Dear Prospective Nursing Student

Dear Prospective Nursing Student

May 2, 2017

Dear Prospective Nursing Student,

Thank you for your interest in our RN to BSN Program for Registered Nurses. The College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) has been preparing nurses to meet the healthcare needs of our community on a local and national level since the 1950s. We are proud of our students and proud of our programs.

Attached please find the application packet for the RN to BSN Program for academic year 2017 - 2018. Kindly read the packet carefully. Within it you will find a step-by-step guide to the application process. Additionally, you will find a comprehensive description of the RN to BSN Program, an outline of the Program curriculum, and estimated costs. Students are admitted throughout the year, so please fill out the application packet at your earliest convenience.

While the program is mainly taught in a traditional face to face format, we are slowly moving towards integrating different technologies and online learning management systems into our program delivery in order to address the learning needs of our students and to offer flexible schedules for working nurses. Some courses will be delivered in a face-to-face format, others will incorporate online learning components in a hybrid format. We are also exploring additional technologies, such as two-way video conferences.

Again, thank you for your interest in the RN to BSN Program at NNMC. The faculty and staff look forward to meeting you and answering any questions or concerns you may have. You are encouraged to schedule an advisement appointment with the program faculty. To schedule your appointment, please call Ellen Trabka at 505 747-2209.

For information regarding financial assistance, please call the Financial Aid Office at 505 747-2128.

Best of luck in your educational pursuits!

Ellen Trabka, MSN, RN

Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Associate Professor of Nursin



The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program for registered nurses (RN to BSN Program) is limited to individuals who are licensed as registered nurses (RN) in the United States. The RN to BSN program prepares registered nurses to assume leadership roles as an integral nurse at the bedside, within an organization, in the community, and in the profession. The Program provides a unique and innovative nursing curriculum that is based upon The Theory of Integral Nursing. With an integrative care focus, this Program prepares nurses to provide holistic, intentional, relationship-centered care that addresses individual and collective health.

Applicants seeking admission to the RN to BSN Program should be committed to engaging in intentional, caring, reflective practice that involves continuous self-assessment and holistic self-care. As ethical, professional, critical thinkers, students are expected to examine personal beliefs, attitudes, and values, and to engage in authentic dialogue. Students will interact with faculty, students, and clients from diverse backgrounds. Students seeking admission to this Program should consider their career focus and personal values in terms of congruence with the theoretical framework of the Program.

Faculty in the RN to BSN Program view registered nurse students as co-learners and colleagues. Adult learning principles inform teaching and learning strategies. Previous education in preparation for licensure as a registered nurse serves as the foundation for Program content.

Working students are encouraged to apply to the Program. Because self-care and reflective practice are integral parts of the Program, students are encouraged to give attention to any time constraints and schedules that would preclude attainment of these objectives.

Students are admitted to the RN to BSN Program on an ongoing basis. It requires 120-122 semester hours of credit for graduation. Thirty-four credits of lower-division courses, to include nursing courses from an Associate Degree in Nursing program, may be applied toward the BSN degree. Students must complete forty credits of upper-division courses. Thirty-two of these upper-division credits (courses numbered 300 – 400 level) must be nursing courses. Eight additional upper division elective credits must be completed.

Application to the RN to BSN Program differs from, and is in addition to, application to Northern New Mexico College (NNMC). Nursing applicants must obtain "Regular” admission to NNMC to be considered for the RN to BSN Program. Directions for college admission are located in the school catalog available by calling Office of Admissions at (505) 747-2111 or online at

Remember to immediately request that official transcripts from all schools, colleges, and universities you have attended be sent to the Office of Admissions, as this is a part of the “Regular” admission process.

RN to BSN Program

Application Process

The required steps in the application process are outlined below. All steps must be completed in order to be considered for admission to the RN to BSN Program.

  • Application to the RN to BSN Program is different from application to Northern New Mexico College. Nursing applicants must achieve “Regular” admission to Northern to be considered for the RN to BSN Program. Directions for college admission are located in the school catalog and on Northern’s website ( and must be completed through the admissions office. Official admission to Northern does not guarantee admission to the RN to BSN Program, but failure to meet this requirement will eliminate you from consideration for acceptance into the RN to BSN Program.
  • Request that official transcripts from all schools, colleges and universities that you have attended be sent to the Office of Admissions.
  • Request an official “Transcript Evaluation” through the Admissions Office for the RN to BSN degree.
  • Fill out the one page “Application Form” for the RN to BSN Program and submit it to the College of Nursing & Health Sciences or mail it as shown at the bottom of the form.
  • Make an appointment for advisement with Ellen Trabka, Dean of the College of Nursing & Health Sciences (505 747-2209; ).

Prerequisites required for entry in the RN to BSN Program

  • Student must hold a valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse in New Mexico or compact state
  • Student must have completed an approved Associate Degree in Nursing or a Nursing Diploma Program

Transfer of credit

  • Graduates of Associate Degree Nursing Programs may transfer lower-division credits earned from a regionally accredited college or university to NNMC. Official transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admission, which will evaluate and accept coursework
  • Credit earned in a nursing diploma program will be evaluated on an individual basis
  • Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will transfer
  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • Graduates of foreign programs who can demonstrate competency through the National League for Nursing (NLN) mobility exam will be eligible to transfer 34 credits.

Once accepted into the Program, students are expected to be proficient in computer skills to include Internet research, word processing, and email.

Clinical requirements

Upon admission to the program, students will be required to provide evidence of immunizations, a criminal background check, and a drug screen.


GENERAL EDUCATION (39 credit hours)

Area I. Communications (9 credit hours)

ENG111English Composition I (3)

SPCH130Public Speaking (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

ENG112English Composition II (3)

ENG116Technical Writing (3)

Area II. Mathematics (3 hours)

MATH145Introduction to Probability & Statistics (3)

Area III. Laboratory Science (12 credit hours)

BIOL210Microbiology (3)

BIOL210LMicrobiology Lab (1)

BIOL237Human Anatomy & Physiology I (3)

BIOL237LHuman Anatomy & Physiology I Lab (1)

BIOL238Human Anatomy & Physiology II (3)

BIOL238LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (1)

Area IV. Social/Behavioral Sciences (6-9 credit hours)

PSY105General Psychology (3)

PSY290Developmental Psychology (3)

If you choose to take a third course in this discipline, it must be from a discipline other than PSY. If you choose a third course from this area, you need only complete two (6 credit hours) of the Humanities and Fine Arts courses.

ANTH 101/LPhysical Anthropology with Lab

ANTH 102 Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 110 Indian Culture of the Southwest

ANTH 207 Cultures of New Mexico

ECON 200 Macroeconomics

ECON 201 Microeconomics

GEOG 111 World Geography

HSS 311 Readings in the Social Sciences

HSS 414 Humanity and Creativity*

HSS 421 History, Literature, Art, and Philosophy

PSCI 110 The Political World

PSCI 120 Contemporary Political Issues

PSCI 200 American Politics

PSCI 210 State and Local Government

PSCI 212 The American Presidency

PSY 105 General Psychology

PSY 210 Theories of Personality

PSY 229 Adolescent Psychology

PSY 230 Psychology of Adjustment

PSY 232 Abnormal Behavior

PSY 270 Social Psychology

PSY 290 Developmental Psychology

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 213 Deviant Behavior

SOC 216 Ethnic and Intercultural Relations

SOC 220 Social Problems

SOC 225 Marriage and the Family

Plus, topic courses with student advisor’s approval

Area V. Humanities and Fine Arts (6-9 credit hours)

Required: Second language (3 credits)

You must select courses from at least two different discipline areas from the following:

ART 105 Introduction to Art

ART 107 History of Art I

ART 208 History of NM Art & Arch. I

ART 211 History of Art II

DANC 240 Dance Appreciation

ENG 270 Children’s Literature

ENG 262 Literature. of the Southwest

ENG 265 Native American Literature I

ENG 266 Native American Literature II

ENG 280 Readings in Literature

ENG 290 Study of Literature

ENG 294 Mythology

FDMA 280History of Cinema

HIST 101 Western Civilization I

HIST 102 Western Civilization II

HIST 161 History of U.S. to 1877

HIST 162 History of U.S. from 1877

HIST 200 History of World Religions

HIST 220 Southwestern Women’s History

HIST 230 Chicano Experience in the US

HIST 250 American Indian History

HIST 260 History of New Mexico

HUM 101 Humanities I

HUM 102 Humanities II

HUM 103The Search for Meaning

HUM 105 Humanities and the Southwest

HUM 200Comparative Religion

HUM 311 Readings in the Social Sciences

HUM 414 Humanity and Creativity

HUM 421 History, Literature, Art, and Philosophy

MUS 103 Music History & Literature I

MUS 105 Music Appreciation

MUS 218 Music History & Literature II

PHIL 110 Introduction to Philosophical Problems

PHIL 111 History of Philosophy

PHIL 220 Ethics

PHIL 250 Critical Thinking

PIS 200 Introduction to Pueblo Indian Studies

THE 120 Introduction to Theatre I

THE 130 History of Theatre

Plus, topic courses with student advisor’s approval


Thirty-four credit hours of lower-division courses, to include nursing courses from ADN program, will be applied toward the BSN degree.

Support Courses

Nutrition (3 credits)

Pathophysiology (4-6 credits) (can be lower- or upper-division courses)


A minimum of 40 credits of upper-division courses must be completed, to include 32 credits of required upper-division nursing courses.

NURS 400 Nursing in Transition and NURS 401 Integral Nursing Theory must be the first two courses taken in the curriculum. They may be taken concurrently with the following courses: NURS 410 An Integral Approach to Evidence-Based Practice; NURS 420 Integral Health Assessment; NURS 430 Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing; NURS 440 Health Issues, Policy and Politics in Health Care; NURS 450 Community and Global Health I.

NURS400Nursing in Transition (2)

NURS401Integral Nursing Theory (3)

NURS410An Integral Approach to Evidence-Based Practice (3)

NURS420Integral Health Assessment (3)

NURS430Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing (3)

NURS440Health Issues, Policy and Politics in Health Care (3)

NURS450Community and Global Health I (3)

NURS451Community and Global Health II (4)

NURS460Integral Communication and Teaching (2)

NURS470Transformational Leadership in Nursing (4)

NURS480Integral Nursing Capstone Course (2)

Electives: 8 credits of upper-division electives with aNURS or IHS prefix, or other approved upper division course(s).

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS:120-122 (Includes a total of 135 clinical hours)

Suggested course sequencing for full-time students:

Year one

Fall Semester (10)Spring Semester (11)

NURS 400 (2)NURS 440 (3)

NURS 401 (3)NURS 460 (2)

NURS 420 (3)NURS 430 (3)

Elective (2)Elective (3)

Year two

Fall (9)Spring (10)

NURS 410 (3)NURS 451 (4)

NURS 450 (3)NURS 470 (4)

Elective (3)NURS 480 (2)

Approximate cost (tuition and fees) of the RN to BSN Program** (2017-2018)

New Mexico Residents Total: $8,120 (does not include books)

** These costs do not include tuition/fees/books for classes other than the required program courses. Additional costs would be incurred depending on what pre-requisites or NNMC General Education Core Curriculum courses a student may also have to complete.

Application for the RN to BSN Program

Please type or print all information in black ink.

NAME ______

(Last)(First)(Middle) (DOB)


Banner ID/SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ______/______


(Street)(Apt. No.)




Street and APT. No./ Rural Route



Phone Numbers: Home ______Cell ______Work ______

E-Mail Address: ______

COLLEGES ATTENDED: (Use separate page if necessary)

Name ______City ______State ______

Major ______Graduated? ______Degree ______Year ______

Name ______City ______State ______

Major ______Graduated? ______Degree ______Year ______


Name ______City ______State ______

Program______Graduated? _____ Degree/Certificate ______Year ______

DESIRED ENTRY DATE: Semester ______Year ______

I understand that withholding or falsifying of the requested information, or failure to provide the required documentation may make me ineligible for admission to the RN to BSN Program. I am aware that I must have achieved “Regular” Admission to Northern to be considered for the RN to BSN Program. I understand that filing this form does not guarantee acceptance in the RN to BSN Program.

Signature ______Date ______


Questions concerning the program, the application process or an appointment for advisement can be addressed to the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at the address below or call (505) 747-2209.


Northern New Mexico College

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

921 Paseo De Onate

Espanola, New Mexico 87532

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