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2015-2016 / Fall

Course Name / Chorus/General Music / Course Code
School Name / McNair Middle School / Teacher Name / Ian Kennel
Google Phone Number / (404) 566-8141 / Teacher Email /
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Course Description

The major emphasis of this course is on singing activities and vocal production. This standards based course develops the skills necessary for ensemble singing of choral literature appropriately arranged for middle school voices and in reading music notation.
The course also provides opportunities for growth in the understanding of musical elements (rhythm, melody, form, harmony, expressive elements, and style) as applied to the music performed. Students will learn to enjoy participating in vocal music, work cooperatively with other students in the musical organization and serve the school by participating in selected performances.

Curriculum Overview

The following academic concepts will be covered. THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Unit – Breathing and Posture
Students will learn the physical demands and potential for their voice and how to maintain it each and every day.
Unit – Vocal Flexibility and Ear-Training
Students will learn how to utilize their muscles to produce well-rounded vocal tone and match pitch with others around them.
Unit – Musical Elements and Reading Music Notation
Students will explore the musical elements by performing and reading music of many different genres in class.
Unit – Applied Knowledge and Music Performance
Students will take the skills they have acquired and apply that knowledge to music that will be performed as an ensemble.


Title / Experiencing Choral Music
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GRADING SYSTEM: The DeKalb County School District believes that the most important assessment of student learning shall be conducted by the teachers as they observe and evaluate students in the context of ongoing classroom instruction. A variety of approaches, methodologies, and resources shall be used to deliver educational services and to maximize each student’s opportunity to succeed. Teachers shall evaluate student progress, report grades that represent the student’s academic achievement, and communicate official academic progress to students and parents in a timely manner through the electronic grading portal. See Board Policy IHA.

Pre-Assessments Prior to Learning (Formative Assessments) - 0%
Assessments During Learning – 25%
Guided, Independent, or Group Practice – 45%
Summative Assessments or Assessments of Learning– 30% / A 90 – 100
B 80 – 89
C 71 – 79
D 70
F Below 70


*English Learners (ELs) must not receive numerical or letter grades for the core content areas in elementary and middle school during their first year of language development. A grade of CS or CU must be assigned. This rule may be extended beyond the first year with approval from the EL Studies Program. English Learners must receive a grade for ESOL courses.

STUDENT PROGRESS / Semester progress reports shall be issued four and a half, nine and thirteen and a half weeks into each semester. The progress of students shall be evaluated frequently and plans shall be generated to remediate deficiencies as they are discovered.Plans shall include appropriate interventions designed to meet the needs of the students. See Board Policy IH.
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY / Students will not engage in an act of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating, providing false information, falsifying school records, forging signatures, or using an unauthorized computer user ID or password. See the Code of Student Conduct - Student Rights and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook.
HOMEWORK / Homework assignments should be meaningful and should be an application or adaptation of a classroom experience. Homework is at all times an extension of the teaching/learning experience. See Board Policy IHB.
DUE TO ABSENCES / When a student is absent the student shall be given an opportunity to earn grade(s) for those days absent. For each day the student is absent, upon return, he or she has 2 days to make up their work. After 3 consecutive absences, parents must request and pick up make-up packets. Make up packets are due within 5 days upon their return to school.
REDO AND RETAKE / Teachers will designate a period of time before every grading period to allow students to complete missing work and/or resubmit assignments to demonstrate content mastery. Assignments submitted for redo and retake will be graded as follows:
A = 80
B = 75
C & D = 70
below 70 = actual score (whichever attempt was higher)
CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS / Treat everyone with respect, participate to the best of your ability and learn a little more about music every day.
MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES / Three-ring binder, pencil/paper, any additional materials instructed by the teacher and a well-rested singing voice.
PARENTS AS PARTNERS / I encourage each and every parent to be a partner with the chorus program and with their chorus student at home.


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