COURSE: Honors Precalculus (1730) TEACHER: Linda Coulson

COURSE: Honors Precalculus (1730) TEACHER: Linda Coulson


COURSE: Honors Precalculus (1730) TEACHER: Linda Coulson

WEBSITE: (or go to the High school website, school staff, Linda Coulson)

TEXTBOOK: Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic

Electronic Textbook:

Precalculus Online Textbook


This course is a combination of 1710 (College Algebra/Advanced Algebra and Trig) and 1720 (College Trigonometry). This course builds on the material covered in Algebra 2, and prepares the students for success on the ACT as well as post secondary mathematics.


  1. A 3 ring binder to keep up with class notes, homework papers, and returned work.
  2. Earbuds (for use ONLY during class computer labs utilizing audio).
  3. Fine tip dry erase markers (at least 3 colors)
  4. Colored pencils
  5. Paper (notebook and graphing)
  6. Pencils
  7. Optional but helpful:
  8. Graphing calculator (TI Inspired)
  9. 4 function calculator ($1.00)
  10. USB flash drive
  11. Scissors/glue sticks

MAKEUP POLICIES: Excused absences are always a possibility during a semester. Please make every effort to be in class, but when absences are unavoidable, please make every effort to make up your missed work immediately. Assignments are posted on class website and/or google classroom.

TUTORING: Because students learn at different rates, I realize that students can gain from having extra tutoring. I arrive at school each morning at 7:00 am to give my students this opportunity. This is a time to get homework help for the day’s assignment. It is not a time to begin the assignment. Also, during this time, a student may make up quizzes and tests. Please take advantage of this tutoring time if you feel you need it.


20% Homework/Classwork - Completion grade. Normally worth 5pts. - 1pt/day late

80%Assessments - Graded for correctness, Quizzes, Tests, Projects


Students are expected to correct every test and every quiz taken. Provided all corrections are completed by the due date, one test and one quiz per grading period will be dropped.


1. Expect to learn something every day. Be prepared. Have your supplies ready, including your chromebook, worktext and a pencil. Work completed in pen will not be accepted.

2. Covered drinks are acceptable. I usually have a pot of coffee available to share, but you are responsible for bringing a cup with a lid. No visible food.

3. If you MUST use the restroom, sign out (including time), pick up the hall pass on a lanyard hanging on the door, and sign back in (including time) when you come back into class. You may only use the restroom in an emergency, you are expected to stay in class.

4. Expect to have homework every night. My goal is 30-45 minutes, although I realize students work at different speeds. You should be working on you school work WITHOUT snapchat, youtube, putlocker, Spotify or other distractions. The best way to develop mathematical skills is to work math problems, a lot of problems. If homework is taking too long or you are becoming frustrated, put it up and come in to school at 7:00 AM for tutoring.

5. Use the online links for help at home.

Dual Credit Precalculus Learning Objectives – Click here to for a list of the learning objectives that will be taught in this course.