Contact HiTi

As the end user click “send email” button, the system will forward the e-mail automatically by the “country” and “category” sections which the end user fills in.

The people who are in charge of this work will receive the e-mail as following.

01. How to reply email?

If you want to reply the customer’s request, please click “reply e-mail” button to entry the system to answer it. (“Reply e-mail” may show on the top and the end of the e-mail.)

Please fill in your email and password:

Default password:your email name + @

example: , password:wyvernwu@

After you log in, the system will show the end user’s personal information and request. All you should do is just filling in your answer on the “answer area”

Other function:

[1] Signature: you can click “Save” button to save your signature file.

[2] Attached file function: it allows three attached files at most. You can send the necessary information to the end user with word, excel, pdf …..files.

Please notice:all of the attached files you send to the customer won’t be saved on this system.The system only can keep your file namesfor the feedback record. Therefore, pleasekeep the important files by yourself, if you think it may be used again next time.

[3] Please send this e-mail copy to my group as well.

(If you tick off the box, the people in your group will know the e-mail has been done as your feedback has been sent out.)

Before sending your reply, you can click “preview” button to see the e-mail format and check the information you provide. As you click the “send” button, the reply e-mail will send to the end user directly.

02.How to change your password ?

If you want to change your password, please link to

Input your name and password:

Example :

Name: wyvernwu password: wyvernwu@

Choose “Change Password” section and fill in your new password.

03 .How to use“Query Function”

Please fill search condition,then click "Go".

If you click the “Detail” section for a particular end user’s record, you can see his/her question and the feedback detail.

If you click “Reply” button, you can answer the end user’s question directly.

After you click “Submit” button, the system will send the e-mail to the customer automatically and save itin thissystem at the same time.

On the other hand, if you have contacted with the end user’s by phone or other ways, you may choose “Leave Feedback” button to record your feedback.The information won’t be sent to the customer, it just savedinthis system.