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The deadline for applications is 17November 2017, however, potential applicants are advised and encouraged to apply for funding as soon as possible.

Comments in italics are provided for guidance and should be deleted prior to submission of the application.
The word limits are provided for guidance but the application should be no more than five pages (excluding the cost breakdown).
Abbreviations used:
LMICs – Low and Middle Income countries
UICs – Upper Income Countries
Name of lead applicant:
Other applicants:
Host School(s)/Division:
Address for correspondence:
Proposed Start and End Dates:
Note that the spend / Commitment must be before 31 July 2018
Summary (maximum 100 words):
Provide a brief summary of the work, intelligible to the non-expert in terms of what it is expected to be achieved and how.
Project description
(1) Background to the project.
No more than half a page in total. Summarise the relevant background information focussing on the information that supports a potential knowledge exchange outcome.
(2) What are the objectives and deliverables from the project.
No more than half a page. Please be clear about the objectives and expected deliverables.
(3) How will you achieve the objectives and deliverables in Q2?
No more than 1 page in total.Describe what you intend to achieve with the funding. Include timescales and make it clear who will be responsible for delivery. If you intend to collaborate externally during the project, provide details of the partners and how they will contribute to the deliverables.
(4) How will GCRF-IFFP help to leverage future funding under GCRF?
No more than half a page. Please be clear about opportunities for future funding and how this project will position you and strengthen future proposals.
Precise breakdown of costs:
Please provide:
(a)An FEC costing analysis for the project
(b)A full justification of the costs being requested fromthe GCRF-IFFP
(c)The total you are seeking from the GCRF-IFFP.
(d)Source and amount of any matched funding towards the project should be detailed.
(e)Any additional leverage (i.e. indirect contributions) towards the purpose of the project you wish to cite as evidence of added value or which furthers the University’s strategic aims.
The Head of School of the lead applicant should endorse the application. In doing so they agree to take responsibility for provision of the necessary facilities and undertakes to ensure timely reporting by the applicant.
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