Present: Cllr M Bawden Rawsthorne chairman, Cllr P Gash, Cllr E Gough, Cllr S Greenman, Cllr D Martin, Cllr P Murton, Cllr K Tillotson

Also present: Four members of the public

Public Question Time

There were no questions.


86/17 Apologies for Absence

Baroness Cllr. Jane Scott, Cllr A Slater – holiday, Cllr P Sobers – work commitments

87/17 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Gough – agenda item 6e reference Genesis Singers

88/17 Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 14 December 2016

The minutes of the ordinary meeting were agreed and signed as a correct record.

89/17 Clerk’s Report

The Clerk read a report and will append it to the minutes.

90/17 Planning Applications

i. 20 The Parklands – N/16/08909/FUL – awaiting a decision

ii. Hanger 88 – N/16/07818/FUL – refused

iii. Mays Farm 25 The Street – N/16/09965/LBC – refused by committee

iv. 87 The Street – N/16/11093/FUL – waiting a decision

v. The Old Rectory – N/16/11336/LBC and N/16/11032/FUL – waiting a decision

vi. 40 The Street – N/16/12056/FUL – Mr Rawlinson, the applicant, spoke about his application. The Parish Council supports this application with a comment that the drawings include a new access that is on a previous application which is currently under appeal.

91/17 Finance and Administration

a)  Update on Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group

Graeme Slaymaker, newly appointed Chairman of the NDP Steering Group, gave a report which included that the next Open Day will be on Saturday 18 February 2017. A Business Questionnaire will be sent to businesses in the village. The group will soon engage with the land owners.

b)  Schedule of receipts and payments of invoices

The following receipts and payments were proposed by Cllr Murton, seconded by Cllr Gash and unanimously agreed.

Receipts / Amount
Payments / Chq No / Amount
Jam Print – Neighbourhood Planning money / 388 / £400.00
Village hall hire – Neighbourhood Planning money / 389 / £46.00
Cancelled / 390
Clerk salary, travelling, stationery / 391 / £570.84
Wiltshire Pension Fund employers / 392 / £108.40
Wiltshire Pension Fund employees / 393 / £28.26
Bank Charges November and December / £10.00
Pegasus – Neighbourhood Planning money / 394 / £660.00
Cancelled / 395
Paper / 396 / £2.00
Total / £1,825.50

Invoices will be available for members’ perusal.

c)  Consideration of application for transparency funding

The Clerk and Chairman are completing the request form.

d)  Budget and precept confirmation

The budget and precept were proposed by Cllr Greenman, seconded by Cllr Martin and unanimously agreed. The precept of £19,000 was agreed.

e)  Consideration for donations

It was proposed by Cllr Greenman, seconded by Cllr Murton and unanimously agreed to donate £100 to Genesis Singers. It was proposed by Cllr Gough, seconded by Cllr Gash to donate £100 to the Golden Threads and £50 to the Hullavington News.

92/17 Footpaths and Rights of Way

No issues have been reported.

93/17 Car Parking, Traffic and Highway Matters

a)  Update regarding the request for alterations to existing bus stop opposite the Star Inn

Martin Rose, Highways Engineer Wiltshire Council, anticipates that the plans for this item will be available at the end of January.

b)  Update on the blocked manhole causing flooding in Watts Lane

This has been completed quickly and efficiently following the intervention of Baroness Cllr Jane Scott.

94/17 Cemetery and Churchyard Matters

a)  Removal of the tree stump and reinstatement of the footpath

Cllr Slater is continuing with the tree stump removal work.

b)  Update on repair to the bier house roof tile

Cllr Slater will carry out the repair.

c)  Approval to purchase a replacement of the broken notice board

Cllr Martin offered to arrange for a new notice board to be made at no cost to the Parish Council and will liaise with Cllr Gough. The Parish Council thanked him for this offer.

d)  Possible clean-up of paths

Cllr Murton will ask if the Army will be able help.

95/17 Village Maintenance

No issues reported

96/17 Exchange of Information, Councillors Reports and Items for Next Meeting

a)  Village Hall

Cllr Gash reported that rental charges will increase. The Treasurer will be moving from the village and will therefore be unable to continue on the committee. The committee is going to advertise for this to be a paid role. The locks will be changed to gain more control over key holders. Quotes are being sourced to replace the lights, the notice board and display boards.

b)  Buckley Barracks

Cllr Murton reported that the last aircraft flew out from the airfield on Monday. 621 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, occupants for 24 years, will leave on Saturday. He also reported that some light aircraft were doing circuits and bumps on the airfield without permission. The security of the airfield is now the responsibility of the new owners. The company on C site will move out in the next few days.

Late Correspondence


c)  Items for next meeting

Best Kept Village arrangements and Annual Parish Meeting date confirmation.

97/17 Date of Next Meetings

Wednesday 8 February 2017

The meeting closed at 8.47pm