Directorate Incident Review Committees

Directorate Incident Review Committees


Directorate Incident Review Committees

Directorate IRCs review LTIs, NADs & Medium/High potential incidents which should be presented to IRC within 2 weeks of it being notified in FIM and only after the draft report and presentation are complete and issued to all IRC members.

IRCs are normally attended by the Director, two senior management, the directorate HSE Team Leader, contractor management (of IP), Contract Holder, senior representative of the contractor community, MSE departmentliaison point and special invites to subject matterexperts and the injured person.

Each directorate has an appointed IRC focal-point to manage the process whosends(uploads) the finalisedIRC presentation, minutes of the IRC and action items to MSE5/ MSE54 and MSE521within 5 days of the IRC being held. If it is required to proceed to MDIRC, a requested date for an MDIRC slot is made to MSE54/541.

The Investigation Team Leader shall upload the agreed actions into FIM

Managing Director Incident Review Panel (MDIRC)

MDIRCs shall review all incidents of 4/5 actual severity, high potential and NADs.

MDIRCs are normally attended by the MD,TD, MSE5, OPAL rep, Director, Incident Owner, Investigation Leader, Line Manager, Contract Holder, HSE Team Leader, Contractor MD, Contract Manager, Contract HSE Manager and anyone else invited by the Incident Owner or Contractor MD who can add value.

IRCs take place each Monday when there are incidents to review and which have:

  • gone through the directorate IRC process,
  • provided an investigation report and presentation to MSE521MSE54/541 by COB the Monday before,
  • had a Tripod analysis conducted where required,
  • passed the MSE quality check for the presentation and investigation,
  • a nominated secretary for taking minutes in the directorate team identified to MSE521.

The preceding Wednesday, MSE521 MSE54/541will issue the agenda and timing for the review. The relevant Director, Line Manager, Incident Owner and Contract Holder (when applicable) will be advised.

MSE5 will identify learningswith clear lateral learning value for company-wide communication and lessons from the incident will be published on the HSE website and email sent to all Directors and HSE Team Leaders for cascade within the organisation. The OPAL Representative will cascade the lessons amongst its members via copy of the weekly highlights.

For more in-depth guidance see GU612 page 47.

End of guidance