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Litepanels Products atLDI 2018:

Gemini 2x1 SoftPanel

At LDI 2018,Litepanels will showcase Gemini, the industry's most accurate and versatile 2x1 soft panel.Gemini can be set up in an instant to beginproducing true, flicker-free, full-spectrum white light for any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity, making it perfect for high-speed photography and live productions.

Making its debut at LDI will be a new dual-battery plate for the Gemini soft panel. This battery-mount attachment allows Gemini to be powered from two Gold Mount or two V-Mount batteries, such as Anton/Bauer’s Dionic XT.The battery plate will be available for purchase in December.

With Gemini’s correlated color temperature (CCT) mode, users can get accurate color rendition across the entire 360-degree spectrumand fine-tune +/- green at the turn of a dial. An all-new lighting effects mode offers dynamic effects ranging from emergency lights, lightning, and fire, to pulsing, square, and strobe. Other modes includeRGBW for independent adjustment of red, green, blue, and white;an HSI (hue saturation and intensity) mode for full-color and saturation control; and a gel mode with a variety of popular gels that complement both daylight and tungsten sources.

The versatile Gemini’s lightweight design allows the light to be rigged virtually anywhere, requiring less cabling because the power supply is built-in. This production-friendly soft panel delivers full-intensity, mobile-powered operation with the Anton/Bauer Cine VCLX battery.

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Photo Caption: Product Shots of the Litepanels Gemini 2x1 Panel

Astra LED Panels

Litepanels' next-generation Astra family of LED panels continues to build on the quality and popularity of the company’s original 1x1 panel. The new Astra 3X and 6X — available in bothdaylight or bi-color models — feature a 50 percent increase in output, making them three and six times brighter than the original Astra. The Astra Soft Bi-Color provides flattering diffused lighting for a soft, wraparound light quality. The Astra Bi-Focus Daylight is the newest addition to the popular Astra family, giving users the ability to adjust from a 48-degreeflood to a 15-degreeconcentration of light with the turn of a dial. Astra’s high-performance LEDs and optics provide professional lighting designers with accurate color temperatures, high CRI/TLCI color rendering, and beautiful light quality.The Astra family’s modular design features optional DMX and Bluetooth communication modules, along with V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plates for mobile power when AC power is not available.

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Photo Caption: Litepanels’ Astra LED Panels Product Images

Sola LED Fresnel Panels

Also on display at LDI2018 will be Litepanels’ daylight-balanced Sola 4+ and Sola 6+ LED fresnels, combining all the benefits of today's LED technology with the light-shaping, single-shadow properties of a traditional fresnel. The Sola 6+ is now 50 percent brighter than the previous version, while the Sola 4+ is now more than 120 percent brighter than its predecessor. The Sola LED rangeprovides cool daylight illumination with the unique ability to control both focus and intensity via standard DMX 512 protocol. In addition, Sola lights give lighting designers complete control over aspects such as focus and intensity, all from a centralized control board.

Both the Astra and Sola series are ideal complements to the Gemini panels, adding functionality and versatility to an overall lighting design while maintaining exceptional color quality. Like all of Litepanels’ LED lighting, the Sola and Astra families are flicker-free regardless of frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity level, and they offer smooth dimming from 100 percent intensity all the way down to zero. Improved low-end dimming enables lighting to be reduced as much as necessary for extreme low-light requirements.

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Photo Caption: Litepanels’ Sola LED Fresnel Panels Product Images

Company Quote:

“Litepanels’ versatile solutions are trusted by professional lighting designers to illuminate concerts, theatres, houses of worship, and other live-event venues where accurate lighting is essential to audience enjoyment. At LDI 2018, we will be showcasing the latest Gemini firmware update and introducing the light’s new dual-battery platecompatible with both Gold Mount and V-Mount batteries. We’ll also be showcasing the lightweight Astra and Sola Fresnels, which provide quick mobile setup in virtually any environment and lighting situation.”

- Byron Brown, Product Marketing Manager, Litepanels

A Snapshot of Litepanels

Litepanels, a brand of the Vitec Production Solutions division, was founded in 2001 by five professional gaffers and engineers who saw the future and pioneered LED lighting for motion pictures, television, and the audio-visual industry. Their Emmy® award-winning technology has now been used on thousands of productions worldwide and is trusted by the world’s leading broadcast organizations. Litepanels continues to expand its suite of flicker-free, color-accurate, fully dimmable soft lights that talent and lighting directors admire. These environmentally friendly panels can pay for themselves with power savings and long life, setting a new standard in professional lighting. More information can be found at

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