ECVET 2014-01 / 3rdECVET seminar for the Nuclear Energy Sector / IET
Content / The 3rdECVET seminar customised for the nuclear energy sector (NES)is organized by the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in collaboration with the ECVET Team of the European Commission.
The seminar will be facilitated by two ECVET experts.
The seminar is addressedto national nuclear ET networks that have the ambition to set up a pilot projectto test the implementation of the ECVET process within the nuclear energy sector, in the context of learner's mobility.
The main goal of a successful pilot project is to demonstrate that an individual, working in a nuclear power plant (NPP), can risetheirqualification by acquiring competences abroad by means of mobility at another NPP (or radioactive waste facility), and that the achieved learning outcomes could be transferred and recognized in the country of origin.
Date / 12-14November 2014
Place / Rome (IT)
Related JRC project / EHRO-N project ()
Participant profile / The participants should represent anational nuclear ET network and preferably they should havework experience in the area of human resources development or E&T. Previous participation in activities related to the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) will be considered a valuable asset.
The represented national networks should ideally consist of,at least,the following partners:
- National administration competent in qualification design and accreditation;
- Nuclear power plant or radioactive waste facility;
- Nuclear E&T provider;
- Nuclear regulatory body.
Participation requests / The Request for participationshould be filled in andsent by e-mail tobefore 15thof July2014.
It is possible to have more than one participant representing one network. Nevertheless, if the number of applications makesit necessary to select, priority would be given to the broadest possible representation, as well as geographical balance and completeness of the application attending to the network composition.
Participation will be confirmed before30thof July2014.
Required input from participants / The participants will be expected to collaborate during three days towards:
-Identification of all the ECVET tools, necessary for Pilot project implementation (including the financing scheme)
-Presentation of their respective network candidatures,committed to implement a Pilot project.
-Definition of Pilot project partners, namely the NPPs or radioactive waste facility involvedthat are interested to cooperate on personnel qualification upgrading (identification of oneormorequalificationstobetested).
Registration / No registration fees will be charged. The participants have to bear their own transport and accommodation costs.
Contact / Functional mailbox

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport
Westerduinweg 3, NL-1755 LE Petten, The Netherlands