NCP Academy training for NCPs in H2020

Training: How to write, implement andreport a good proposal in H2020.


October 6, 2017.

Time:09:00 – 17:00

Event Category:



NCP Academy – CIP, Republic of Moldova.


Jolly Alon Hotel, Str. Maria Cibotari 37, Chișinău,MD2012, Republic of Moldova




Pleaseconfirmyourparticipation atfollowinglinkbefore17th September.

Concept & Aim

The training will provide a comprehensive overview of the H2020 proposal writing and implementation.

Are you NCP? Are you familiar with the theory, but you would like to get a more practical insight into the legal and financial aspects of H2020? Our training is tailor made for you!

After a one-day intensive training you will:

  • be able to understand the proposal writing process;
  • be able to build a budget;
  • gain more confidence in answering questions related to financial aspects( EC payments, reporting and audits).

On top of that, the NCP Academy training provides an excellent opportunity to make new connections with other NCPs and exchange your experience with them.

Target group: all NCPs dealing with L&F issues

Maximum number of participants: 25

Fee: No participation fee. Flight and accommodation need to be covered by participants themselves.

More information on howto get there and accommodation:

Chisinau Airport is located not too far from city, just 13 km from the city center. Guests may choose either public transport: bus, minibus taxi, taxi service, or personalized airport transfer service provided by private companies.

Trolleybus 30. The cheapest way to get to/from Chisinau Airport is using Trolleybus 30 named “AeroportulInternaţionalChişinău - PiaţaMariiAdunăriNaţionale”. The White Blue trolleybuses is running from 07:00 am to 21:00 pm with an interval of 15 minutes. The price per one trip costs 2.00 lei mdl. Note that the bus conductor is eligible to charge extra ticket for big luggage. You don’t have to buy a ticket from any ticket-machine, as the tickets are sold inside the bus using MDL cash (only). Few official exchanges are in Airport, in front of Arrival Gate.

The advantages of this transportation method are the cheap price and live contact with locals. Among the disadvantages is the time it takes you to get to the city, around 35 minutes.

Minibus Taxi No. 165. You can get it directly at the Airport, on right side of the Arrival Hall. You can catch it starting from 05:30 am to 09.55 pm (from Airport) or from 06.00 am - 10.00 pm (from city center, “Ismail Street”). The price per one transfer is 03.00 MDL (cash), for big luggage extra payment will be charged. The minibus is available with an interval of 5 minutes.

NOTE: The Minibus taxi does not stop at stations. You have to ask the driver to stop before you reach your stop. You can request it. The ending station is Ismail Street, Chisinau city center.

The advantages of this method are cheap price, relatively fast ride. There are some disadvantages as well, there are only 15 seats and no air conditioner.

Taxi .The travelers may order a regular taxi directly from the taxi agency desk, situated in arrival hall, next to the exit doors. The official price for transfer from Airport to city center is 100.00 MDL (cash) = 4.8 Eu. It is advisable to reconfirm the price with the driver when you get in the taxi. In case you need a receipt for your travel, you need to ask for this specifically when ordering. Also payment by credit card is still not possible.
NOTE: The Price for an Airport transfer is cheaper (70.00 – 80.00 MDL) when you are coming from the city center.

So the advantage of the taxi is that it’s easy to find a taxi, it’s still quite cheap. Obviously it is much faster and will get you to your required destination. Some of the disadvantages are that the drivers often do not speak English (commonly only Romanian & Russian).


Jolly Alon Hotel, Strada Maria Cibotari 37, Chișinău,MD2012, Republic of Moldova


“National Wine Day” in Moldova for the current year: October 7-8, 2017.


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