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Your Ideal Work Day

This is a very powerful and personal exercise, which will help you explore and then clearly define what an “ideal work day” looks and feels like, and how you might experience it on a moment-by-moment basis.

Read over the examples in The Ultimate Career Guide and then take at least one hour of quiet time to write-out your ideal work day. Your aim should be to create as much detail as you need to generate a clear and specific picture in your mind of the day’s events, activities, people, environments, schedules, structures – and your experiences of each of these.

So block out some time and put some real energy in this exercise. Take a relaxing hot bath, go for a walk in the park, sit under a tree, enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace. Do whatever it takes to visit that “inner place” where you can reflect and really imagine both the broad outline and specific details of a work-day that would be truly ideal for you!

The purpose of this exercise is to elicit the qualitative aspects of a work-life that would create the best fit and the most day-to-day satisfaction for you – acknowledging the fact that not every day can be ideal, but that in an overall sense, this would be the best possible outcome of your career transition.

The main point of this exercise is that you must first get crystal clear on EXACTLY what your ideal work-day would look like, if you hope to later manifest this experience in the “real world.” Generally speaking, the job you really want is not “out there” in some newspaper ad or Internet posting, waiting for you to find it. Your ideal opportunity is best defined inside of you, but you won’t be able to create it – or even recognize it – until you can develop this “laser focus” on your next job or future career.

I realize that thismight bea whole new way of looking at things for you, but I guarantee that if you “jump in” and give your all to this exercise, you will see amazing things start to happen to your job search or career transition!

So, give it a try! And remember to provide as much detail as you possibly can in designing your ideal work-day.

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