The Change

(The Wilson’s story)

1  Midori Brown

2  Bernardo Garcia

3  Sandra Jung

4  All together

Sometimes unfortunately an event becomes a chance to realize what is important to you. Here is a story about an accident that brought a family back together. The family’s name is Wilson: Dad, Mom, their son, Mike and their daughter, Amy. After Mike entered high school, he started cutting school and avoided talking to his parents. Mom and dad were having a hard time figuring him out and it causedfights everyday. The day of the accident, it seemed like any other morning. Mike didn’t show up at the breakfast table and then dad and Amy left the house to go to work and school.

Mom and Mike were in a hurry to leave the house because Mike was already late for school. Mom grabbed the car keys from the table quickly and rushed to the car, but Mike didn't care about being late. After a few minutes, she was speeding over 80 mph, and at that particular moment, her cell phone rang, distracting her from the road. She didn't see there was an intersection, and by the time she hung up the phone, another car was in the middle of the intersection. She was frightened and turned the steering wheel quickly to the right and ran off the road, butunfortunately she crashed into the tree. Mike was fine, but mom was unconscious.

The impact of the crash wasterrible, and Mike fainted away for a short time. Soon he came to himself and looked around inside the car and found his mom was unconscious. "Why is mom sitting like that? Where are we?" He unbuckled the seat belt slowly, touched her carefully, and thanked God that she was still breathing. He quickly looked forher cell phone in her bag, but it wasn't there. After a while he found it under the seat and called 911. In a few minutes, police officers and an ambulance came and they told himthat theyhad to move herto the hospital quickly because she had head and chest injuries. All the way to the hospital Mike was fighting back tears and praying desperately for the first time ever in his life. Dad was already in the hospital and waiting for them,and asdad and Mike saw each other, they both ran over and held each other tightly shivering.

By mom’s bed, Mike was sitting blaming himself and wishing she would wake up. But after a while he started to doze off, and then he suddenly woke up because he felt someone’s hand. It was mom. She was looking at him with a slight smile putting her hand on his. … A few months later, it seemed like any other Wilson’ morning, but nobody disappeared as before. Sounds of laughter and conversations were coming from the dining room, and there were mom, dad, Amy . . . and Mike, sharing their morning together.