Dr.Latha Siddapur

BBM, MBA, PhD (Management), F.I.S.C.A

Assistant Professor,

Department of Business and Economics

Wachemo University

Hoseana, Ethiopia

A qualified Assistant Professor and a Doctorate holder in Business Management (Human Resource Management) with 7 yrs fulltime and 9months part time experience(State Government College University in teaching Business Management subjects such as Service Management, Principles Of Practice Of Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and so on for undergraduate and post graduate students, possess a wealth of knowledge in development and implementation of educational and research.


  • Presently working as Assistant Professor at Wachemo University,Hoseana,Ethiopia
  • completed contract of 2 years Working as Assistant Professor at Dilla University, Ethiopia since7/10/2014
  • Worked as a guest lecturer at Maharani’s College, Bangalore from 16.07.2013 to 30.04. 2014
  • Worked as a lecturer at Gnanabharathi Degree College,Siruguppa, Karnataka, India from 26.06.2005 to 8.05.2010


2010-2014:Ph.D in Management JJT University, Rajasthan.

2008-2009: Executive MBA, National Institute of Business Management, Chennai, India

2003-2005: MBA in HR specialization, Chhattisgarh University.

1998-2001: BBM in marketing specialization, Gulbarga University.

1995: SSLC, Karnataka Board

PhD Thesis:

Thesis on “A Study of Human Values and Its Impact on Talent Retention Strategies in IT Companies”

Thesis details: In this Thesis an attempt of study of human values is studied Evaluated how best the retention strategies were impacted on Talents and explained the impact of Human values on Retaining Talents of IT companies with the help of questionnaire and derived the Talents wants, their desire to stay/leave. The Descriptive method of SPSS with chi-square analysis is been done. The Result showed the need of human values and Its Impact on Talent Retention Strategies In IT Companies.


Certified in Web designing course, BASICS,C,C++,JAVA,HTML,MS-Excel, MS –Office, Power-point.


  • Fellow member in International science congress association, Indore ,India
  • Academic Individual Life member in MTC Global, India


  • Assistant Editor-In-Chief in International journal Of Progresses In Engineering, Management, Science And Humanities (IJPEMSH)
  • Assistant Editor-In-Chief in International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research (IJCESR)
  • Research Journal of Recent Sciences, An international peer reviewed monthly journal ISSN : 2277 – 2502
  • Country Coordinator and an Editorial board member of the International Journals of Multidimensional Research.
  • Editor in Asian Journal of Technology & Management Research, India
  • Editor in Euro Asia Research and Development Association, India
  • Editor in Ira publications, an International refereed and print journal
  • Editor Technical Research Organization ,India


  • Awarded with Silver Medal Certificate Course on Research Methodology in its Professionals Category conducted from August, 2015 to October, 2015 by the Alexis Foundation through the Online Mode
  • Fellow membership awarded in International science congress association, Indore, India
  • Highest marks scorer in marketing in Bachelor of Business Management during 2001


  • Participated in Faculty Development Program me “ Academic rishi and new knowledge creation: Reviving the ‘created in India’ Approach” conducted on 25th July 2015 at MBA Dept, PES University, Bangalore
  • Participated in the Faculty development programme on “Social science Research using SPSS and AMOS" on June 13th and 14th, 2014 held at R V Institute of Management, Jaynagar, and Bangalore.
  • Participated in “Sankalp 2015,5th Global Annual Convention:11th and 12th Sept 2015, organized jointly by New Horizon College of Engineering and MTC Global
  • Completed Certificate Course On Research Methodology August, 2015 - October, 2015, online conducted by Alexis Institute Initiative | An Autonomous Centre of Alexis Foundation , Luck now
  • Certified as Introduction to NLP from Iimaginarium, Bangalore
  • Participated in International conference conducted in R.V.College , Bangalore, on the proceedings of “International Conference on Operational excellence for Global Competitiveness-on 3-5 febrauary2011
  • Participated in National seminar conducted by Institute of Hrd and New Horizon Leadership Institute, Bangalore on the proceedings of “National Conference on Competencies for Recruitment & Selection Professionals”- On February 12, 2011
  • Participated in the UGC sponsored two day National level seminar on "Strategic Human Resource Management Practice Paradigms-Challenges and Opportunities in the Indian Context" held on 27th & 28th march 2014
  • Participated in International conference on “Operational excellence for global competitiveness”(ICOEGC-2011)
  • Undergone practical production controlling at Munooth Apparels pvt.ltd as a part of the project work during BBM degree academic year.
  • Winner of Best girl of the school award during the 1995 in Bharathi sishu vidyalaya, English medium school, Bellary


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  • Internal examiner ,and was a chairperson in the thesis defense scheduled for MBA general students held in 2015,Dilla University, Ethiopia
  • Guided 4 students of MBA on MBA thesis for the academic year 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 respectively


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  • Self-motivated an initiator with a high level of energy.
  • Possess good Verbal communication skills.
  • Good at Decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning.