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Energy Resources

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Fossil Fuels

  1. What are fuels?
  1. What gives “fossil fuels” their name?
  1. List the three main types of fossil fuels.




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  1. What is coal primarily used for today in the U.S.?
  1. Summarize how coal is formed.
  1. List 2 pros and 2 cons to coal use.

Pros Cons

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  1. What is oil and how was it formed?
  1. What is another name for oil?
  1. What is the job of a refinery?
  1. Give three examples of compounds that are made from petrochemicals.

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Natural Gas

  1. How is natural gas transported around the United States?
  1. List two pros and one con of using natural gas.

Pros Cons

  1. Why are all fossil fuels considered to be NONRENEWABLE?

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Solar Energy

  1. What is the source of solar energy? What form of energy is solar energy?
  2. List one pro and one con to using solar energy.

Pro Con

  1. What type of solar heating is used when light and heat come into a house through large glass windows?
  1. What type of solar heating is used when you see solar panels on someone’s roof?

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Hydroelectric and Wind Power

  1. How are hydroelectric and wind power indirectly a form of solar energy?
  1. List one pro and one con for the use of hydroelectric power.

Pro Con

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Biomass Fuels

  1. What biomass fuel was probably the first fuel ever used for heat and light?
  2. How are biomass fuels defined?
  1. How are corn and soybeans being used as biomass fuels?

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Geothermal Energy

  1. What is geothermal energy?
  1. Where in the world are 90% of the homes heated by geothermal energy?
  1. Geothermal heat produces no pollution but it does have one disadvantage. What is it?

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Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

  1. New technology allows cars to run on alternatives to gasoline. Compare the electric powered car to the hydrogen fuel cell powered car.
  1. Electric car

Source of energy:

Form of exhaust:

  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Source of energy:

Form of exhaust:

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Nuclear Power

1. How much electricity is generated by nuclear power plants in the U.S.? How much in France?

  1. How does a nuclear power plant work? (hint: key concept)
  1. Uranium is the power source for nuclear power plants. It is mined from the Earth. What structure in a power plant is made of uranium?
  2. There are two serious risks associated with the use of nuclear power. Explain the following risks:
  1. Meltdown:
  1. Radioactive waste: