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Case Title

[Title should mention the Research Topic and the Ethical Dilemma and – where applicable – the research method:

eg. “Destruction of Data: the case of focus Groups and Railway Expansion projects”

or “Ongoing Consent: longitudinal research with patients with degenerative conditions”

Author Name(s)

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Author Affiliation & Country of Affiliation

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Lead Author Email Address

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Discipline: Ethics [please do not alter]


Academic Level


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Published Articles

[insert a link and bibliographic information to published outputs of this research]


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Learning Outcomes

[insert 3 – 5 Learning outcomes under the following statement

“By the end of this case students should be able to”:]

It is vital that you provide useable learning outcomes. Please see the link below on how to develop effective learning outcomes:

Case Study

**Copy and Paste Your Case Study [2000 – 5000 words] here**

NOTE: headings, sub-headings and bullet lists in the main body of your case add structure and enable discoverability online to parts of your case. It is also easier to read!

Some suggestions of appropriate sub-headings:

Project Overview and Context

Research Practicalities

Research Design

Ethical Dilemma

Resolution of the Dilemma

Practical Lessons Learned


Please remember to include lots of examples and context in your case study. The case should be engaging for a student reader!

Exercises and Discussion Questions

[4 – 8 questions on your case (methodological or ethical) suitable for classroom use]

Further Readings

[insert list of further readings here]

Web Resources

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[insert bibliography of references cited in text here]

Please note: SAGE will not accept cases that are incorrectly referenced, please ensure accuracy before submission. For help on reference styling, see chapter 6 the APA Publication Manual, Sixth Edition or