Cullompton Town Council

2010/11 Page 104



Minutes of Town Council meeting held on Thursday 21st April 2011 at 7.00pm

in the Town Hall

Present Town Mayor Cllr Mrs W Gillings (in the chair)

Deputy Town Mayor Cllr B Marshall and Councillors: Mrs E Andrews, G Barden,

Mrs J Campbell, G Guest, Mrs P Hammett, N Middlewick, M Thompson, Mrs H Weinstein,

R Weinstein* and A Wilce

Mrs J Morris – Clerk

Also in attendance: approximately 30 members of the public

* in attendance for part only of the meeting

257. Apologies for absence were received and accepted from: Cllrs G Hollister and B Mitchell

258.  Declarations of Councillors’ Interests

Cllr Mrs J Campbell declared a personal interest in respect of withdrawal of revised planning application for Court Farm

Town Mayor Cllr Mrs W Gillings declared a personal interest in respect of planning application no. 11/00558/FULL (Padbrook Park), as she is a member of the fitness centre

Cllr Mrs P Hammett declared a personal interest in respect of planning application no. 11/00558/FULL as she is a licensees association member

259.  town mayor’s announcements

(i) Twinning Reception: Reminder that the Twinning Reception is being held on Saturday 23rd April 2011, help required with buffet from 4pm onwards

(ii) Royal Wedding Street Party: Friday 29th April, help needed with preparations on Thursday 28th April from 2pm onwards


(i) Mrs A North asked why it was that the Town Fayre ‘beer tent’ was being offered to the Royal British Legion?

It was explained that the British Legion had approached the council about the possibility of organising a beer tent at the Town Fayre but that no decision had yet been taken. Item on the agenda for later in the meeting.

NOTE: Town Mayor Cllr Mrs W Gillings declared a personal interest in respect of the following item as she is employed by Tesco

(ii) Mrs Christine Manfield asked what had happened to the money contributed by Tesco for town centre regeneration?

It was explained that £80k was contributed by Tesco as a planning condition when consent was granted for their supermarket. This money is held and administered by Mid Devon District Council but the Cullompton Town Centre Conservation and Regeneration Working Group had been set up to provide ideas. It was suggested that she approach Mr Scott, MDDC Head of Forward Planning, to find out how much of the money has been spent.

(iii) Mrs Giffard asked the council if Cllrs B Marshall and A Wilce would be willing to talk to her with regard to their differing views about the purchase of the magistrates’ court site.

It was suggested that she makes an appointment to talk to both gentlemen through the council


261. MINUTES: The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 7th April 2011 were approved and signed as a correct record after adding to the final paragraph that “the meeting was disrupted” and then adjourned.


(i) To consider and approve Financial Statements for March 2011

RESOLVED: That payments totalling £15,037.41 for March 2011 are approved and the Financial Statements for March 2011 are approved and signed.


To consider and make comment on current planning applications as notified to all members and displayed on the Town Council notice board.

10/01819/FULL – Diespeker

Erection of 6 industrial units with parking and new access at Land at NGR 302593 107823, Old Station Yard – Recommend approval subject to an assurance that there will be access to footpath at rear of property

11/00539/FULL – Mid Devon District Council

Change of use from office (B1a use class) to dwelling (C3) at 114 St Andrews Estate –

No objections

11/00558/FULL – Mr G Scargill

Variation of condition (6) of planning permission 07/01309/MFUL to allow amendment of landscaping proposals at Padbrook Park – Defer until next meeting for more information

11/00568/FULL – Ms N Ryder

Removal of conditions (1) and (2) of planning permission 07/02170/FULL to allow permanent occupation of the site by persons falling within the definition of a gypsy and traveller at Djangos Rest: Defer until next meeting for more information

Cllr R Weinstein joined the meeting

To receive details of planning decisions and other related planning matters as considered appropriate by the Lead Member for Planning

The following applications have received conditional planning approval

09/01297/FULL/NMA – Mr D Read

Non-material amendment to the approved permission for the erection of 3 dwellings and associated works at Land at NGR 301930 107166 Shortlands Lane

11/00283/FULL – Xiota Retail Ltd

Erection of extension to existing shop at 106-110 Exeter Road

10/01817/FULL – David Wilson Homes

Variation of condition 15 of planning permission 10/00040/MARM to allow revised drawings relating to house types on part of the site at Land at NGR 301310 107311 (land between Knowle Lane and Tiverton Road)

11/00308/FULL – Padbrook Park Fitness Centre

Installation of 2 windows at first floor level and conversion of storeroom to fitness area at Padbrook Park

11/00082/FULL – Double ‘S’ Exhausts Ltd

Erection of an industrial storage shed at Station Works, Station Road

11/00408/CAT – Clarks Court

Notification of intention to fell silver birch tree in Conservation Area at Clarks Court

The following application has been withdrawn

10/01868/FULL – Persimmon Homes

Revised scheme for plots 214-220 and 222-224 on planning approval 09/01115/MFUL to replace 6 two bed apartments, two coach houses and two three bed houses with 5 detached houses at Land NGR 302231 107841 (Court Farm)

264. COMMITTEES: To accept the Minutes of the following Committees and Working Groups and approve the recommendations contained therein:

NOTE: Cllr Mrs P Hammett declared a personal interest in respect of grant for Culm Voluntary Car Scheme as she is the Secretary.

(i)  Financial Management Committee meeting held on 11th April 2011 including payment of grants as contained within the Minutes

RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Financial Management Committee meeting held on 11th

April 2011 are accepted and the recommendation contained therein with regard to payments of

grants as follows is approved.

Name of Organisation / Reason for request / Amount
Requested / Approved grant /
1st Cullompton guides / Purchase of resources for girls use, rent and general running costs. / £150 / £150
1st Cullompton Rangers / The grant money would help us to pay the rent, cover some running costs and purchase more basic resources. / £200 / £200
1st Cullompton Rainbows / Would be used to buy craft items, ingredients, badges, rent and other general running expenses. / £150 / £150
3rd Cullompton Brownies / To help fund a brownie holiday. / £150 / £150
CAB / To continue Friday weekly CAB Advice Clinic in Cullompton / £1000 / £500
PCC of St Andrews Church* / Grant funding towards the community centre. / £1,960 / 0.00
Cullompton Community College** / Help towards ten students going to Namibia in 2012 / £3000 / 0.00
Cullompton Rifle Club / Purchase equipment for archery facility. / £375 / £200.00
Culm Voluntary Car Scheme / Running expenses / £200 / £200.00
CHICKS (Country holidays for inner city kids.)*** / A contribution towards average camp costs for one child. / £797 / 0.00
Tiverton & District Comm. Transport Ass / To help support the Cullompton ring & Ride Bus / £500 / £250.00
Tiverton Swimming Club / Provide swimming hats with logo for all members to encourage team spirit. / £500 / £100.00
Unite – Carers in Mid Devon / To fund a discrete group in the Culm area where Cullompton’s carers of people with dementia could discuss their experiences. / £470 / £200.00
The Leat Conservancy Board**** / Upgrading and extending the Leat path from Middle Mill Lane to the CCA fields / £1000 / 0.00
Voluntary Support Scheme / To support people in Cullompton who have mental health problems / £500 / £200
TOTAL / £2300.00


* PCC of St Andrews Church: Suggest that individual Councillors make contribution if they so wish.

** Cullompton Community College: Invite students to fund raise at the Town Fayre.

*** CHICKS: Unsure that Cullompton can be classed as “inner city” and whether anyone living in Cullompton will benefit, appears to be for the benefit of individuals which does not meet the requirements of the grants policy.

**** Leat Conservancy Board: Review in 6 months to assess what other grant funding has been secured

Late Application: Application received from CHAT after the deadline, to be deferred until the 2nd round

(ii) CCTV Working Group meeting held on 13th April 2011

RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the CCTV Working Group meeting held on 13th April 2011 are accepted and the recommendation contained therein is approved i.e. “that the Council removes the CCTV equipment as requested by the owner of Claremont House and investigates alternative locations. Write to businesses and property owners at the bottom end of Fore Street/Exeter Hill to find out if anyone would be willing to ‘house’ the recording equipment in a secure environment. Also approach DCC Library Services to find out what they will be doing about CCTV on the outside of the new library building”.

NOTE: Cllr M Thompson offered to assist with finding a suitable site for the relocation of CCTV cameras

(iii) Promoting Cullompton Committee meeting held on 13th April 2011 including “that the Council grants permission to the British Legion Club to organise a ‘beer tent’ at the Cullompton Fayre”

RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Promoting Cullompton Committee meeting held on 13th April 2011 are accepted but the recommendation that the British Legion is granted permission to organise a ‘beer tent’ at the Cullompton Fayre is referred back to the committee for further consideration.

265. TO CONSIDER LETTER FROM MRS VALLIS WITH REGARD TO PARKING IN FORE STREET LOADING BAYS: Discussion ensued including a suggestion that there is some limited 20 min restricted parking in Fore Street to enable people to use local shops.

RESOLVED: That the Traffic & Environment Working Group is asked to consider Mrs Vallis’s suggestion and look into the matter of parking in Fore Street.


RESOLVED: That this item is deferred until the next meeting to allow more thought/research into appropriate street names for the new development at Knowle.


RESOLVED: That the Clerk obtains advice from the council’s solicitor with regard to request to cancel car parking rights at the magistrates’ court site and brings that advice back to the next meeting for further consideration of the request.


RESOLVED: That, in view of the local council elections on 5th May 2011, no further action is taken with regard to the purchase of the magistrates’ court site until after the new council has been elected.

NOTE: Recorded vote was requested, voting was as follows:

For: Town Mayor Cllr Mrs W Gillings and Cllrs: Mrs E Andrews, G Barden, Mrs J Campbell, N Middlewick and A Wilce

Against: Deputy Town Mayor Cllr B Marshall and Cllrs: G Guest, Mrs P Hammett,

Mrs H Weinstein and R Weinstein

Abstained: Cllr M Thompson


11.39 Mid Devon District Council: Licensing Newsletter noted

11.40 Senior Council for Devon: Newsletter noted

11.41 Culm Valley Local Action Group: Summary of meeting held on 6th April 2011noted

11.42 Community Council of Devon: Devon community of the year competition noted

11.43 Western Power: Road closure 1st August – 2nd September Tiverton Road Clerk to obtain more information

11.44 Devon Community Recycling & Community Composting Network: Newsletter noted

11.45 Western Power: Invitation to Stakeholder workshop 17th May

11.46 Devon County Council: Temporary road closure, C808 Westcott 27 June – 29 June noted

11.47 Devon County Council: New bridge at Higher Mill to be installed week commencing 30th May noted

RESOLVED: That a vote of thanks is recorded to Town Mayor Cllr W Gillings for the wonderful job she has done as Town Mayor for the past year. Also thanks to all other members for their hard work during their terms of office.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm Signed ……………………………………….