School Clothes: Years Twelve and Thirteen

Mandatory Range of Everyday Wear for Girls and Boys

SKIRT / Plain black, knee length / Not patterned or mottled, not shorter or longer
TROUSERS / Plain black or dark charcoal grey, classic cut / Not jeans, cords, leather, flared, flecked, striped or patterned, nor any other variation of grey
TIE / Plain white with collar
Red with white stripe & school logo. The tie will be presented to Year 12 students on their entry to the Sixth Form. Any replacement tie must be purchased. / No alternative is acceptable.
No alternative is acceptable. No lack of tie is acceptable.
JUMPER / Optional wear over Senior School shirt. Plain black with embroidered Senior School logo. / No alternative is acceptable
No alternative under-garment is acceptable.
No lack of shirt is acceptable.
STOCKINGS / Plain black / No alternative is acceptable
SHOES / Plain black, low heeled / No other colour is acceptable
Trainers, boots, fancy patterns and suede are not acceptable
High heels must not be worn
TOPCOAT / A single plain colour waist or hip length, with or without hood, anorak/jacket / No stencils, patterns, logos, illustrations or stripes.
No multi colours

Uniform is available from:

'LM Sportsplace', The Precinct, Llantwit Major, ( 792332

Please note: For reasons of safety and security in School the wearing of bracelets, neck chains, earrings and rings is not encouraged. Ear-studs are strongly discouraged for the same practical reasons, but in any case not more that one stud per earlobe will be accepted. A discreet amount of make up is permitted for senior students. Coloured bows and head-bands are NOT allowed. Whilst headscarves are not allowed for the vast majority of pupils, in certain circumstances they may be permitted by the Headteacher.

Should there be any doubt about the acceptability of a particular item of wear, or of hairstyle or length, the Headteacher's decision must be accepted.