate Social Responsibility


Facilitation of student learning and development

·  Dr. Haitian Lu teaches Company (Corporate) Law, Corporate Social Responsibility, The Legal System and Economic Law in China, Legal Aspects of E-Commerce, Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance, Government Policy and Regional Development, China Immersion Experience, and Financial Reporting Environment at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

·  Average SFQ score average over 4.5/5, consistently ranked in the top 25% in the school.

·  Awardee of Faculty Prize for outstanding performance in Teaching in 2010/2011.

·  Granted twice the faculty teaching and research project grant in 2006 and 2009.

·  Chief supervisor to the following students: Ph.D student (Lei Zhen); Doctor of Management (Dmgnt) student (Xu Xianjin); Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student (Stephen Ko); MBA student (Lai Yan Pui Patrick); MSc in China Business Studies student (Yu Kowk Chi, Pang Hiu Kwan, Toepker Chris). Co-supervisor of Ph.D student (Jiang Dequan) who graduated from Nanjing University in 2015.

·  Co-authored publication with supervised students in 2016, with other papers under review by leading journals.

Development of curriculum and pedagogy

·  Applied UChicago law and economics thinking into classroom by revamping doctrinal legal subject into application-based, economic analysis of law tailor-made to business professionals. Skills are acquired through staff development training at the Coase-Sandors Summer Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Chicago in 2014 and 2017.

·  Created special curriculum China Immersion Experience and led China study tours in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Yangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for three weeks in 2013, three-weeks in 2014, and one week in 2017.

·  Principal Investigator of MOOC project “Key Issues in China Business” in 2014.

Management of subjects and programs

·  Program Director of MSc in China Business Studies (CBS) from 2009 to 2016.

·  Led the taskforce of CBS program revamping from a part-time to a one-year, full time program in 2012.

·  Co-founder of the Tsinghua-PolyU Summer Research Boot Camp, which invites world-class scholars to provide research training to Chinese Ph.D students and junior faculties.

Promotion of teaching quality among peers

·  Co-Principal Investigator for the IDEAS project on “Bring Innovation to Students and Staff through a Focus on Environmental Awareness” in 2014, integrating sustainability concept into staff teaching, research and knowledge transfer.

·  Founder and deputy director, Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance (CESEF) since 2015, the center promotes variety kinds of teaching, research, and knowledge transfer in economic sustainability and entrepreneurial finance issues.

·  Frequent guest lecturer to incoming delegates from overseas peer Universities, including Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Kyung Hee University (Korea), University of Texas at San Antonio (U.S), FORE School of Management (India), Chongnan National University (Taiwan), Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Germany), etc.

·  Chief Lecturer and supervisor on “Big Data and Entrepreneurship” for BBA Capstone subject.

·  Certified appraiser to conduct peer-teaching evaluation.


Authored / Co-authored Monographs:

(1)  Ferdinand A. Gul, Lu H.T. 2011. Truths and Half Truths - China's Socio-Economic Reforms from1979-2009, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK

(2)  Williams M., Lu H.T. and Ong C.A.,2010. Secured Finance Law in China and Hong Kong, Cambridge University Press

(3)  LU H.T. 2008. The Role of China in Global Dirty Industry Migration, Oxford, UK:Chandos Publishing, Oxford

Book Chapters

(4)  Lu H.T., Tan Y. (2012) “International Venture Capital Hotspot: China”, in Landström and Mason (Eds.) Handbook of Research on Venture Capital, Edward Elgar, UK

(5)  Simpson A.F., Lu H.T. and Huang H. (2010) “World Online Business Law: Hong Kong”, in Simpson A.F. and Kinsella N.S. (Eds.) World Online Business Law, Oxford University Press, UK

Published (Accepted) Journal Articles:

(6)  Xu X.Y., Meng W., and Lu H.T. 2017. 風險投資與企業創新:基於風險資本專利信號敏感度的視角. Forthcoming 管理評論 (CSSCI)

(7)  Lu H.T. and Lei Z. 2016.中國P2P網貸平台違約停業原因分析與監管建議. 清华金融评论 Vol 8, pp.95-100.

(8)  Lu H.T. 2016. The Legalization of Corporate Social Responsibility: Hong Kong Experience of ESG Reporting. Asia Pacific Law Review 24 (2) 123-48 (SSCI)

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(21)  Lu H.T. 2004. An Exploration on the Women's Rights Universalism and Cultural Relativism, 18 Asian Women Study 123-138

Other Publications:

(22)  Lu H.T. 2017. “Corporations must have a blueprint to ensure their performance, status, and identity enhances their reputations in the market” South China Morning Post August 26, 2017

(23)  Lu H.T. 2016. “China summit signals ‘a new phase”. China Daily. September 9, 2016

Working Papers:

(24)  Chen D.H., Jiang D.Q., Ljungqvist A., Lu H.T., and Zhou M.M. 2017. State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise (AFA 2015, NBER Working Paper No. 20930, Revise and Resubmit to Journal of Finance) Available at SSRN: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2544246

(25)  Lei Z. and Lu H.T. 2017. Foreign Ownership and R2: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. Working Paper (FMA 2016), under review by Journal of Corporate Finance http://ssrn.com/abstract=2875633

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(30)  Hasan I., He Q., and Lu H.T. 2017. Social Capital and Debt Contracting: Evidence from Person-to-Person Lending. Working Paper

(31)  Lu H.T., Li D., and Lei Z. 2017. Managing the Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Business in China: Lessons from Platform Failures. Working Paper (California Management Review Conference 2016)

(32)  Hasan I., Lu H.T., Takalo T., and Zhou M.M. 2017. Democracy and Innovation. (FMA 2016)

External Research Grants Secured (over 5 million)

2015 Lu H.T. (PI), M.M. Zhou. Open Justice in the Digital Era: Evidence from the Internet Publication of Judgments. RGC / GRF ($541,000)

2015 Lu H.T. (PI), X.Y. Xu, Zhen Lei. 風險投資與科技創新:基於專利敏感度的視角. National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scholar (NSFC 國家自然科學基金 Project No. 71503225 RMB 218,000)

2014 Lu H.T. (PI), Cheng C.S. Agnes, and Fung Simon. The Value of Lawyer-Directors: Evidence from Corporate Litigations. RGC / GRF ($210,308)

2013 Cheng C.S. Agnes, Huang Henry, Li Yinhua and Lu H.T. (Co-I) Merits and Consequences for Allegation of GAAP Violation in Securities Litigation. RGC / GRF ($297,587)

2013 Lo W.H. Carlos, Kwong C.Y., Kim N.Y., Li H.Y., Lu H.T. (Co-I), Ngai W.T., Zhan X.Y., Transformation of Hong Kong Manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta Region. RGC Project of Strategic Importance ($1,973,000)

2011 Tan Y., Lu H.T. (Co-I), The Network Effect and Value Spill-over of Chinese Venture Capital: Theories and Empirical Evidence, National Natural Science Foundation (RMB 450,000)

2010 Lu H.T. (PI), Sornarajah M. and Pan H.B., Institutions, Political Connections, and Civil Litigations in China: Theory and Evidence. RGC / GRF ($422,000)

2005 Chen G.M., Lu H.T. (Co-I), Venture Capital Institutions in China. Block Grant except CRG, ($1,000,000)

Conference Proceedings & Presentations

Cheng C.S., Huang H., Lei Z., and Lu H.T. 2017. District Court Stringency and Firm Restatement Policy (AAA 2017 San Diego, JAAF 2017 Dunedin, JIAR 2017 Adelaide, JCAE 2017 Adelaide, AsLEA 2016 Souel).

Lei Z. and Lu H.T. 2016. Foreign Ownership, Informed Trading, and Stock Price Informativeness: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. FMA Asia Pacific Conference in July 2016 at Sydney, Australia.

Lu H.T., Li D., Lei Z., and Hu G. 2016. Managing the Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Business in China: Lessons from Platform Failures. California Management Review Special Conference in May 2016 at Montreal, Canada.

Lu H.T. 2013 Political Connectedness and Judicial Outcomes: Evidence from Chinese Corporate Lawsuits The 8th Annual Conference for Empirical Legal Studies in October 2013 at Philadelphia, USA.

Lu H.T., 2013, Expanding Secured Credit for Firms in China: Is the Floating Charge an Appropriate Transplant? American Society of Comparative Law Annual Conference in Indianapolis, April 18-19, USA.

Lu H.T., 2011, State Channeling of Social Grievances: Theory and Evidence from China, Research Symposium on the Legal Dimension of China’s Development Model, National University of Singapore, March 18-19, Singapore.

Hasan I., Lu H.T., Takalo T., Zhou M.M. 2011, Political Openness and Innovation, Second Asia Pacific Innovation Conference, March, Tokyo, Japan.

LU, H.T., Solt, M. E., & Tan, Y. 2009, Do Foreign and Local Venture Capitalists Behave Alike in Transitional Economies? Evidence from China. International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE) Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Tan Y., Huang H., and Lu H.T. 2009. The Effect of Venture Capitalist Participation in Listed Companies: Evidence from China, China Accounting and Finance Review International Symposium 2009. June 26-27, Nanjing, China.

Hasan, I., Lu, H.T., Takalo, T., & Zhou, M. 2009, Intellectual Protection, Property Rights, Political Pluralism, and Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Provincial Data. 2009 annual conference of The Association of Private Enterprise Education, April, Westin Camino Real, Guatemala.

LU, H.T., Huang, H., & Deva, S. 2008, Why has China Attracted Far More FDI but not Foreign Venture Capital Investment than India?—A Comparative Law Analysis. Presented at China and India: Growth Dynamics and Institution, Calcutta, India.

LU, H.T., & Huang, H. 2007, Pollution Haven Hypothesis Revisited: Empirical Study of China. 7th International Business Research Conference, Sydney, Australina, Sydney, Australia.

LU, H.T., 2006 (November). Does China Eat Pollution from the West? Empirical Study on Dirty Industry Migration in China. 2006 World Business Ethics Forum, Hong Kong and Macau, China.

LU, H.T., 2005 (July). Dirty Industry Migration under Globalization: Empirical Evidence from China. 6th Annual Association of Pacific Rim Universities Doctoral Student Conference, Oregon, United States of America.

LU, H.T., 2005 (March). Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility in China. Harvard East Asia Society (HEAS) Conference, Harvard University, M.A., United States of America.

LU, H.T., 2004, (April). Dirty Industry Migration and Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from China. Presented at International Conference on "Corporate Social Responsibility in China", Columbia University, New York, United States of America.

Supervision of Postgraduate Students

Ph.D Candidate: Lei Zhen, Topic: “The Value of Lawyer-Director”. (2015-present)

DBA Candidate: Stephen Ko, Topic: “Nature or nurture: Is a firm’s CSR performance influenced by its industry and stakeholder heterogeneity?” (2016-present)

Doctor of Management Candidate: Xu Xianjin, Topic: 海歸創業者人力資本、雙元網絡與創新績效 (2017-present)

MBA Dissertation: Lai Yan Pui Patrick, Topic: “Strategy Research of Commercial Bank’s Development on P2P Platform” 2017.

MSc in China Business Studies Dissertation:

Toepker Chris, Topic: “Business Organization and PRC Entrepreneurship: A Meme’s Eye View” 2014

Pang Hiu Kwan, Topic: “A Study of the Impacts of Labor Law on the Stakeholders in Guangdong Province” 2012

Yu Kwok Chi, Topic: “Does the Judiciary System in China Favor Politically Connected Firms? 2011.


PolyU Business School Fellow Award for the Year 2016-17 (Contribution in securing a major donation, which brings in substantial external funding to and significantly raises the visibility of FB)

FB Fellow Award for the year 2014-15 (Contribution in promoting the international reputation of FB)

Associate Head in Service and Public Relations, and Chairman of Service Council, School of Accounting and Finance, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Founder and Deputy Director, Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance (CESEF), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Associate Director (副主任委員): China Academy of Venture Capital of Chinese Society for Management Modernization 中國管理現代化研究會風險投資研究專業委員會

Associate Editor: China Venture Capital Journal (2011-present)