P.O. BOX 250

SHARON, VT 05065


July 14, 2011


  1. The following specifications describe a multi-purpose dump truck body and material spreader. A telescopic hoist mounted at the front of the body provides dumping as per conventional dump body and, as a material spreader, a centered main conveyor in conjunction with a cross conveyor/auger to carry material to a spinner assembly located behind the left side of the cab.
  2. The unit, as bid, shall be a current design and production unit. Bidders shall submit current literature and specifications for the make and model being bid.


  1. The struck capacity of the unit being bid shall be 13 cubic yards without sideboards and 14 cubic yards with sideboards.
  2. The side height above the sills shall be 42”
  3. The tailgate height above the sills shall be 54”
  4. The head sheet above the sills shall be 60”.
  5. The body shall be equipped with 4’’ wide sideboard pockets that taper in height from 18” at the front to 12” at the rear of the body.


  1. The design of the side sheet/floor shall be such that the vertical surface (side wall) transforms into a horizontal surface (floor) through a large self-cleaning radius. The result of this transformation shall be a flat surface of the dump body floor allowing for the transportation of palletized materials, barrels, and signposts and other like items. The design shall also provide for the clean unloading of free flowing materials.
  2. All body seams shall be fully welded both inside and out.
  3. The head sheet and side sheets are to be 7-gauge HSLA, 65,000 PSI tensile strength, with 50,000 PSI yield strength.
  4. Both the side sheets/floor and the head sheet shall be constructed from one piece of material. Seams from splicing material will not be allowed.
  5. A boxed top rail, sloped inward to aid in preventing material from resting on the rail, shall be constructed from 7-gauge grade 50 steel. The construction shall be such that the top formed lip of the side shall overlap the channel formed rail to provide for double material thickness.
  6. The rear corner posts are full depth from top of the tailgate to the bottom of the longitudinal sills and are constructed from 7-gauge grade 50 steel. The longitudinal sills and corner posts are tied together with a 7-gauge grade 50 steel plate to provide further reinforcement to this area.
  7. Full length fenders shall be fully welded to the body side sheet. These fenders shall be flared outwardly to act as a material shedding surface and be constructed from 7-gauge 50 grade steel.
  8. The head sheet has a vertical surface at the top and then tapers rearward 33 degrees to reduce pressure on the center conveyor and to accommodate a front top-mounted telescopic hoist. The top of the head sheet is reinforced with a 7-gauge grade 50 formed channel with further reinforcement occurring, with formed angles, at the bend line and above the front feedgate.


  1. The tailgate shall be a sloped type, double acting and constructed from 7-gauge HSLA 65,000 PSI tensile strength steel with yield strength of 50,000 PSI.
  2. There shall be full 10-gauge grade 50 perimeter boxing with all horizontal bracing to be sloped outward to shed material. In addition, there shall be two 10-gauge grade 50 horizontal braces with a sloped top surface.
  3. the hinge plates shall be 1” flame-cut heavy duty offset type.
  4. The latch hooks will be ¾” steel with the latch plates to be 3/8”
  5. The upper pins are to be 1 ¼” diameter stainless steel.
  6. The lower latch pins are to be 1 ¼” diameter CR1018 material.
  7. The tailgate latch mechanism shall be an air operated dual brake chamber (one at each latch position) type. The latching design shall be such that air pressure is used to open the tailgate latches and an over-center toggle combined with spring pressure s used to keep the latching mechanism closed.


  1. The 28” wide main conveyor shall be recessed within the 7-gauge 409 stainless steel formed inner and outer longitudinals and feed material to the feedgate located in the body head sheet.
  2. The main conveyor floor will be constructed from 3/16” AR400 plate and fully welded to the longitudinal sills.
  3. 7-gauge grade 50 formed chain shields shall be fully welded and of design to protect the pintle side links.
  4. The conveyor chain construction shall consist of two strands of 29,700 PSI tensile strength pintle chain with ½” x 1 ½” cross bars welded to every link.
  5. The drive and idler shafts shall be 2” CR1045 round with two 8-tooth drop forged steel sprockets keyed to each shaft.
  6. The conveyor gear case shall be 25:1 reduction, planetary drive. Worm gear or spur gear shall not be considered acceptable.
  7. The drive motor shall be a high torque hydraulic type with a minimum of 4.9 cubic inch displacement. The motor will drive the gear case through a SAE 68 splined shaft. Keyed couplings are not acceptable.
  8. Conveyor adjustment will take place through two 2” conveyor type take-up bearings. Flange or pillow-block bearings used for the purpose of conveyor adjustment is not acceptable.
  9. The longitudinal sills must be equipped with slots at the bearing mounting points that allow the entire front or rear shaft, bearing and sprocket assembly to be removed as an assembly for ease in maintenance.
  10. The front feedgate panel shall be 7-gauge grade 50 and lever operated with 1” increments of adjustment. The adjustment is fixed through a positive locking mechanism.


  1. Conveyor Cover: 7-gauge grade 50 panel designed to protect conveyor cross bars and chain shields during periods of “non-conveyor use”. Panel must be designed for ease in installation as well as ease in securing to the body.
  2. Vibrator to be attached to the dump body.
  3. Stainless Steel underbody conveyor return panel
  4. 12”steel sideboards fully welded to body


  1. Full trip plow discharging to the passenger side of the vehicle – one way reversible
  2. Cutting edge length: 11’3” with nose shoe
  3. Clearing path: 9’
  4. Moldboard intake height: 26”
  5. Moldboard discharge height: 54”
  6. Moldboard constructed from not less than 7 gauge high-strength carbon steel
  7. An integral extension of the leading edge of the moldboard shall aid in reducing snow blow-back
  8. Not less than 8 moldboard reinforcing ribs
  9. Moldboard shall trip by means of two compression springs.
  10. An adjustable stabilizing arm shall allow adjustment of the moldboard angle in relation to the springs.
  11. Plow shall be punched 12” on center and come complete with carbide and cover blades and two moldboard shoes.
  12. Push frame constructed from a 6” x 6” x 1/2” boxed main drive angle and 5” x 5” x ¼” tubular truss members.
  13. An oscillating bar shall be provided as part of the push frame assembly to allow the plow to follow road contours.
  14. Plow shall pin to hitch with two cars on industry standard 30 ½” centers.
  15. Lifting device shall be chain lifting design.


  1. Hitch to be of tilting design.
  2. Two side plates shall be mounted directly to frame rail extension on the front of the chasses, eliminating the need for cheek plates under the truck.
  3. Hitch shall tilt forward for engine access when two top pins are removed.
  4. Hitch shall be removable when all four hitch pins are removed.
  5. There shall be a double acting cylinder for plow lift.
  6. Three plow pin heights shall be provided: one at 17”, one at 19” and one at 21” from the ground.
  7. Two horizontal tubes shall extend outward to the passenger side of the chassis to serve as support for the front wing post.
  8. All vertical and horizontal supports shall be of the tubular construction for strength, angle iron construction shall be deemed insufficient.
  9. Quick disconnect will be mounted for ease of hooking up plow.
  10. The front wing post shall raise the nose of the wing a minimum of 33” by use of a direct hydraulic lift.
  11. The rear post shall be a shelving type with a direct hydraulic lift rear slide.
  12. Three angle iron supports shall brace the rear post and attach to a plate fastened to the chassis frame rail.
  13. The rear wing post shall have a three point attachment for top and bottom push arm and lift cylinder attachment.
  14. Push arms are adjustable in length to provide variable clearing paths.
  15. A trip block shall be mounted between the nose of the wing and the front post to allow the wing to trip over road obstacles.
  16. The trip block shall be able to be locked out with a pin for shelving or unpinned to allow the wing to dip.
  17. All hitch and wing mount gear shall be sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted black.

WING - Patrolwing:

  1. Cutting blade length: 11”
  2. Overall length: 12’
  3. Nose Height: 26”
  4. Discharge Height: 38”
  5. Moldboard constructed from 8 gauge high-strength carbon steel
  6. Moldboard shall be reinforced with no less than 5 full-length ribs.
  7. Plow nose shall accept a 1 ¼” wing bolt to attach to the front post trip block.
  8. There shall be several attachments at the back of the wing to allow the push arms to be attached at the proper angle.
  9. The wing shall be punched 12” on center and come complete with a ¾” carbide blasé and two moldboard shoes.


  1. A front mounted load sense piston pump producing not less than 33GPM at 1800 RPM shall power all hydraulic functions.
  2. A removable lever shall be mounted at the driver’s side front fender for remote access to tilt the front hitch.
  3. The oil reservoir shall be mounted at the passenger side frame rail with return line oil filtration and ball valve shut-off.
  4. Air over hydraulic controls in cab controls; 5-section load sense valve
  5. Air control valve for a reversible plow set-up.


  1. Trucklite plow lights or equivalent
  2. Five strobe lights, one roof mounted quad flashing, 2 Alley strobes in rear post, 2 rear strobes mounted in rear post


  1. All steel shall be sandblasted
  2. All steel shall be primed with epoxy paint
  3. Body shall be painted black
  4. Underside of the body, cab, and equipment shall be undercoated.


  1. Four rubber mudflaps with anti-sails.


  1. One parts and maintenance manual shall be included.
  2. Body shall carry a one year warranty.


  1. Pintle plate 2 “D” rings pintle and electric
  2. One total system lubrication
  3. An electric operated load cover with thirty degree aluminum arms and asphalt tarp shall be installed with a tension bow to prevent billowing in the wind.
  4. An 18” x 18” x 30” aluminum tool box shall be supplied and installed.
  5. Driver’s side ladder
  6. Shovel holder shall be supplied and installed


  1. The spinner shaft is enclosed in a steel shroud with greasable bearings and a top mounted bi-rotational hydraulic motor.
  2. Spinner assembly is chassis mounted and is both laterally adjustable and removable; the adjustment tube is steel to resist corrosion.
  3. Urethane spreading disc is 18” in diameter, steel pronners are not acceptable.
  4. A poly chute feeds the spreading disc; the chute is both adjustable and removable.


  1. Body shall raise and lower with a single acting NTEA class 80 rated telescoping cylinder.
  2. The rear hinge pins shall be 2” in diameter.

The successful bidder shall pick the chassis up at L&B Trucks, outfit the truck with the equipment that was offered at bid and return the finished truck to the Town of Sharon, Vermont in 60 days or less. If contract is not completed within the specified 60 day timeframe, $600 per day penalty for each day beyond the contracted delivery date shall be assessed and deducted from the contract price. Should any warranty issues arise the vendor shall transport the truck to their facility for necessary repairs at their expense and return the truck to the town within a 48 hour time frame for the period of 2 years.