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Feedback Questionnaire: 2016 Four-by-Four Competition

  1. Did this contest have enough questions accessible to new competitors?Yes / No
  2. Did this contest have enough questions to challenge experienced competitors? Yes / No
  3. Do you disagree with any of the answers on this contest?Yes / No
  4. Are you aware of any other errors in the test, answers, or solutions for this contest? Yes / No
  5. Did you find the administration instructions easy to understand and follow? Yes / No
  6. Did you find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions useful? Yes / No
  7. Did you find the answer key easy to understand and use? Yes / No
  8. Did you find it easy to understand and use the spreadsheet for submitting scores? Yes / No
  9. Did you find our solution guide easy to understand? Yes / No
    Will you and your students make use of our solution guide? Yes / No
  10. How many days before the test date did you receive the materials by electronic mail?
    did not 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 more
  11. Do you feel that your students learned something by participating in this contest?Yes / No
  12. Do you like the four-problems-in-three-minutes format of this contest? Yes / No
    Do you like the no-calculator, free-response format of this contest? Yes / No
  13. Did you like the distribution of topics on this contest? Yes / No
  14. What is your overall opinion of this contest?Terrible / Poor / Mediocre / Good / Excellent
  15. Would you recommend this contest to other math team coaches? Yes / No
  16. What newspapers & administrators might appreciate a press release about your school?
  17. Have you visited our website, Yes / No
    If so, did you find it informative and user-friendly? Yes / No
  18. In which mail-in math contests does your team participate?
  19. Which face-to-face math contests does your team administer or attend?
  20. What other coaches in your area might like to receive information on our competitions?
  21. Would you like to register to administer the 2016 Middlementary Math Bonanza to local middle and elementary students sometime in 2016? If you’ve never done this before, the cost to you is only $10! If you’ve already administered this contest, you know how terrific it is, so we’re asking $200. Yes / No
  22. Would any of your talented graduates like to be paid to proof future competitions? Yes / No
  23. Might your team have a new coach next year? Yes / No

Name: ______School: ______

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