18 NOVEMBER 2010



1.1To provide members with a report on Poole’s Cleansing service provision and performance as requested by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


2.1That the report be noted by Members.


3.1Environmental and Consumer Protection Services (E&CPS) is committed to improving quality of life for all residents - and this is intrinsically linked to the quality of the local environment.TheCode of Practice on Litter and Refuse, first published in 1991 and revised in November 2006, the code sets out standards of environmental cleanliness for local authorities and other duty bodies to meet their obligations under s.89 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

3.2All areas within Poole are cleaned to standards which are defined in the Environmental Protection Act, 1990; Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse. The Code is concerned with "output" standards rather than "input" standards - that is to say, it is concerned with how clean land is, rather than how often it is swept. Expressed in its simplest terms: "If it isn't dirty, don't clean it".


4.1The E&CPS Waste Operations Cleansing Services budget for 2010/11

is £2.050 million.

4.2Cleansing servicesdirectly deploys the following employee resource:

Monday – Friday 06:30 – 14:30

4 x LGV Drivers

15 x Cleansing Drivers non LGV

16 x Cleansing Operatives

Tuesday – Saturday Late Shift 15:00 – 22:00 (established following the removal of contractual overtime from above and below staff group 26th July 2010)

3 x LGV Drivers

3 xCleansing Drivers non LGV

7 X Cleansing Operatives

Seasonal Team

1 x Beach Tractor Driver

8x seasonal Beach Cleansing Operatives (Easter – September)

4.3 Mechanical equipment resources utilised to support the above employees


3 x J600 Large mechanical sweepers

2 x LGV Dual litter bin collection vehicles

6 x mini sweepers

2 x 7.5 tonne Link Tips

4 x 7.5 tonne.CagedTippers

1 x small town centre litter bin collection vehicle

1 x pressure washer & van

1 x weed treatment Ford Ranger


a)Street and Open Space Cleansing

E&CPS programme its operations in accordance with the Code of Practice for Litter and Refuse. Schedulesindicate the frequency a road should be inspected by Cleansing Teams and if upon inspection it is found to have fallen below an acceptable standard, cleansing will be undertaken to restore it to a Grade B. The service applies to all residential roads, main roads, town centres public open spaces with the exception of Poole Park and Upton Country Park.

Cleansing services operate Monday – Saturday 06:30 – 22:00 Sunday 06:30 – 16:15 annually.

Cleansing teams are split into the following teams to encourage local area knowledge and ownership

Town Centre


Team South (Creekmoor, Hamworthy, Oakdale, Parkstone, Penn Hill, Canford Cliffs, Branksome Park)

Team North (Bearwood Merley, Broadstone, Canford Heath, Alderney, Branksome, Wallisdown

b)Beach Cleansing

Poole’s primary beaches are cleansed every day from Easter – September. The promenade and associated car parks are swept daily. Furthermore Cabinet approval in December 2008 allocated funds for the maintenance of a usable pathway along the promenade throughout out of season winter months.

c)Weed Treatment

Weed treatment (product application and manual/mechanical hoeing of approximately 300 miles of adopted public roads and footpaths plus open space footpaths.

This figure is for direct routing only and does not take into consideration pathways. Considering one operative working a road with associated pavements – this requires the operative to walk the same road 4 times i.e. back edge and front edge on both sides. Therefore could be up to 1232 miles that need to be treated.

d)Litter and Dog Waste Bins

The servicing and review of in excess of 900 litter and dog waste bins throughout Poole. In 2008 following a successful grant bid for Local Area Agreement (LAA) funding 300 receptacles were replaced with innovative dual comingled recycling and litter/dog waste bins.


Teams remove incidences of flytipping throughout the Borough everyday as part of their daily inspections. We aim to remove reported incidences within 2 working days where access permits. Since April 2010335 fly tips have been cleared from Poole’s streets and open spaces.

f)Graffiti/Flyposting and Chewing Gum Removal

Following successful Local Public Service Agreement (LPSA) target performance in 2006/07 and its £260,000 reward grant E&CPS provide a dedicated environmental response unit to provide:

  • Inspection and weekly cleansing of all subways
  • Removal of offensive graffiti within 20hrs of it being seen by teams or reported by members of public
  • Removal of non offensive graffiti with 12 days of it being seen by teams or reported by members of public
  • A free service for the removal of graffiti on private property
  • Free loan of graffiti removal kits to encourage residents to remove graffiti from their own property or local neighbourhood
  • Removal of flyposting within 4 days of it being seen by teams or reported by members of public
  • Annual chewing gum removal programme of paved areas for the following areas:

Town Centre

Ashley Road

Adastral Square

Canford Cliffs Village

Broadstone Broadway

Blandford Road (Hamworthy)

g)Removal of Dead Animals

Cleansing services will collect and dispose of the following types of dead animals from council land or private land: Foxes, badgers, dogs,cats, deer, rabbits. A chargeable service applies if operatives have to collect the animal from grounds of a private property when it is not presented at the entrance to the property itself.

h)Response to road traffic accidents (RTA’s) /spillages

Immediate response to reports of RTA’s, cleansing debris and applying spill soak ensuring the highway is safe for other road users.

i)Removal of Discards Sharps and Other Drug Paraphernalia

E&CPSremove hypodermic needles and syringes from all Council owned land.We alsoprovide a free service to individualprivate property owners in such incidences whereby an item may have been discardedonto the property without permission.

j)Service Level Agreement – Poole Housing Partnership

In February 2010 E&CPS secured a two year service level agreement to cleanse land managed by Poole Housing Partnership ensuring consistency in cleansing standards throughout Poole.

k)Working in Partnership with Dorset Probation Service

The Borough of Poole as a whole engaged with the Community Payback service in November 2009. Work continues with the payback team delivering projects across the Borough of Poole. To date2,265 hours have been undertaken.

Additionally E&CPS work with Bournemouth and Poole Youth Offending Team to support reparation orders.Offenders’ work alongside our Environmental Response Operatives to remove graffiti from affected sites.

l)Community Engagement and Education

Street Watchers

E&CPS launched Street Watchers to encourage members to report issues affecting their local environment on behalf of local residentsexamples of issue reported include graffiti, fly posting, damaged/missing litter bins, weeds, overfull litter bins, abandoned vehicles etc.

Community Clean Ups

E&CPS encourages community action to enhance local environments. Supporting community clean ups through the provision of clean up equipment, removal of waste collected and allocation of officer/operative time where necessary. Additionally E&CPS organise and support specific clean up annual events including Make a Difference Day, Dash for Trash, Great Dorset Beach Clean.

Schools’ Environment Award

Launchedin autumn 2007 the award aims to raise awareness in schools of the importance of:

  • environmental and cleanliness issues,
  • as well as recycling and waste minimisation
  • energy usage/saving
  • water usage

The Award has been part-funded by Lush Handmade Cosmetics (Charity Pot). They have also been active in attending assembly presentation activities


The council monitors and reports on two cleanliness National Indicators in addition in internal BoP Targets and public service requests/complaints.

a)Street and Open Space Cleansing

Prior to 2007/08 the National Indicator BVPI 199 applied the indicator measured two aspects of street cleanliness – litter and detritus (similar to current NI 195) performance was as follows: (percentage refers to failure rate)

03/0425%(First year BPVI 199 was introduced)




07/0812% (National indicator 195 introduced replacing BVPI 199)


09/1012%(Increase attributable to period of severe weather & service disruption)

10/11Two Tranche inspections undertaken as follows:

Tranche 1Tranche 2

Litter12%Litter 3%




For comparison Tranche 2 results for 2009/10 found:

Litter 8%

Detritus 11%

Graffiti 1%

Fly posting 0%

Showing a 5% improvement in this years performance to date.

National Indicator 195 – Improved street and environmental cleanliness (levels of graffiti, litter, detritus and fly-posting)

Introduced in 2007/08 this indicator is the percentage of relevant land and highways that is assessed as having deposits of litter, detritus, fly-posting and graffiti that fall below an acceptable standard (for fly-posting and graffiti this can be on private land if it can be seen from a highway or public land). Effectively an expansion of the previous indicator BPVI 199

Results from last three years:


NI195 (combined litter and detritus)12%10%12%

NI195a – litter10%9%12%

NI195b – detritus14%11%12%

NI195c – graffiti2%4%4%

NI195d – fly-posting0%0%0%

The increase in detritus in 2009/10 is attributable to the disruption in cleansing services during and following the bad weather in January, when cleansing crew either could not safely clean or were diverted to assist catching up on refuse/recycling duties.

Graffiti has remained low due to the introduction of the dedicated team and as the council offers free removal from private property.

Fly-posting (only on highway structures) has remained at 0% due to a rigours enforcement of the agreed “no tolerance” policy adopted in Poole

Cleansing requests/complaints

Public reported requests for cleaning for the above same periods

Year / 2010/11 / 2009/10 / 2008/09 / 2007/08 / 2006/07 / 2005/06
Total / 1445 / 1465 / 1569 / 1292 / 1065
As at 1st Oct (6 month indicator) / 532 / 624 / 637 / 705 / 503 / 440

It should be noted that in June 2006 calls for E&CPS transferred to Customer Services and improved access to report/make service requests/complaints developed including Report It online. Contact figures using E&CPS 261700 number as follows

Year / 2010/11* / 2009/10* / 2008/09 / 2007/08 / 2006/07
Phone calls / 101,189 / 211,396 / 216,579 / 190,858 / 109,103
Emails / 7,625 / 29,380 / 13,232 / 9,556 / 4,017
Total / 108,814 / 240,776 / 229,811 / 200,414 / 113,120


*2010/11 Figures correct as of October 2010

*2009/10 Bin Day Change calls accounted for 2,832 calls

b)Beach Cleansing

The Borough of Poole this year celebrated 20 years of successfully being awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award. The cleanliness of Poole’s beaches plays a vital part in securing this award.

c)Weed Treatment

Application of weed treatment products is primarily undertaken between the months of February to end of October.

Work is programmed ward by ward following early treatment of main routes into and out of Poole and key retail areas. Treated areas are followed up two weeks after application by manual and mechanical cleansing teams to remove dead weed growth.

Since 2007 changes in legislation and our responsibility to prevent pollution of watercourses and protect the local environment has meant that Pooleand all other local authorities have had to change the herbicides we use. The products available at the start of 2010 unfortunately continued to prove ineffective at treating weeds primarily due to weakened formulation, and the need for the product to remain on the vegetation for a period without rainfall (due to the product being water soluble) to prove effective.

Many weed control treatments now rely exclusively on active ingredients, which are only effective against weeds present at the time of application. This inevitably means that weeds must be allowed to grow/have foliage before they can be effectively treated.

A new product licensed in May 2010 and trailed thereafter has proved more successful in controlling weed growth. Unfortunately for this year this has meant that whilst some areas within Poole have been successfully treated others have required/require retreatment as a result of the poor performance of the previous product used at the start of this year.

Furthermore programmed works are continually disrupted to respond to resident and or councillor requests to treat areas ahead of scheduling, ultimately pulling resources out of areas equally deserving of treatment to treat others, leading to a patchy effect and impression of missed roads, until such time as operatives are in a position to return to programmed works.

Weed Treatment requests/complaints

The number of public requests/complaints relating to weeds are as follows:

Year / 2010/11 / 2009/10 / 2008/09 / 2007/08 / 2006/07 / 2005/06
Total / 286 / 173 / 156 / 99 / 54
As at 1st Oct each yr / 153 / 253 / 143 / 118 / 86 / 41



As at 1st October 2010*

d)Litter and Dog Waste Bins

Service requests for emptying, replacement and new bins are as follows:

2010/11 / 2009/10 / 2008/09 / 2007/08
Litter/dog Bins / 105* / 251 / 294 / 350

As at 1st Oct 2010*


National Indicator 196 – Improved street and environmental cleanliness (fly tipping)

This indicator is designed to encourage a year on year reduction of incidents of fly tipping, and a year on year increase in enforcement actions.

The government give each local authority a grade based on the data supplied to the “flycapture” national database on incidents and actions taken. The grades are “very effective”, “effective”, “good” and “poor”. In 2009/10 Poole was graded “very effective”.

The data supporting this is:

2009/10 / 2008/09 / 2007/08
Incidents of fly-tipping / 781 / 716 / 597
Enforcement actions taken / 353 / 172 / 79

Although the number of incidents has gone up slightly, the number of actions has substantially increased – this was due to ECPS converting an existing Environmental Health post to focus entirely on Environmental Enforcement three years ago.

Of the 781 incidents in 2009/10, 552 were on highways, 170 on other council land (parks, PHP etc), 40 were on footpaths and 10 in watercourses (including the sea)

Of the 781 incidents in 2009/10, 371 were of general household waste (toys, prams, chairs, cupboards etc), 128 were of construction materials, 60 were of green waste, 59 of vehicle parts, 53 were electrical items and 31 were white goods

The government estimate of the cost to Poole of picking up these fly tips is £40,335 and £13,395 to carry out the enforcement actions – Total = £53,730


The team has removed the following incidences of offensive and non offensive graffiti

2010/11* / 2009/10 / 2008/09 / 2007/08
Offensive graffiti removed / 54 / 142 / 107 / 154
Offensive graffiti reported by the public / 24 / 71 / 56 / 83
Non offensive graffiti removed / 318 / 660 / 495 / 524
Non offensive graffiti reported by the public / 47 / 161 / 185 / 188

*Figures as at 31st August 2010

BoP Targets for average response times

Target / 2009/10 / 2008/09 / 2008/07
20hrs offensive graffiti / 3hrs 27mins / 10hrs 11mins / 5hrs 58mins
12 days non offensive graffiti / 11hrs 52mins / 22hrs 37mins / 20hrs 40mins

k) Community Payback

Number of Projects / 13
Number of Applications / 13
Number of Enquiries Only – application not submitted / 5
Number of hours worked; calculated on 6 offenders working 7.5hours each per day. / 2265
Cost actually paid to the Probation Trust; daily rate of £50 a day to cover transport, potential disposal costs. Materials paint etc which is always recharged at cost.
£1,510.00 = 30 days, daily rate & £852.11 materials
Estimated cost if minimum wage were paid at £5.80; calculated on 6 offenders working 7.5hours each per day.
Saving to the tax payer as a result of using Community Payback
Estimated cost if private contractor were paid including materials, paints etc at £32.00 per hour.
Cost provided by Property Services for an average priced contractor. / £2,362.11
Saving as a result of using Community payback service rather a private contract service. / £70,117.89
Number of projects associated with SNT - 5
Application source
E&CPS – 2
Leisure Services – 3
Safer Neighbourhood Team - 8

l)Community Engagement and Education


As at September 2010, there are 62 members of public signed-up to the scheme representing local neighbourhoods throughout Poole.

A quarterly newsletter is produced and distributed to Street Watchers as well as all Councillors, Communications Team, and Customer Services

Community Clean Ups

April - September 2010 – 28 volunteer litter picks have taken place. (This excludes the DWAG litter picks that take place at Hamworthy on a fortnightly basis).

Previous years performance
2009/10 – 40 volunteer litter picks took place
2008/09 – 38 volunteer litter picks.
2007/08 – 33 volunteer litter picks

Schools Environment Award

Since its launch in Autumn 2007 a total of twelve schools have taken part in the scheme of which 11 have completed the criteria required and received their Award. The 12th school is due to have their Award presented to them before December 2010.

Six further schools have recently been recruited (July 2010) are currently working towards their award.

Shaun Robson

Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection Services

Environmental & Consumer Protection Services

Contact: Kate Langdown

Tel: 01202 261704