Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Minutes of Meeting #76

May 15, 2002

1.  Introduction: Chair Phelan was unable to attend because of other business. Dr. Rosenkrantz chaired the meeting in his stead. The meeting was opened with a round of self-introductions and special welcome for the visitors. Lynn Dudley invited Ms. Kathy Gaussen as a guest to our meeting. Mike Harrison introduced Bob Bonsutto's replacement at UPS, Mr. Dan Watring.

2. Department and Club Activities:

¨  The Annual Departmental Awards Banquet took place on May 10th. About 70 students and faculty attended. Twelve scholarships were awarded supported by the faculty of the IME Department and alumni.

¨  SME students worked with Dr. Okhuysen on a presentation for WESTEC. The presentation was awarded 1st prize among all the other university presentations.

¨  IIE Members presented papers at the Regional Conference at USC. Papers won 1st and 3rd prizes among all the other university presentations. The first place paper will be presented at the National IIE Conference in Orlando Florida later in May.

¨  The Certification Exam for Manufacturing Engineers will be administered on campus this week.

¨  It was noted that the 2nd Annual Project Symposium will be held on May 31.Details are on the departmental Home page.

3. Academic Programs

¨  The assessment techniques that the department is utilizing for curricula review and updating was explained. This is in accordance with our presentation to ABET.

¨  We face a serious problem with the recent action by the Chancellor’s office. They notified all CSU campuses that the number of quarter units to a degree must not be more than 180. Since engineering now has 202 units to a degree, meeting this goal presents a real challenge. It was noted that the impetus for the reduction comes from the legislature, and is probably economically driven. Consideration is being given to the possibility of double counting some general education courses as core or support, thus relieving the pressure to reduce units to a degree.

¨  ABET Mid-review report was answered. Our assessment program continues to function well. We are involved in a continuous process of assessment of course material and changes as a result of assessment findings.

4.  Enrollment -

¨  We still suffer from anonymity. Students don’t know about IE or MFE and go to ECE/ME/CE instead. When they find out about us, we do well from changes of major.

¨  Next year admissions: 14 MFE, 22 IE University admissions are up strongly.

¨  Present size: 200 IE, 60 MFE. 4,400 in the College of Engineering.

¨  We have a larger enrollment in our lower division courses, which is an upward trend.

¨  Suggestion was made that we use our students as ambassadors to high schools. Better if the presenting student is presenting at his high school. The department plans to follow up on this suggestion.

¨  Suggestion that we establish a freshman scholarship to be claimed when entering Cal Poly Pomona.

¨  Discussed student projects as encouraging opportunities for summer employment.

5. IAC - Discussed need for recruiting members.

6. Adjourned at 9:30am