Honors Geometry 2017-2018

Teacher: Mrs. Catherine Yackey Room: 7112

School Phone: 746-1300 extension 26228 Email:

Why Geometry? This year you have the opportunity to learn geometry, a math that includes the use of two and three-dimensional shapes as models that help you understand information in a visual way. If math has always been easy for you, if it has been a class in which you have excelled by memorizing steps, then get ready for a challenge! Honors Geometry is going to be a class that will force you to develop logic skills, problem solving skills, and reasoning skills because in geometry no two problems are the same! In this class on Euclidean Geometry, you will begin with points, and develop concepts of lines, followed by triangles, quadrilaterals, and other larger polygons. You will learn to organize a formal argument in a proof, and will apply volume and area formulas to figures. But perhaps, more importantly, after you have learned about angles and area and polygons and similarity, you will have learned something far more valuable: a new way to think. Geometry has a way of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g your brain to think in a different way than you may have in the past. Your problem solving and reasoning skills will improve. You will organize information more effectively and communicate your ideas more clearly

Content: This schedule is only tentative and subject to change.

Foundations for GeometryGeometric Reasoning

Parallel and Perpendicular LinesTriangle Congruence

Properties and Attributes of TrianglesPolygons and Quadrilaterals

SimilarityRight Triangles and Trigonometry

Extending Transformational GeometryExtending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area

Spatial ReasoningCircles

Probability Statistics

Supplies: Each student is required to have the following in class and/or at home.

1" or larger 3-ring binder

3 tab dividers

1 packet of graph paper


notebook paper

4 white board markers

scientific/graphing calculator (TI-84 plus preferred)

Notes from Schoology


To access your ONLINE Textbook at home:


My Username is ______

Password is ______


Due to limited printing and copying costs at AMHS this year, students WILL be expected to print their own note sheets and worksheets in advance at home on personal printers off teacher the Sharp Schools website.

Grading: Each 9 weeks’ grade will consist of tests, quizzes, and homework/daily grades.

The following percentages will apply for each quarter:




There will be a state or district mandated Final Exam at the end of the year. More information will be forthcoming. Year-end finals are required of all AMHS mathematics classes (less AP). You cannot be exempt.

The State Department of Education grading scale is as follows:

A 100 – 90B 89 – 80C 79 – 70D 69 – 60F Below 60

Tests:A chapter test will be given at the end of each chapter/unit and possibly in the middle of some chapters.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given frequently and maybe announced or unannounced. Quizzes may be made up within two days for an excused absence.In the event of an excused absence and the 2 day requirement was not met, the chapter test grade will replace the quiz grade.

Daily Work/HW: Homework will be assigned after each lesson. All students are expected to complete homework and classwork assignments, as it is extremely necessary to practice the procedures and to deeply contemplate the concepts covered in class on a daily basis. Please attempt to do the homework without looking at notes, textbook, or constant aid to understand the level of mastery you have obtained. Students need to check answers for mistakes and strive to identify and correct misunderstandings independently or with classmates before the next class. There is limited class time reserved for homework questions.

***If you are present on an announced test or quiz day, YOU MUST TAKE THE TEST.***

THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA CREDIT WORK GIVEN! But bonus questions may appear on quizzes or tests.

Behavior: CLASS RULES:Be respectful.

Be polite by not talking when others are speaking or working.

Be attentive by participating actively in class activities.

Follow all AMHS and CCSD policies.

CONSEQUENCES:1st ViolationVerbal Warning

2nd ViolationLunch detention/Notify Parent

3rd ViolationAdministrative Referral

Severe ViolationImmediate Administrative Referral

Office hours for help and advisement:

1) B-day lunch with Mrs. Hooffstetter room 7116.

2) Freshman focus with Mrs. Yackey room 7112.

3) Other times by appointment.

Please check my Sharp Schools website for help if needed.