Department / Unit

Department / Unit


Job Title: / Department Manager

Department / Unit:


Academic Department or School

Job type / Non-academic Professional
Grade: / 7
Accountable to: / Head of Department/School and Academic Registrar
Accountable for: / Administrative Staff
Purpose of the Post
Act as the main interface between academic School/ Department and Professional and Student Services teams. Expected to foster a relationship of knowledge, trust and understanding between these service areas; works collaboratively to continuously improve the academic and student service delivery.
Key Tasks
Deliver a customer-focused service for the School/ Department acting as the first point of contact and authority for matters relating to academic service provision, ensuring adherence to all relevant internal and external policies and regulations.
Implement the strategic plans laid out by the College and the Student First programme; to advise on the evolution of these strategic plans; and work with colleagues to develop, improve and implement the underpinning operational policies and successfully manage change.
Line manage the School/Departmental administrative staff, ensuring they are well motivated and have opportunities for development.
Act as the point of authority on all academic administrative, regulatory and policy matters in relation to the academic provision, including the management of quality assurance and enhancement activities in order to ensure that academic quality standards are maintained and in compliance with internal and external accreditation requirements.
Be responsible for overseeing effective and consistent communications within the Department/School, with the Faculty, the College, students and outside organisations
Develop effective networks and working relationships with internal colleagues, and external bodies such as Research Councils and professional bodies to share good practice.
Support academic staff in the preparation and submission of grant applications ensuring compliance in a timely manner with College Research & Enterprise office requirements.
Liaison with the Research & Enterprise and Finance Department to ensure research funds are managed in accordance with sponsors’ terms and conditions.
Ensure robust financial control and planning throughout the School/ Department and be responsible for budgetary control of expenditure.
Provide high-level advice on financial planning to academics and provision of financial management information to the Head of School/ Department.
Work with Human Resources to co-ordinate contracting and right to work checks for visiting staff. Ensure compliance with legal requirements and good practice in the employment of all types of staff.
Other Duties
The duties listed are not exhaustive and may be varied from time to time as dictated by the changing needs of the College. The post holder will be expected to undertake other duties as appropriate and as requested by his/her manager.
The post holder may be required to work at any of the locations at which the business of Royal Holloway is conducted.
Internal and external relationships
The following list is not exhaustive but the post holder will be required to liaise with:
Academic Registry
Other Academic Departments and Schools
Careers & Employability
Research & Enterprise
Human Resources
Student Life
Student Recruitment & Partnerships
Principal’s Office
Commercial Services
Health & Safety
This is a specification of the qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge and abilities that are required to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the post (as outlined in the job description) and forms the basis for selecting a candidate
Job Title: Department Manager / Department: Academic Department or School
Essential / Desirable / Tested by
Application form/Interview/Test
Knowledge, Education, Qualifications and Training
A level or equivalent qualifications / X / Application form
Knowledge of current and developing issues in HE / X / Application form, interview
First degree or equivalent qualification / X / Application form
Supervisory or management qualifications / X / Application form
Knowledge of Student Record Systems / X / Application form, interview
Skills and Abilities
Understanding of computerised systems and the / X / Application form, interview
ability to organise procedures to fully utilize technology
The ability to function at a high level in an academic or / X / Application form, interview
similar community
Excellent oral and written communication skills / X / Application form, interview
Ability to analyse, specify and communicate administrative / X / Application form, interview
Statistical analysis of data and trends / X / Application form, interview
Good organisational and problem-solving skills / X / Application form, interview
Ability to manage complex processes / X / Application form, interview
The ability to relate to students and staff at all levels in a / X / Interview
professional and confident manner
Use of webpage software to create engaging copy and images / X / Application form, interview
Experience of providing administrative support / X / Application form, interview
Experience of managing, motivating and developing staff / X / Application form, interview
Experience at a senior level in an academic department / X / Application form, interview
for academic processes in HE
Experience of minute taking, report writing and / X / Application form, interview
committee work
Experience in using webpage software / X / Application form, interview
Other requirements
Positively initiate and contribute to the implementation of change / X / Interview
in services and systems and maintain effectiveness
in changing environments
Remain calm and effective under pressure / X / Interview
Prepared to work additional hours as required / X / Interview