Championship show jumping day open to everyone. All entries on the day.

Sunday 28th May 2017

Comm 10am. Entry fee £12.00 per class. Rosettes to 6th Place.Classes will be split Horses & Ponies & Qualified and non Qualified.

Class 1. 0.40cm Open to horses and ponies .

Class 2. 0.50cm Open to horses and ponies

Class 3. 0.60cm Open to horses and ponies

Class 4. 0.70cm Open to horses and ponies

Class 5. 0.80cm Open to horses and ponies

Class 6.0.90cm Open to horses and ponies

Rosettes to 6th place. Points Championship for highest Horse and Pony as well.

Max 4 classes per horse/pony. Tel 07767 374079 or see

List of qualified horses and riders can be see at our website under 28th May in timings box.

Rugs to all class winners (those placed 1st)in Qualified section. Posh rosettes 1st – 3rd . Non Qualified riders/horses will be competing for normal rosettes.



1. Correct British Standard Headgear up to the newest standard must be worn at all times when mounted. It is strongly recommended that all riders wear back protectors whilst jumping. Skull caps or hats with a 3 point harness correctly fastened are mandatory for any show jumping competition.

2. The judges decision is final .

3. To enter this show you need not be a member, but qualification will only be given to those who fulfil the relevant criteria as per the society rules for the regional finals where appropriate.

4. Entry fees are not refundable even with a vets certificate.

5. There are no dogs allowed on the show ground except for guide dogs.

6. It is strongly recommended that all exhibitors carry adequate Public Liability Insurance. Sunnybank EC its employees or assistants do not accept any liability for any injury or damage sustained by any third party whether to horse/rider spectator or property whatsoever and how so ever caused.

7. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without any reason being given and if necessary to alter or cancel any class at anytime.

8. Any vehicles parked do so at their own risk.

9.All horses/ponies must be 4 years old or over to compete in ridden classes.

10.Whips are not allowed to exceed 30” (75cms).

11. Any objections must be received in writing within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the class together with a deposit of £30 which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

12. No lungeing working in or cantering is allowed in the lorry park no dung to be left in carpark.Anyone found skipping out lorries/trailers jn the carpark putting manure in the bins or leaving it on the show ground will be banned.

13.Sunnybank EC has animals and children present. We must insist on a strict 5mph speed limit.

14. All children attending Sunnybank EC must be supervised by a responsible adult.

SBEC Rules apply to this qualifier

15. Anyone found skipping out their lorries/trailers in the car park, or dumping manure in the bins will be fined and banned. Take your manure home.

16. strictly no Dogs allowed on the show ground except guide dogs.

you can compete in a maximum of 4 classes per horse/pony.

17. Anyone found bringing a horse or pony to Sunnybank which has knowingly been in contact with any infectious or contagious diseases or have known diseases will be asked to leave and banned for life.

18. When rugs are presented as prizes, horse rugs will be 6ft and ponies 5ft./5ft 3. It is not possible to change rug sizes sorry.