CTVLL Board Meeting Minutes for the 2013 Season

Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2013 7:07 pm

Call to Order/Presidents Message

Mike Coan called the meeting to order

Roll Call: Members Present:Mike Coan (President), Marlon Washington (Vice President), Chris Burns (Treasurer), Jennifer Sandner (Secretary), Justin Steers (Information Officer/Webmaster), Lisa Steers (Publicity/Safety Officer/Farm Director), Katrina Perrin (Farm Director [husband Jeremy Perrin there instead]), Virgil Thomas (Coaching Coordinator), Frank Ciarabellini (Equipment Manager), Melissa Cruz-DelaCruz (Concessions Manager), Lillian Peacock (Volunteer Coordinator), Chris Palwick (Special Events/Uniforms), Emily Nelson (Member at Large), Amila Diaz (Member at Large), Ryan Stilson (Member at Large)

Members Absent: Gary Gentry (Farm Director), Eric Troutt (Player Agent [Majors/Minors/Farm]), Rich Robles (Coaching Coordinator), Mitch Peixoto (Umpire in Chief [Major/Minors]), Armando Moreno (Umpire in Chief [Major/Minors]), Henry Besada (Head Scorekeeper), Kim Green (Member at Large)

Approval of minutes from 09/04/13

No questions or corrections. Melissa Cruz DelaCruz motioned to approve minutes, Chris Burns seconded. Minutes adopted and will be posted on CTVLL website.

Approval of minutes from 10/02/13

Requested to add members at large on minutes. Marlon Washington motioned to approve minutes, Lisa Steers seconded. Minutes adopted and will be posted on CTVLL website.

Programs and Events

  • Mike Coan and Lyle discussed status of fields. Re-sodded T-ball fields and installed sprinklers. Installed garage door on the shed. Currently has lock, will switch to keypad. Lights have been installed and since then, no graffiti. Snack Shack door has been redone. Will be redoing the pitcher’s mound.
  • Since registration has started, have received several calls about moving up a level, evaluations.
  • On 10/30/13 CTVLL received a grant from Valero Refinery for $10,000. Jeremy Perrin will create a signage in support of their donation.
  • 12/07/13 will be the District 53 board meeting. This meeting is for the Safety Officer, Lisa Steers will attend.
  • Justin Steers will post information on the website re the Challenger League.
  • Mike Coan went to the district meeting. Was asked if we would participate in inner league games. Declined. Advised that we need to post our agendas prior to meetings and anything requiring action needs to be on the agenda in advance of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report was present by Chris Burns. Budget will be presented at next meeting. Justin Steers motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Lisa Steers seconded. Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

New Business:

  • Coaches are not guaranteed a spot every year. Coaches will be determined by President, Vice President and Coaching Coordinator. Frank Ciarabellini wants to know if redrafting will be done every year if coaches change every year.
  • Frank Ciarabellini needs to inventory equipment.
  • Looked into pricing of purchasing storage container, will cost about $2,200. Want to move container behind snack shack.
  • Might need a head scorekeeper
  • Melissa Cruz DelaCruz would like a new signage board with snack shack pricing so it’s easier to view by customers.
  • Lillian Peacock advised that student volunteers being paid to work in the snack shack must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to work. She is looking for 5-7 new kids for volunteer spots, but be in 8th grade or older.
  • Spaghetti/Crab feed dinner was discussed. Would like to have it on either March 8th, 1st or 15th.

Meeting adjourned- 7:50 pm