New Year’s Eve 2015 Berthing Map

Entry to Victoria Harbour is on the left of the bridge pylons (pass to starboard).

Exclusion Zone

Parks Victoria manages an exclusion zone on New Year’s Eve. The exclusion zone is enforced from 2330 hours on the 31st December 2015 until 0100 hours on the 1st January 2016.

The exclusion zone is marked by 5 boundary points. The coordinates of each point are;

Point A 37°49'08.2"S 144°56'07.3"E

Point B 37°49'03.8"S 144°56'05.3"E

Point C 37°49'00.1"S 144°56'14.8"E

Point D 37°49'04.9"S 144°56'20.3"E

Point E 37°49'11.3"S 144°56'21.9"E

Closure of Victoria Harbour

The exclusion zone shall be from the entrance of Victoria Harbour, approximately 150 metres east of Bolte Bridge, to a straight line extending from the wharf at Waterfront City – adjacent to Pearl River Road to North Wharf. The line is at a point approximately 200 metres from the end of Central Pier.

During enforcement of the exclusion zone all vessels prohibited entry in the area.

Should you require further information, contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963

Special Event Visitor Berthing

Victoria Harbour Promenade VH06 (37°49.086’S 144° 56.706’E)

160 metres of visitor berthing at Berth VH06 extends from the corner of Harbour Esplanade / Victoria Harbour Promenade to the area the west, in front of Merchant Street.

NOTE: The floating berths are reserved for Permit Holders only.

Harbour Esplanade, North Basin Berth VH15 (37°48.899’S 144°56.651’E)

25 metres of visitor berthing is available is the area directly opposite La Trobe St. The berth is known as VH15.

Harbour Esplanade, South Basin, VH08 (37°49.026’S 144°56.712’E)

60 metres of visitor berthing is available at Grand Plaza, in the area known as ‘Cow up a Tree’. The area is known as VH08.

Docklands Community Hub (37°49.157’S 144°56.374’E)

Visitor berthing is available.

Refer to Special Event Visitor Berthing Conditions for further information

•Vessels must depart by 14:00hrs, 1 January 2016.

•Rafting is permitted.

•Vessels must NOT be left unattended.

•Emergency dial 000.

•Please ensure adequate fendering is provided on each side of your vessel

For further Information & Docklands Berthing Conditions, visit or call 9658 8738

Information on Harbour closures, contact Waterways Manager, Parks Victoria

Tel: 131 963

No berthing areas

New Quay Wharf – West

The wharf extends from Ron Barassi Snr Park to Wattle Drive, Docklands. This wharf is currently closed.

New Quay Promenade - Central

The area of wharf between Doepel Drive and Rakaia Way is not suitable for berthing.

Central Pier, Victoria Harbour

No visitor berthing is available on Central Pier. Central Pier berthing is reserved for Permit Holders only. Refer to signage installed at each berth location.

The western tip of Central Pier is closed to all vessel on the Northern, Western and Southern sides. The floating marina berths on the south side of Central Pier are reserved for Permit Holders only.

Water Plaza (37°49.112’S 144°56.574’E)

The area known as Water Plaza is located between Enterprize Way and Cumberland St. No visitor berthing is available in the location. Berthing is reserved for Permit Holders only.

North Wharf

The wharf area from the Docklands Community Hub extending to the west towards the Bolte Bridge is designated for Permit Holders only.

Yarra River

No visitor berthing is provided at any of the undeveloped wharfs due to demolition works in progress or wharves being unstable.

Marinas in Docklands

Melbourne City Marina (37°48.984’S 144°56.382’E)

Melbourne City Marina is located between Pearl River Road and Doepel Drive. The Marina is fully booked for New Year’s Eve 2015.

New Quay West Marina (37°49.002’S 144°56.290’E)

The facility is located between Wattle Drive and Pearl River Rd. The facility is private managed by Lucas Real Estate 90911400. No visitor berths are provided.

New Quay East Marina (37°48.928’S 144°56.504’E)

New Quay Marina East extends from Rakaia Way to the corner of New Quay Promenade / Harbour Esplanade. Visitor Berthing, designated by green pile caps, is available in the area of marina between Rakaia Way and St Mangos Lane. The berths located to the east are private leased berths. Contact Lucas Real Estate on 9091 1400.

d’Albora Marinas, Victoria Harbour (37°49.153’S 144°56.464’E

The marina extends between Cumberland Lane to Tom Thumb Lane. Visitor berthing is available in the area designated by green pile caps. Bookings required contacting the d’Albora Office on 96024511. All other berths are privately leased.

Marina YE (37°49.441’S 144°56.758’E)

The marina is located in the area known as Yarra’s Edge. Visitor berthing is available, in the area designated by green pile caps. Bookings required. Contact the Marina YE Office on 96818394. All other berths are privately leased.

River Homes Marina

No visitor berths are provided at this facility. All berths are privately leased.