University of Illinois Extension

Kendall County Unit Council

Minutes May 13, 2008

Council members Present:

Connie Emory Ted Mathewson Dr. Jeff Wayda

Brian Watkins Shawna Watkins Janice McCann

Aaron Morris Wayne Mundsinger Louise Cernekee

Cheryl Johnson

Council Members Absent:

Esther Agyemfra Diana Hester Belinda Hill

LaDonna Redmond Pat Van Riper Katie Brummel

Jake Lambert Dr. Mark Petri

Staff Present:

Sandra Davis

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Aaron Morris at 7:11 p.m.

Secretary Minutes:

The minutes from the March 11, 2008 Council Meeting and the April 9, 2008 Special Meeting were reviewed.

Motion to accept minutes:

1st: Cheryl Johnson 2nd: Jeff Wayda Action: Approved

Financial Report:

Jeff reviewed the Trust financial Report for April FY08 with council.

The 94.5% state matching funds will be posted tomorrow ($182,517). Expenditures were kept to a minimum while awaiting the state match decision.

A letter to the editor of the Kendall County Record was requested, thanking the county residents for their support of Extension regarding state match funding.

Motion to accept the Trust Financial Report for Apri FY08:

1st: Ted Mathewson 2nd: Brian Watkins Action: Approved

Staff Reports:

All reports were presented as written. If there are any questions, council members were advised to contact the report’s author for clarification.

Additional comments from Sandra:

Anne has begun a walking/nutrition group at the Beecher Center in Yorkville.

On 06/06/08 there will be a rocket launch at the fairgrounds between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Council members are encouraged to call Linda if they can help man this event.

Linda thanks all who helped out at the Science Fairs this school year.

Other Reports:

Fair Board (Aaron/Wayne)

·  Some projects have been set into motion.

·  Trees have been donated and determinations for placement are ongoing.

·  Hall acoustics are in progress.

·  Drainage construction to begin soon

·  Continuing efforts for general grounds clean up

·  BSA Eagle Scouts will build 4 horseshoe pits and landscaping projects planned

Friends of Extension/Pork Chop Dinner (Janice)

·  Volunteers still needed

·  Parking concerns

·  Roger needs help to set up on Friday night (moving tables, etc.)

·  Volunteer list was distributed

·  Note: few dinners without reservations will be available

·  Sponsor signs will be ordered

·  Large coolers needed

·  Jeff Rugg will photograph the event

Master Gardeners (Wayne)

·  The MG year has begun, with most slots filled

·  MGs will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

·  Light tables are in Jeff’s office for vegetable starts for garden

·  Container gardening using vegetables page is on website

·  Lyon Farm flagpole area has been cleaned up

·  Oswego House landscaping at Lyon Farm is being planned

Nominating Committee (Ted)

·  Craig Weber has submitted a council application

·  Dick Whitfield is interested in joining council

·  Two more positions need to be filled

·  Two 4-Hers are being contacted for inclusion on council

·  Sandra requested that all applications be sent to her ASAP

Other Business:


Old Business:

The FY’09 Budget is due the 15th, with modifications finished before signing. Sandra included various scenario matches (100%, 85% and 0% match) in the budget. She noted that Health Department funding may be cut.

Motion to accept the modification of the FY’09 budget:

1st: Connie Emery 2nd: Cheryl Johnson Action: Approved

The discussion for future funding sources was tabled.

New Business:

Sandra requested a show of hands for acceptance of possible weeknights for council to meet in the upcoming year.

Dave McMurtry needs council members’ opinions for cost recovery for the youth and 4-H areas by 06/02/08.

Council members should come to the next meeting with some ideas for possible cost recovery plans.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

1st: Ted Mathewson 2nd: Janice McCann Action: Approved