Some light relief after a difficult session: Timothy is the entity in charge of the ectoplasm.

Timothy: I’m going to come through when we go to Melbourne/

Wendy: Are you getting all ready then?

Timothy: Of course I am

Mitch: are you going to tease them a bit?
Timothy: Of course I am

David Ingman: Is Jack still around?

Yes, of course he is

David Ingman: he hasn’t been through for ages

Timothy: You wanna speak to him?

David Ingman: Yea, bring Jack through because uh, um Victor and Wendy have never spoken to him.

Timothy: Haven’t you?

Victor: no, we never met Jack

Timothy: You never met Jack?
I’ll bring him through

Ah hold on a minute I’ll get him

Mitch: Got a big hand. He’s a lovely bloke.

(sound of materialization)…

Jack: Good Evening one and all
Sitters: Thanks for coming
Jack: My pleasure
Jack: And how are you all doing?

Sitters: pretty good

Jack: Well, as well as could be expected for someone who’s been dead for a fair old amount of years

No I’m only pulling your leg my love. Yes I’m allright.

David: Victor, Jack’s a good man for answering questions….he’s very…very straight forward & basic

Jack: yes what you see is what you get; or what you hear is what you get.

Jack: So you’re this Zammit fellow that I hear them talking about talking about then?
Bleeding Hell is he Mutt and Jeff?
DIngman: He’s getting on a bit…
DI: Victor-

Victor:I’m here… I’m listening to everything, Jack)

Jack: I just said So you’re the Zammit fellow they keep talking about are you

Jack: so of course… Bleeding hell he’s caused a bit of a stir I can tell you

Victor: Who talks about Zammit?

Well…..Conan Doyle fellow, and of course his nibs [William] was speaking about ya

And various other people that are quite interested in what you’re getting up to for some reason……..
so what is it you do then?

Victor: well…..I try to help a lot of people, showing them that the afterlife exists….because the crowd I move around with they just…many of them just don’t believe the afterlife exists.

Jack: Well I’d tell ‘em to bugger off then.

David Ingman: What he does Jack,…..we’ve got a thing called the Internet

Jack: Yes, yes

David Ingman: you know what it is, do ya?

Jack: Well, ah um some form of communication isn’t it?

David Ingman: that’s right, well people are on it, all around the world, hundreds and hundreds of millions

Jack: How do they manage that ?

David Ingman: well, it’s all done electronically but everybody tunes in, so you can get through to hundreds and millions of people at once

Jack: Well, that sounds interesting …I must say

David: well, your voice will go out on this tonight

Victor: tonight, that’s right…
David: they’ll all hear you tonight.

Jack: Well, I’ll be buggered! Oops I’d better not say that.


David Ingman: it’s natural, and that’s what we want to hear. Victor and Wendy will put this, put this….all this voice in communication coming through tonight will go on the internet and that will be heard by anybody in the world who cares to access the site and listen to it… that’s what’s different.

Jack: Maybe I should say something then?

Sitters: Say something profound…
What’s the message, eh?

Jack: Say something profound. Well here’s something profound….you can’t die for the life of ya.


Jack: No, I’m not really one of those people who’s a great one with words
But I can tell you if life didn’t exist after death

I must be a bleeding figment of your imagination then.

Victor: is there someone on earth you’d like to give him or her, a message?

Jack: Oh, no my lot they are all long gone…..yes they’re long gone years back

I’m just come in here and come through and speak. Well I was friends with young Timothy you see so that’s how come I come to be here….

Wendy: oh, right, that’s right…you helped Timothy over, didn’t you?

Jack: Yes, Yes, that’s right, yeah… got it….my love you’ve got it, yes, yes, yes

Wendy: So what message would you give to people who are afraid of death, Jack?

Jack: Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of, is there? You’re gonna go there one day,..sooner or later…so what’s the point of worrying about something that’s going to happen anyway? It’s gonna happen, isn’t it? So, why worry about it……you could be sitting there worrying for the rest of your earthly days…but you don’t know how long you’re going to be here do ya? all these people worry over nothing.

Mitch: I think people worry more about the way they’re going to die, maybe, Jack

Jack: Well, lots of the time people don’t even remember or recollect it.

You know people have got selective memories don’t ya?


Some people prefer to have selective memories about how they die as well.

David Ingman: So when you’ve gone over, then you forget how you die? that’s what you’re saying?

Jack: Well, some people do, yes some people prefer to.

I knew a fellow over here that I became acquainted with some time back
and he passed on the WC [toilet]with an heart attack.


Jack: There he ain’t going to come through and say “I passed on the old WC [toilet]
din’t I then”

So he says he says he passed peacefully in his bed. There you go.

Sam: is that a good friend Jack?
Jack: Well yes…He’s an acquaintance shall we say

We have our similar interests

Wendy: what are your interests, Jack?

Well, I still take pride in my gardening, I do. Vegetable gardener I am I have been all my life.

I don’t see why I can’t pass it over to the spirit world. Why should I give up something I enjoy so much.

Wendy: can you tell us about gardening in the spirit world?
Jack: Well, there’s not much difference to gardening on the earth to be quite honest, my love, it’s very similar

Sam: But but can you eat what you grow?

Jack: Well, if you so wish to do, you can

Sam: you can?)

Jack: Yes, if you want to.

Yes, you can do a lot of things

But as you move up the vibrations you don’t necessarily need to.

David: Can you encourage the plants that grow, um, in other words you mentally manipulate their growth?

Jack: David my friend I think I’ve told you once before, I’ve got green fingers.

Well……it’s like everything,.
Everything’s called vibration, you see, and if you treat it kindly, it responds to that vibration,….. like that bird, you and young David helped the other day

Daoh, yes/

Yeah, was a gonner I can tell you.

David Ingman: yeah, it did look a bit dodgy with it’s feet stuck up in the air like that

Jack: Well that was coming over to us as sure as sure could be…..
But with your love and the healing vibration you both gave
You perked it up a bit, you gave it a second wind

David: It’s partner was well pleased

Jack: Oh, yes, yes, it’s these little things like that that make the difference, you know

So quick people oughtn’t judge each other, and they don’t see the little niceties that people do for other people.

It’s all right to have lip service but it’s actual service It’s actually kindness that makes the difference.
I tell you something David my old mate

There’s not many bleeding people who could do what you done to that bird, I’ll tell you.

David Ingman: no, well, uh, I didn’t know, I mean I just didn’t, uh, just picked it up and, then then stroked it, and prayed for it, and um helped it David came out and prayed for it.

Jack: Yes you prayed for it didn’t ya, I think I’ll call you Dr. David Doolittle in the future


Vic here wants some female with a foreign voice to come through doesn’t he?

Patience my old mate and I’ll do it, as I always do, not me personally,
but of course I ain’t a female with a foreign voice
but there are some that will come through.

Wendy: that’s lovely, Jack

David Ingman: what happened to our mate Gandhi then, when’s he gonna come back and give a speech to the world?

Jack: Yes, well, he said he’s gonna come through and speak some of that foreign language as well.

Sam: he speaks a few languages

Jack: Does he? Well, I don’t blooming know

So, when he comes through, he’ll announces his arrival in that Hindi
He’ll bring a profound message to the world,
a bit like I’ve done tonight. (laughter)

Or is that a profanity

Wendy: No that’s fine, Jack

Jack: Oh, yes, of course yes, I ain’t changing for no one….

They take me or leave me. if they don’t wanna take me then they can just leave me.

Mitch: so, Jack, what can I ask, what, uh, what you are doing, to to uh, raise your vibration apart from gardening?

Jack: Well, to be quite honest I ain’t doing nothing.

Why I would want to raise my vibration; I’m quite happy as I am?

Mitch: no reason why you should, it was just a question.

Jack: What sort of a question is that then?

David Ingman: everybody thinks that people who want to progress all the time,
if you’re happy where you are, you may as well stay there until you get unhappy and bored and maybe want to do something else

Jack: Yes, yes, I’ll stay there for eternity then I suppose.

All: I don’t think you will, you’ll need changing sometime

Victor: You’ll move on later on.