Customer Supplied Emblems (Processing)

Customer Supplied Emblems (Processing)

Customer Supplied Emblems (processing)

  1. Customer sends the emblems to the Sales/CS rep
  2. Rep identifies if the emblem is set up by using item inquiry and searching by account number (AC#) and on the customer’s account.
  3. If the emblem is set up in GQ already the rep will fill out the “Customer Supplied Emblem to Stock” form located under forms on the Intranet and send the emblems and form to the Supervisor in the Inbound department. Inbound will label and adjust into stock using reason code 05.
  4. If the emblem is not set up in GQ the rep will fill out the “Customer Supplied Emblem to Stock” form and submit via the K1000 Ticket system under Uniform Services and then Customer Supplied Emblem. The rep will also need to scan the emblem and send a color image to the emblem set up team. *All scans need to be in .jpeg format.
  5. The emblem set up team will set the item up in GQ. Typically same day – allow up to 24 - 48 hours. They will answer via ticket system as to the new item number for the patch and then they will close the ticket.
  6. The rep will then forward the “Customer Supplied Emblem to Stock” form, including the new item number and emblems to the Supervisor in the Inbound department. Inbound will label and adjust into stock using reason code 05.

**There is no minimum quantity on emblems to set up. All emblems sent from the customer will follow this process**

This replaces the CE200 process.

**Retail Only: If a customer brings in patches to be applied to a garment you will use Customer Supplied Emblem. The correct item/VAS number to use is CE500.

(Note: When placing the order for the customer, you will select Customer Specific Emblems for the VAS application and select the emblem w/ the item # associated with the emblem).

Custom Emblem Requests

Customer Service/Sales

  1. Start an order as normal:

** Ship to the customer if going to the customer. If going to you –ship to you and in ship instructions, place your name**Also – must be UPS delivery – cannot be delivered to a PO Box.

  1. Also on the header:

*Order Type: Standard Order

*Order Source: Email

*Source Code: 8GEN

*Customer PO#: what type of request are you doing?

Types of requests

  • New Emblem (need sketch)
  • Emblem Duplication (have an emblem) *requires a scan and a physical emblem
  • Revision (sketch needs adjustment)
  • Quote only (just price needed – no sketch card)
  1. On the items tab:

Place item YG0000 and selectBill Only out ofLEX for the line:

  1. VAS the item:

Select Custom Emblem Sketch

Select CE100 NEW *always

Continue to VAS the item - Use all the VAS fields that apply to your request

*** Note: Emblem Description and Size are MANDATORY FIELDS***

  1. Attachments/Notes

Add an Attachment(s)– jpeg or bitmap

Add Order Comment notes in regards to changes needed or can place as an attachment if you have a document with all the information (ex: e-mail from customer)

  1. Book the order.

It will go on a systematic hold to be worked by the Merchandising Specialist: Custom EMB Hold

Process after order booked:

  • Once the Merchandising Specialist works the hold – they will change it toProcessing.
  • When they have heard from the vendor it will be mark closedand you will receive an e-mail when the order is complete.
  • If information is INCOMPLETE, the order will go on “HOLD FOR QUOTE”, an email will be sent to you to review the Order comments for what is needed to complete.

For Revisions:

  • Go into the original order, COPY ORDER this will allow the history to remain**
  • Change PO to REVISION
  • It will not keep the attachment but keep the sketch
  • Place order comments of what needs changed.

Non-Managed Account’s Assistance:

  • No longer give out the directly to customers
  • If a customer needs to speak with a Merchandising Specialist, get the customer’s phone number or e-mail, forward to the nd they will contact the customer on any technical questions.


1)Obtain quote from emblem vendor (tier pricing 50-1000)

2)Save quote as customer attachment on customer account in GQ

3)Fill out order form and send to

4)Emblem orders set up GQ item #, places order with vendor and sends

e-mail back to requestor (24-48 turn-around time)

The form is located on the G: Drive

G:\Data\Public\EMBLEM ORDER FORM 2015.xls

Embroidery/ Custom Logo Screen Print/Heat Press/Custom Graphics Requests

Enter Request through the K1000 IT Help Desk ticket system

Information that needs to accompany your custom request:

  • Your Name
  • Account number and name
  • Shipping information/Dept Contact Name
  • Artwork (must be Camera ready)
  • Exact size information
  • Colors

(Note: Only Screen print Logos are custom – not words/letters)