Discrete Honors Course Syllabus 2015

Discrete Honors Course Syllabus 2015

Discrete Honors Course Syllabus – 2015

Jennifer LeBlanc – WWHS –

336-973-4504 ext. 127

Discrete Standards

Discrete Math introduces students to the mathematics of networks, data analysis, social choice and decision making. The course extends students’ application of matrix arithmetic and probability. Applications and modeling are central to this course of study. Discrete is often called the mathematics of computer science. Appropriate technology, from calculators to laptops and application software, will be used during instruction.

Materials: You will need to bring the following materials with you to class every day.

  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils or highlighters
  • Binder & paper
  • Flash Drive and Ear Buds
  • Calculator – optional: TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Student Expectations

  • You must respect others at all times.
  • You must not talk when I am teaching or giving instructions.
  • You must participate in and complete all activities and assignments.
  • You must follow all school rules at all times.

Please ask permission to leave your seat. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses the class.




*The Final Exam for Discrete will count

as 20% of the final grade for this course.


This course requires you to learn many new math

terms. Understanding the vocabulary is essential for

you to express your thoughts, ideas, and answers

using the proper terminology. I encourage you to make

flash cards for all vocabulary terms, with the term on

one side and the definition/diagram on the other.

Course Outline

1ST Quarter- Election Theory, Fair Division, Recursion, Coding and Statistics

2nd Quarter –Sets, Probability, Graph Theory, Matrices, Bin Packing and Scheduling

Other Classroom Procedures

Passes for Leaving Class:

You must have permission and a pass to leave class. Passes may not be used at the beginning of class, during a test, or while I am teaching. Please choose an appropriate time to ask permission to leave the room.

Make up Work

If you are absent, refer to the wiki ( or Canvas so you will know exactly what work to make up. After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to copy the notes, do the homework, and learn the material. I will answer questions about specific problems, but I will not be able to reteach the entire lesson. When absent, students are given two days to complete make-up work. The only time “copying” another student’s work is permissible is when you copy notes for any days missed.

Missed quizzes can be made up after school (you may be given an alternate form of the quiz). On the day you return from an absence, see me immediately to schedule the make-up quiz. It must be made up within five days of the absence.


Students absent on the day of a test are expected to make it up the day they return. If you are out on a review day, you are still responsible for taking the test or quiz on the following day.

If you are absent from class for a field trip or other school-related activity, the 5-day rule does not apply. Instead, you are responsible for getting all work before you leave.

Your success in this course is important to me. However, the responsibility is ultimately YOURS. I expect your best effort in all that you do! Please visit my wiki DAILY for assignments and information at Please sign and return this form.

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