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Medical Facility Network Proposal
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JEM Networking is a professional consulting firm that delivers well thought out business plans based on statistics, research, and organization. JEM Networking proposes that our company (herein known as XYZ Hospital) should take the following five critical points into consideration:

·  A network planned and built around redundancy should be implemented for facilitating XYZ Hospital’s needs and tasks.

·  A network that is easy to use, manipulate, and troubleshoot should be adopted.

·  As far as hardware it is XYZ Hospital’s best interest to disregard cost due to the nature of the business. However, JEM Networking will only supply the highest standards of price to quality products ratio.

·  All policies should govern the network to keep it secure, efficient, and productive.

·  A disaster recovery plan should be implemented in order to prepare for lost data, uncontrollable disasters, and hardware failure.

By implementing these changes within XYZ Hospital’s business environment, the company will better facilitate its employees, patients, and hardware. This will provoke a more productive and fluent flow of data which will allow the company to become more efficient. With a network developed around redundancy XYZ Hospital will have a close to zero percent of point failure. Many backup plans have been implemented in order to keep a 99.9% uptime for defense against many various uncontrollable situations that may occur on a daily basis. We understand what our affiliates do and make it our goal to specify customized plans for each project. This network will also be very simple to manipulate and change as growth and expansion of XYZ Hospital begins to play its role.

It should also be noted that JEM Networking takes a pride in its research of perfect solutions to business needs. We incorporate the closest attention to detail and only suggest the best product based on quality for our companies services. The same can be said for our policies which we construct and develop around our customized networks.

After gathering information about various products and services, as well as XYZ Hospital’s business plan and layout, JEM Networking has the following proposal and policies prepared to enhance connectivity, organization, and overall productivity…


Currently, the hospital facilities do not meet the requirements of modern network standards. Due to the tremendous risk involved with hospital needs of connectivity and maintenance, the current network that XYZ Hospital has implemented will be cut off and completely revamped. JEM has prepared a new layout of logical and physical topologies that will fulfill the hospital’s need of 99.9% connection uptime, full scale office range, security, and back-up capability.

The current setup of XYZ Hospital consists of a one story datacenter and a four story fully operational hospital. The office contains two-hundred and twenty-five users, twenty-five of which who are wired. The wired users are made up of the Director, the Chief Medical Officer, three doctors that rotate in eight hour shifts, HR, Billing, Accounting, IT, Public Outreach, Medical Supplies, Medical Records, Counseling, an Office Manager, Receptionist and other various support personnel. Together these make up all of the staff that work and collaborate together to operate XYZ Hospital’s datacenter and hospital building.

The network starts off with two server boxes that will be located within the datacenter across the street from the hospital. Both servers will run at all times, one as the primary server and the other as a backup. The second server which acts as a backup will thoroughly copy everything within the network every weekend, as well as store files that have been manipulated after a day’s work through Differentiation. The second server will also be available to kick in and take over the task of primary server if the first server ever fails for any reason. This setup will allow XYZ Hospital to have high hardware failure tolerance which will in the end make server or network downtime non-existent.

These two servers will connect to DATA-Switch 1, which are connected to DATA-Router1. DATA-Router1 is hardwired to a trunk line form of the Internet and to DATA-P2PWAP. Through the internet, the datacenter will allow its information to be accessed by the hospital facility via Virtual Private Networking (VPN). The VPN allows DATA-Router1 to connect to MAIN-Router1, which is located in the hospital and is also hooked up to a trunk line form of the Internet. It should be noted MAIN-Router1 is connected to MAIN-P2PWAP as well, which will allow the DATA and MAIN-Routers to connect to each other if the Internet connectivity ever fails, thus giving XYZ Hospital a high tolerance for connection failure.

Furthermore, MAIN-Router is connected to MAIN-Switch1, 2, 3, and 4, which are located on all four floors in correlation with their numbered names. This means each floor of XYZ Hospital’s care center will contain a switch for easy wire running, maintenance, and port allocation. Each floor will also contain five Wireless Access Points (WAPs) which are hardwired into the switches of their respected floors. The naming of these WAPs will be consistent with the floors, MAIN-WAP1A, B, C, D, and E for the first floor, MAIN-WAP2A, B, C, D, and E for the second floor, etc. The hard wired devices such as workstations, computers, printers, and others will be connected their floor’s respected switch as well. (See Datagram 1.1 and 1.2)

With this network setup XYZ Hospital will have a star topology with easy failure justification, troubleshooting, and efficiency. The main network of the facility will function through the Internet VPN, allowing personnel to access the hospital’s network offsite and conduct project file collaboration. The direct connection P2P WAP will serve simply as a backup that will only be turned on if the Internet connection fails for any reason. With this information flow, XYZ Hospital will be more efficient, productive, and have zero connection failure or time loss.


The following are the proposed hardware and network wiring configurations that JEM finds will suffice XYZ Hospital’s needs…

The server is a very important element of a business’s network; it is the sole brain and computing device that dictates the information flow of the network. Therefore, it is very important to XYZ Hospital’s interest that they use top of the line servers. A trustworthy manufacturer with a good warranty that can support their hardware at any given time is a need in the medical field. JEM has decided to go with an IBM brand server to support XYZ Hospital’s new network based on their reputation, services, and high standard products.

The model JEM has chosen is the IBM System x3350 based on its efficient infrastructure, quick task completion, and high reviews. After contacting IBM, they recommended this system because it will fulfill all of XYZ Hospital’s requirements of server needs. This hardware features “Go-Green” technology which allows for utility savings and energy efficiency, room for growth, security, and the newest system management tools. Both the primary and backup servers, ALPHA and BRAVO, will be of this hardware specification. It should also be noted that both servers will run Windows Server 2003 for easy workstation and device calibration.

Server Specification Data Table 1.1:

When looking for a provider of routing and switching devices, one can trust no one more than Cisco Networking Systems. They provide the best in device warranties, support, price, durability, and function. Their systems are known worldwide and would serve well under XYZ Hospital’s command. Their networking infrastructures are superior technologies that integrate all network devices and operating standards together. XYZ Hospital needs a total of two P2P WAP routers, two Internet connectivity routers, twenty WAP routers, and five total switches.

The models of Cisco devices JEM has decided to go with are Basic 5GHz Complete Wireless Bridge Kit (1/2 mile LOS) for the P2P WAP, two Linksys 4 Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000 for the Internet/VPN connection, 24 Port 10/100btx 2- GBIC Ports DC-Pwrd STD Multilayer SW for the multiple switches needs, and Linksys Wireless-G Exterior Access Points for the WAPs required throughout the network. All of these devices allow room for expansion, multiple device connectivity with ease, and simple troubleshooting. These are all top of the line and come with full warranties and support.

XYZ Hospital has the need for twenty-five workstations for the various wired users, as well as the need for two-hundred laptops. JEM has decided to go with Dell workstations for the network environment based on their low costs, reliability, and superior tech support. If a Dell computer ever fails under warranty, Dell will send out a representative to fix the problem as soon as possible, which is highly valuable in the high risk hospital environment. The model JEM has decided to go with is the Dell precision T3400.

Workstation Table 1.1:

Hardware / Specification
Processor: / Intel™ Core®2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz/1066MHz/2X4MB L2) 375W
Operating System: / Genuine Windows XP
Warranty & Services: / 3 Year Warranty and 3 Year NBD On-Site
Video Card: / 256MB PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro FX570, Dual Monitor DVI Capable
Chassis Configuration: / Mini-Tower Chassis Configuration
Memory: / 2GB, 667MHz, DDR2 SDRAM Memory, NECC (2 DIMMS)
Optical Drive: / 16X DVD+/-RW w/ Cyberlink PowerDVD™ and Roxio Creator™ Dell Ed
Hard Drive: / 80GB SATA 3.0Gb/s with NCQ and 8MB DataBurst Cache™
Monitor / Dell 19 inch™ E1909W Widescreen Flat Panel
File System: / NTFS File System
System Documentation: / Resource DVD - contains Diagnostics and Drivers

As far as XYZ Hospital’s need for cabling, the network will need over 5, 500 feet of total cable that will allow little to no interference, and must have the durability to withstand the test of time of data flow and ever changing environment conditions. XYZ Hospital has zero tolerance for connectivity failure due to the high risk operations involved, so JEM has decided to utilize 24 gauge shielded CAT6. Having shielded cabling will cut out interference of all other radio frequencies and disturbances throughout the hospital environment.

The final hardware and devices that XYZ Hospital should be concerned with purchasing for the network infrastructure are disaster recovery devices. All of the workstations, servers, and important devices will need backup batteries to support the systems for a short period of down time for events such as power flickers or outages. The CyberPower Cp600LCD 340W backup utilities will fit this job well due to their long battery life and cheap price. Also, since power failure could be a life threatening situation, JEM suggests the purchase of a backup generator capable of powering the hospital facilities for a long amount of time. This will allow a large window of time for the fixing of the power or for management and staff to organize an evacuation. The Elite 100 kW Generator by Guardian is a reliable, quick, efficient, and well supported product that will keep the XYZ Hospital facilities fully functional during a power crisis.


The following is the budget of the hardware and devices that JEM proposes to implement within XYZ Hospital’s facilities…

Budget Table 1.1:

Quantity of Items / Hardware/Devices / Price
x2 / IBM x3350 Server / $5500 Each
x30 / CyberPower Cp600LCD 340W / $30 Each
x1 / Guardian Elite 100 kW Generator / $18,800 Each
x6 / 1000ft Shielded CAT6 Cable / $170 Each
x1 / Basic 5GHz Complete Wireless Bridge Kit (1/2 mile LOS) / $1000 Each
x20 / The Linksys Wireless-G Exterior Access Point / $500 Each
x25 / Dell Precision T3400 / $1020 Each
x5 / Cisco 24 Port 10/100btx 2- GBIC Ports DC-Pwrd STD Multilayer SW / $3200 Each
x4 / Linksys 4 Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000 / $160 Each
x200 / Laptops / Company Asset
Total: / $84,860


The following specified information is in regards to XYZ Hospital’s new network infrastructure IP addresses…

JEM has decided to go with a Class B IP address,, due to the fact that a class C may not contain enough hosts for all of the connected clients. A Class C will only allow up to a maximum of 254 total available hosts for the network, therefore JEM proposes the use of a Class B to allow 510 available hosts on one network. XYZ Hospital’s network will use this Class B IP and internal NAT subnetting to communicate the network designated IPs to the global network IPs, and

IP: Class B -

Subnet Mask:

Total Available Hosts: 510

Network Address:

Range: -


Designated IP Table 1.1:

Page 24

ALPHA (Primary Server):
BRAVO (Backup Server):
Filing System:
Exchange Server:

Page 24

The rest of the IPs, ranging from to, will allow up to four hundred and seventy-three dynamic IPs left for connecting hosts on the network for use. These will be designated to the two hundred wireless users, twenty-five wired workstations, and other devices connected to the network.


The following are the guidelines and policies pertaining to XYZ Hospital’s network that JEM believes fit to keep consistent integrity throughout the workspace…

Email Policy

1.0 Purpose

The purpose is to prevent tarnishing of the public image of XYZ Hospital. When email goes out from XYZ Hospital, the general public will tend to view that message as an official policy statement from the XYZ Hospital.