Creative and Digital Services Team

Creative and Digital Services Team

Appointment of a Project Officer

The departmentThe marketing team plans and delivers a wide range of multi-channel and multi-region marketing campaigns and related activity. The team work with colleagues across the university to develop a responsive, high quality, communications experience for key audiences including applying students and their advisers, current students and potential research, business and community partners. The team makes systematic use of data, comparator research, student surveys and focus groups and other feedback to evaluate their work and inform marketing and resource planning.

Creative and Digital Services team

The creative and digital services team set standards and are responsible for external facing print publications and digital media including the university’s website and social media presence. The team focuses on web development, graphic design, and editing and copywriting. The team also provides advice on print production, and is responsible for the editorial house style, tone of voice and the university’s visual identity.

Internal Engagement

The internal engagement team leads on engagement with both staff and students. It is responsible for producing the copy for the internal staff magazines both print and online. It also drives the internal engagement strategy including internal communications strategy and implementation plans.

Communications and Events

The communications and events team promotes the work and achievements of the university to external media and stakeholders. The communications team oversees the university’s media relations and corporate communication strategies, with a priority on maintaining and developing the university’s reputation. The team builds relationships with members of the mainstream and digital media so that the press covers university activities frequently and positively, helping to position the University of Brighton’s brand. It coordinates responses to media enquiries and prepares media briefings and researches, writes and distributes media releases. The team monitors media and issues management (providing advice and actions to avoid potentially negative media cover or to counteract negative coverage).

The jobDetails of the job are described in the attached job description.

The salarySalaries are paid monthly in arrears through the BACS System directly into the bank or building society account of each member of staff.

Salary payments for staff that work less than 52 weeks per year are spread evenly over twelve months of the year so that they continue to receive payment during the times they are not contracted to work. This means that, when they leave the employment of the university, they may have received either an over or underpayment for that year, according to the date of leaving in relation to the anniversary of the start date. In such cases, the adjustment would be made in the final salary payment, as a deduction or lump sum payment, as applicable.

Working weekThis is a 37 hour week, excluding meal breaks (these are unpaid). It is possible to work flexible hours which offers the opportunity to choose starting and finishing times which best suit personal needs, outside the ‘core’ hours of 0930 to 1200, 1400 to 1600 and with outer limits of 0800 and 1800. Flexible working hours are subject to consultation with your senior manager, subject to ensuring adequate cover at the workplace.

Duration of the jobThe appointment is for a fixed term until 31/12/2015 because funding is of short-term duration and longer-term funding is uncertain.

Holiday For each full-year worked you are entitled to annual leavedependent on your grade of pay (see table below). The entitlement increases after five years’ continuous service, pro rata for part-time staff. Annual leave entitlement for part-time staff and staff on shift patterns will be calculated in hours. New members of staff are entitled to annual leave proportionate to their completed calendar months of service. In addition to the eight Bank and Public Holidays each year, discretionary days are granted in late December to allow the university to remain closed between Christmas and the New Year.

Grades / Basic entitlement per year / Grades / Basic entitlement after 5 years’ service
1-3 / 23 days / 1-3 / 28 days
4-7 / 25 days / 4-7 / 30 days
8-9 / 27 days / 8-9 / 30 days

Terms & conditionsIn determining terms and conditions of employment, the university has regard to recommendations made through the appropriate national negotiating framework. These terms and conditions of service can be varied by local agreements reached through the university’s local negotiating framework which comprises a Joint Negotiating Committee supported by two Common Interest Groups. These groups bring together representatives of the university and its recognised trade unions, which are:

•UCUUniversity and Colleges Union


Strategic planDetails of our Strategic Plan can be found at: