Dean’s Council Meeting

January 20, 2010, EC 302


Dr. Stephan NixDr. Patrick MillsDr. Selahattin Ozcelik

Tamara D. GuillenDr. John ChisholmDr. Mohamed Abdelrahman

Brett LewisDr. Bruce MarshDr. Paul Murphy

Dr. Sung-won ParkSheryl CusterDr. Kim Jones

Dr. Joseph SaiEric HollingsheadMartie De La Paz


Not present: Eric Hollingshead and Martie De La Paz

1.Welcome/Introductions- No new introductions.


-Faculty meeting on Feb. 3rd to discuss main points of strategic plan.

3.Reports/Updates/Announcements from departments and dean’s staff.


-Having trouble scheduling labs in McNeil.

  • Lab 302 will be designated for CEAE labs.

Dr. Abdelrahman

-Graduate students need to have a limited number of IP’s submitted.

  • Chairs need to work with faculty to ensure they are meeting with students on thesis/projects.
  • IP’s should not be part of the degree plan. They are reserved for special circumstances.
  • Documents should be maintained by faculty if changes are made to the degree plan.

-Graduate student guidelines need to be turned in as soon as possible.

Dr. Chisholm

-Guidelines for general education, course substitutions and elective choices were sent out to chairs.

  • May add as an addendum to college bylaws, need faculty vote to decide.


-Career Services is scheduled to come and talk to students. Any information you receive from

industry should be submitted on PowerPoint to post up for advertising on the monitor.

4. Items for discussion/Action

  • Tenure/Promotion time table was sent out. Please make sure we keep up with faculty that is up for promotion. Committee is in place.
  • Strategic plan-send in comments in order to prepare for faculty meeting.
  • Natural Gas program hasn’t moved forward- still gathering information. Budget is more than 1 million dollars, will need a full board review from THECB.
  • Ph.D. in energy systems is getting good feedback- use current faculty to teach. Can also use faculty outside of College of Engineering but within the university.
  • HEAF- need more accurate figures and need to prioritize items to give to provost. Can move our own COE numbered line items as assigned on provost’s list as we see fit.
  • Senior design conference and dinner- all COE senior design classes will be present. Will be from 9am to about 4pm.
  • FE Review- new schedule will be posted. Students can sign up with Joann.
  • College Ambassadors- announcements have been made, need faculty to get the word out.
  • Certificate programs- easier to create vs. new degree program. Credit will not be counted towards degree. Open to all engineering disciples, will help with professional development.
  • E-newsletter- no more print newsletters will be made. COE is working on an email newsletter to be out around March 1st in HTML format.
  • Faculty on campus- need to develop a policy for faculty attendance beyond posted office hours and classes.
  • Graduate students- will need to get approval from departments and graduate coordinator to change majors. Transfer between majors will be handled on an individual basis requiring approval from the graduate coordinator. VISA problems may arise for international students and will have to be examined on an individual basis.
  • International students are still trying to “stretch” times they are supposed to return for classes. Need to enforce policy while respecting different cultures. Students need to be aware of what constitutes as an emergency in order to receive credit for class.