Rotary International District 5280

Recognition Awards


Rotary District 5280 Office

8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd., #312

Los Angeles, California90045


FAX 310-670-9795

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Recognition Program is to honor the dedication,creativity, and active participation of Rotarians in Avenues of Service and Activities and, particularly, to acknowledge those who Share the Rotary Journey, make Rotary membership matter, help build good character and a commitment to ethics in business and who look beyond our borders to do the work of Rotary.

Object of Rotary

The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

First. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

Second. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian of his occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

Third. The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to his personal, business, and community life;

Fourth. The advancement of international understanding, good will, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

Recognition Book compiled by

District Recognition Chair Leo Middleton and

Senior Assistant Governor Communication and Education

Recognition Committee Members

District Governor David Moyers, 310-544-0400,

Executive Aide Doug Wilson, 562-867-3259,

Recognition and Awards ChairLeo Middleton, 310-660-3813,

Senior Assistant Governor Communication and Education Carmela Raack


Assistant Governor Education John Colville, Past District Governor


Assistant Governor Communications Randy Van Ausdall


Senior Assistant Governor Special Projects Helene Pizzini,310-519-0296,

Senior Assistant Governor Membership Ferris Wehbe,323-465-6591,

District Rotary Foundation ChairPat Cashin, Past District Governor


Senior Assistant Governor Foundation Marc Leeka,818-242-6480,

Assistant Governor International Service Brad Robinson


Senior Assistant Governor Avenues of Service Elyse Beardsley


Assistant Governor Community Service Rick Searey, 562-634-6880,

Assistant Governor Vocational Service Larry Johnson, 310-200-2091,

Assistant Governor Youth Activities Don Reeves, 310-833-8969,

Senior Assistant Governor Club Support and Service David Maxwell


Assistant Governor Club Service Earle Vaughan, 323-463-5118,

Assistant Governor Club Service Peter More, 310-470-8998,

Assistant Governor Club Service Jim Dyer


Assistant Governor Club Service Jerrie Heslov, 323-653-1451,

Assistant Governor Club Service Tom McCullough

310-552-1776, 310-

Assistant Governor Club Service Ron Cody, 310-370-1346,

Assistant Governor Club ServiceJoe Vasquez, 562-908-2005,

Assistant Governor Club ServiceSam Pirnazar, 310-939-1771,

Assistant Governor Club Service Jim Beardsley, 310-371-3074,

Assistant Governor Club Service Mindy Stogsdill, 562-760-2978,

Assistant Governor Club Service Patricia Bennett, 310-645-9610,

Assistant Governor Club Service Sheri Repp-Loardsman, 310-952-1773,

District Recognition Information


  • To recognize the Rotary Clubs as well as individual Rotarians for their dedication and hard work, their commitments of creativity, talent, time, money and other resources, and for their support of the goals of Rotary International and District 5280.
  • To recognize the Rotary Clubs that have programs in all Avenues of Service and Youth Activities and participate in club and district sponsored projects and events.
  • To recognize the Rotary Clubs and individual Rotarians who Share Rotary, make Rotary membership matter, help build good character and a commitment to ethics in business, and look beyond our borders to do the work of Rotary.

Important Information

  • The Recognition Books will be distributed to Rotary Clubs at the District Breakfast, October 30, 2007.
  • The Recognition Book will be available on the District Website,
  • Rotary Clubs are to deliver completed Recognition Reports to the District Office by Friday, April 25, 4:00 PM.
  • Recognitions will be presented at the following eventsParade of Presidents, June 21, 2008.

Evaluation Criteria

Each Senior Assistant Governor, Assistant Governor of an Avenue of Service and Youth Activities and the related committee will evaluate the entries in the specific area of their responsibility. For Example, the Assistant Governor of International Service will evaluate those projects and activities pertaining to International Service.

The Senior Assistant Governors, Assistant Governors and their committees will compare each entry with those of clubs of similar size (Small, Medium, Large) in the specific area of their responsibility. Projects that are well planned, implemented and achieved their goals will be recognized. The following considerations are important:

  1. Did the project provide a needed service?
  2. Was it a Rotarian involved, hands-on, project?
  3. Were specific goals identified and achieved?
  4. How many Rotarians and non-Rotarians were involved?
  5. Was the project completed within budget and on time?
  6. Can another Rotary Club duplicate this project? Is the information available?

The Recognition Committee will acknowledge the following areas: Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service, Youth Activities, Membership and The Rotary International Foundation.

All awards and recognitions will be tabulated and evaluated to determine a Club of Excellence to be presented to each classification of clubs, Small, Medium and Large, at the Parade of Presidents.To be considered for this award a Club must have achieved the Governor’s Award of Excellence.

Length of Reports

A project or activity must be entered in ONE Avenue of Service ONLY. The entering Club will determine the appropriate area. Concise reports are preferred. A report longer than ONE PAGE may not be considered. However, additional pages for photos and press clippings may be attached.

Rotary Presidents or Club Recognition Chairs are encouraged to copy the Recognition Book Report Forms to distribute to members of the Rotary Club responsible for a project or activity. It is recommended reports be prepared after a project or event is completed.

Club Size

All Clubs will be classified for purposes of recognition as Small, Medium or Large according to the January, 2008RI Membership Report. To the extent possible, the Rotary Clubs will be divided 1/3 Large, 1/3 Medium and the balance Small. The current division is as follows:

SMALL - 17 /


/ LARGE – 16
Brentwood / Bellflower / Beverly Hills
CenturyCity / El Segundo / Carson-Gardena-Dominguez
Compton / Hawthorne / Culver City
Hermosa Beach / Inglewood / Del Amo
Historic Filipinotown / Hollywood / Downey
LA Cedars / Latinos Unidos / Koreatown
LA Colombo Americano / Lynwood / Los Angeles 5
LA Morning / Pacific Palisades / Manhattan Beach
Lawndale / Paramount / PalosVerdesPeninsula
Lennox-LAX / Playa Sunrise / Palos Verdes Sunset
Lomita-Torrance / San Pedro / RanchoPark
Malibu / SouthBaySunrise / Redondo Beach
Rio Hondo / South Gate / Santa Monica
Southwest LA / Torrance / Westchester
ThaiTown / Vernon / WestwoodVillage
VeniceMarina / Wilmington / Wilshire

Special Rotarian Recognitions

Please use the forms on the following pages for the categories listed below. Concise reports are preferred. Reports which are more than ONE PAGE may not be considered.

Rotarian of the Year

This award will be given to a Rotarian or Rotarians who display outstanding effort and ability in advancing the goals of Rotary International, District 5280 and the Rotary Club. The Rotarian or Rotarians chosen will exemplify the Rotary Motto: “Service Above Self.” It is recommended the Rotarian serve beyond club activities. The Recognition Committees will determine this acknowledgement.

Rotarian of the Year

Year Rotarian Club

1990-1991Bob LandisWilshire

1991-1992Jack Gonzales SouthBayTorrance

1992-1993Jack Jones Lawndale

1993-1994Stan Dryer Santa Monica

1994-1995Richard Brubaker Westchester

Douglas Desch WestwoodVillage

1995-1996Laurence Bender Hawthorne

1996-1997Gretchen Peralta Downey

1997-1998 Paul St. John Hollywood

1998-1999William Held South Gate

1999-2000Patrick Cashin Culver City

2000-2001Carmela Raack Westchester

2001-2002Joe Harding El Segundo

2002-2003Laura Calderwood Lawndale

Chuck Hanchett San Pedro

2003-2004Marie Fremd Vernon

2004-2005Shirley Giltzow Lawndale

2005-2006 Marc Leeka Los Angeles 5

2006-2007 Elsa Gillham Wilshire of LA

Special Recognition: Rotarian of the Year

Rotarian Nominee______Rotary Club of______

Nominated by ______

This nomination is for an individual Rotarian who has displayed outstanding effort and ability in advancing the goals of Rotary International, District 5280, and the Rotary Club. This Rotarian exemplifies the Rotary Motto of “Service Above Self.” It is recommended the Rotarian serves beyond club activities.

Nominated by ______

Rotary Club of ______


District Hall of Fame Award

This award is the highest recognition given by District 5280. It acknowledges one who has many years of highly dedicated service to Rotary. The following criteria apply:

  1. Nomination by any Rotarian.
  2. Evaluation to be by the Recognition Committee.
  3. Selection need not be made annually.
  4. Must have served as a Club President.
  5. Minimum of 10 years in the District.
  6. Either a District Governor, 5 years service in a major District position or creator of a major activity or event.
  7. A respected Rotarian who meets the highest 4-Way Test standards.
  8. A Paul Harris Fellow.

Hall of Fame

Year Rotarian Rotary Club

1994-1995Dennis Benko, PDG South Gate

1995-1996Ken Calderwood Lawndale

1996-1997William Bowermaster, PDG Downey

Jack Jones, PDG Lawndale 1997-1998Esther M. Johnson Santa Monica

David C. Williams PDG Wilmington

1998-1999Kent Caldwell Manhattan Beach

1999-2000Robert White, PDG Vernon

2000-2001Nandlal Parekh Culver City

2001-2002Roy Murdock Gardena

2002-2003James Hamai, PDG Lawndale

2003-2004 John Nugent, PDG Westchester

2004-2005Paul Netzel, PDG Los Angeles 5

2005-2006John Colville, PDG Paramount

2006-2007Marshall “Andy” Anderson, PDG WestwoodVillage

Leonard Wasserstein, PDG Beverly Hills

Special Recognition: Hall of Fame Award

Rotarian Nominee______--

Rotary Club of______

Nominated by ______

This award is presented to a Rotarian who has many years of highly dedicated service at the District level.

Nominated by ______

Rotary Club of ______


Ian Jones Humanitarian Award

This award is presented to the founder of, or a major contributor to, a District wide project or activity. The project serves as a model to other Rotary Clubs and Districts. The following criteria apply:

  1. Nomination by any Rotarian.
  2. Evaluation to be by the Recognition Committee.
  3. Selection need not be made annually.
  4. Founder of, or major contributor to a project implemented throughout the District.
  5. The specific project serves as a model for other Rotary Districts.
  6. Popular, well-liked individual who meets the highest 4-Way Test standards.
  7. A Paul Harris Fellow.

Ian Jones Humanitarian Award

Year Rotarian and Project Club

1995-1996Ian Jones Literacy Project PalosVerdesPeninsula

Ollie Hunt, PDG Community Task Force PalosVerdesPeninsula 1996-1997 Nandlal Parekh Polio Corrective Surgery Culver City

Yosh SetoguchiJapanese Youth Exchange WestwoodVillage 1998-1999 Wesley Bradford Uganda Project Palos Verdes Sunset

2000-2001Shirley DowlingLiteracy Project Santa Monica

2002-2003David Williams, PDG Polio Corrective Surgeries Wilmington 2003-2004 Marc Leeka Wheelchair Project Los Angeles 5

Special Awards: Nomination - Ian Jones Humanitarian Award

Rotarian Nominee______Rotary Club of______

Nominated by ______

This award is presented for highly dedicated service at the District level.

  • Founder or major contributor to a project implemented throughout the District.
  • The specific project serves as a model for Rotary Clubs and other Rotary Districts.
  • Selection need not be made annually.
  • A Paul Harris Fellow

Nominated by ______

Rotary Club of ______



RI Presidential Citation 2007-08

Share Rotaryby undertaking projects and activities relevant to the club, vocation, community, and our world. To qualify for the citation, complete the membership goal and 1 activity from each categoryby March 31, 2008. Please complete the certification form, and submit it by March 31, 2008.

2007-08 Rotaract and Interact Presidential Citation

Rotaract and Interact clubs may also be recognized for undertaking worthy service activities that demonstrate that Rotary Shares. To qualify for the citation, Rotaract and Interact clubs must complete at least four activities overall from any of the categories. The sponsoring Rotary club must sign the Rotaract and Interact Presidential Citation Certification Form and submit it to the district governor by 31 March 2008. Governors must submit a list of certified clubs to RI World Headquarters, and it must arrive no later than 15 April 2008.

Membership Goal (required)

Have a net increase of one member by 31 March 2008.

Membership (complete at least one)

Ensure that a club member attends the district membership development seminar.

Have 10 percent or more of the membership, other than the club president, bring in new members by 31 March 2008.

Recruit alumni from Foundation programs (Ambassadorial Scholars, Group Study Exchange team members, Rotary World Peace Fellows) or RI programs (former Youth Exchange students, Rotaract or Interact members) into membership by 31 March 2008.

Give formal recognition to any club member who recruits more than one new member by 31 March 2008.

Encourage diversity of membership, and promote a balanced membership. Induct new members from demographic groups not currently represented in your club.

Conduct an analysis of qualified professional and business leaders within the community to identify prospective members.

Retain members in Rotary by helping relocated Rotarians join a club in their new community.

Recruit professional colleagues in other locations, or new colleagues at your place of business, into membership at their local Rotary club.

Report new members monthly to RI by using Member Access on the RI Web site (

Club Service (complete at least one)

Have your club give a subscription of The Rotarian (or Rotary regional magazine) to the local public or high school library.

Ensure that incoming club officers and members attend the presidents-elect training seminar, district assembly, district Rotary Foundation seminar, and district conference, as appropriate.

Recognize a member who is providing outstanding service toward polio eradication.

Ensure that every Rotarian in your club is personally invited to participate in club activities, whether it be serving on a project committee or taking responsibility for some aspect of club service.

Recognize a Rotarian in your club who actively participated in the full range of club projects and programs with the Four Avenues of Service Citation.

Include non-Rotarian family members (for example, spouses, children, parents, widows, widowers) into the family of Rotary through service and fellowship activities on at least five occasions.

Appoint a family of Rotary committee to assist with projects and activities for Rotarians and their families.

Invite a speaker from a local nongovernmental organization, or present a club program on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (

Vocational Service (complete at least one)

Hold a forum on ethics and the application of The Four-Way Test in business and professional life.

Present all new club members with a copy of The Four- Way Test or the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses andProfessions (200-EN).

Encourage members either to join and serve on committees of professional or trade associations or to develop and implement a campaign to promote pride in vocational or professional skills in the workplace.

Ask each member of your club to mentor a young person, and have at least 50 percent of the club participate.

Sponsor a day for Rotarians to bring young people to their places of business to educate them about career opportunities.

Have at least one member provide an internship at his or her place of business to a high school or college student.

Organize a vocational service activity during Vocational Service Month (October).

Register a club member as a Rotary Volunteer and encourage him or her to seek a Rotary Foundation Volunteer Service Grant.

Have a club member host a Group Study Exchange team member at his or her place of employment.

Community Service (complete at least one)

Conduct a community needs assessment, and use it to establish new local service projects that will involve at least half of the club members and their spouses. Consider using Goodwill Industries International* as a project resource.

Sponsor a new Rotary Community Corps.

Conduct a water project in your community.

Sponsor or participate in a health awareness campaign or a project that addresses health concerns.

Sponsor or participate in a community literacy project.

Consider working with the International Reading Association* in developing the project.

Share Rotary with the general public by placing a public service announcement, possibly one from Rotary’s public image campaign, in a print publication, on a radio or television program, or on a billboard.

Sponsor or participate in a project designed to promote peace or conflict resolution.

Have a current or former Rotary World Peace Fellow speak at a club meeting.

Conduct a community service project carried out by club members and Rotary Foundation alumni.

International Service (complete at least one)

Support or register a project on the World Community Service Projects Exchange.

Using the United Nations Millennium Development Goals ( as a starting point, develop and initiate a new project in support of international service that will be carried out by at least half of your members.

Seek a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant or Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grant for a water, health, or literacy project.

Achieve the Every Rotarian, Every Year goal of US$100 or more per capita in Annual Programs Fund contributions to The Rotary Foundation.

Conduct an international service project in support of water management and sanitation.

Conduct an international literacy project.

Identify a qualified candidate to compete at the district level for at least one Rotary Foundation Educational Programs award (Ambassadorial Scholar, Rotary World Peace Fellow, Group Study Exchange team member or leader, Rotary Grants for University Teachers participant).

Sponsor a Group Study Exchange team, host a team member, or participate in a Rotary Friendship Exchange.

Give a club program on Global Networking Groups, or have at least 5 percent of club members join one of these groups.

Make a club contribution to PolioPlus or PolioPlus Partners.

Implement a club program on PolioPlus and Rotary’s role in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Have a club member serve as a Rotarian host counselor for a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar.

Youth (complete at least one)

Sponsor a new Interact club or a community- or university-based Rotaract club.

Sponsor a participant in a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) event.

Sponsor or host a Youth Exchange student, Ambassadorial Scholar, or Rotary World Peace Fellow.

Participate in a career counseling and development project for young people in your community, stressing the importance of formal education in meeting career goals.

Adopt a school.