Circle K Campground

W1316 Island Rd

Palmyra, WI53156


9)The Camping Season is May 1st to Oct 23rd 2011

10)The Seasonal fee is as Follows:

a)Early Bird Rate: Paid by Feb 12th 2011 - $1370 (Tax Included) – Minus paid 2009 deposit for a total of $1170

b)Paid after Feb 12th but by May 1st 2011, $1370 Plus tax of $75.35for a total of $1445.35Minus paid deposit for a total of $1245.35

c)Paid after May 1, 2011 $1420 plus Tax of $78.10 for a total of $1498.10 minus paid deposit:Note: A $30 service fees will be applied monthly until payment in full completed.(Anyone not paid by May 1st or Payment arrangements communicated with owners, will not be allowed on Circle K Property until arrangements have been agreed upon.)

d) A $150 Fee will be added to the bill for 1 additional family (2 Adults + children 18 and Under) to share the seasonal site, No additional electrical or water peds will be added to the site.

11)Pool Costs:

a)$45 per family of 2 adults and children under age 18.

b)Daily use Cost: $1.00 per person each day

c)Each person must have a pool band to enter pool area.

12)Pool Rules:No Glass inside the pool Fence! Swimsuits only in pool (no Street Clothes allowed) Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult; Children who are not potty trained must be in Swimmers (No Diapers) per state Law. Swimmers available in store. Swim at your own risk.

13)Winter Storage: (Nov –Apr) $100 (tax inc) paid before Sept 30th after that there will be a $50 late fee applied. A $35 per month storage fee for Vehicles left onsite over winter will be applied.

14)A Depositof $200 for the 2012 camping season is to be paid by Sept 30, 2011. The deposit will be credited for the next years camping season. Please have your deposit in on time, and your return slipped filled out.

15)The Seasonal Rate includes water and sewer pumping (On Mondays). Please sign up at store each week. Holding tanks more than 100 gallons will be subject to a $10 extra charge per pumping if over 100 gallons. Special requests on Weekends for dumping will be an extra $10.00 (except the final weekend of Camping). Please do not put any foreign matter down the holding tank as it will not break down quickly such as paper towels, glass, plastic, or feminine products.

16)Sites are metered for electric. If you lock your electric post, a key must be provided in case of emergencies. Meters are read the last week in Apr, Jun, Aug and Oct. Bills will be given out the following weekend and due by the 15th of the following month. A late fee of $20 per month will be added if not paid on time. Tampering with electrical Meters will be charged a $350 fine. All electrical hard wiring to metered peds prohibited unless sanctioned by Owners. Electric will be shutdown at the end of season. Seasonal’s who use electric thru the winter will be billed monthly throughout the winter months

17)All Vehicles speed limit of 5 ½ mph thru campground, adhere to stop signs, they are for our safety and our children’s safety. SLOW DOWN

a)Golf Carts: No more than a total of 4 persons on a cart at one time. Speed Limit is 5 ½ mph applies to all vehicles in/out of campground.No golf carts on trails from 10pm to 8 am.Children 12 years till licensed will be allowed to drive with a parent or Guardian.


b)Carts and Bikes must have lights in order to use them at night, Flash lights are prohibited for Golf Carts, and Bikes must have lights mounted

18)No Refunds if you decide to pull out your camper or etc. before the end of the season.

19)No subleasing. If you allow someone to use your site they must pay the visitor fee. Overnight guests in your Camper are $3.00 per night per Adult (18 years) If guest bring in their own Camping equipment they will pay $15.00 per night per family of 2 adults plus children. Guest must follow all rules, otherwise will be asked to leave.

20)All pets must be on a leash and/or tied up and not running loose. The pet owners must clean up after their own pets. Pets are not allowed in the shelter, bathrooms, beach or swimming pool area.

21)Seasonal’s are responsible for their children and guests conduct. Any damage to property must be paid for. All Children under 10 years old will be supervised by a parent or Guardian after 8 pm for their safety.

22)Seasonal are responsible for cutting grass for their site, and site areas must be kept neat and clean. If grass is left unattended, Circle K will cut grass for a $10 fee for each time it’s needed. All pet cable lines, electricallines and water hoses must be out of mowing area.

23)No new Construction without prior consent from owners. All new decks/sheds and wooden gazebos must have Jefferson County zoning permit prior to building.

24)All Garbage needs to be placed in the dumpster. Recyclable items need to be put in the appropriate containers in Green Recyclable bins. Prior permission is required to place all fire pit ashes, grass clippings or empty boxes in burn pile behind the shed. No Furniture, Drywall, Shingles, or Appliances allowed. Seasonal’s are responsible for disposals of any of these items.

25)All Seasonal’s must carry adequate insurance. Circle K CampgroundECDLLC, shall not be responsible for any vandalism, accidents, weather, Liability and the like.

26)Quiet hours start at 11 pm until 8 am

27)Any and all activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and etc., are done at your own risk

28)Please respect the confines of the campground. The adjacent property is privately owned. Please respect the NO TRESPASSING signs and instruct your children and guests to do likewise.

29)PLEASE: Report all complaints and or suggestions to the office

30)Emergency Information: Circle K Campground is located in Jefferson County, in the Town of Palmyra and telephone number is 262-495-2896, Address W1316 Island Road, Palmyra, WI 53156





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