Student Exchange Program

KIMEP and Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) have agreed to develop a cooperative program of English-language student and visiting scholar exchange to enhance the education at the universities and increase mutual understanding between the students on January 28, 2006.

2 places are available for KIMEP graduate and undergraduate students per academic year to study at CUB!

The Corvinus University of Budapest is located in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1998. It is the biggest institution in Hungary offering instruction in economics and business, social sciences, and public administration.

Corvinus University of Budapest: Budapest, Hungary:


The ISC-CUB offers all its courses in English. KIMEP students can take both undergraduate and graduate courses if they have necessary prerequisites.

The course list is available at

Credits taken there will be transferred to KIMEP.

Check out the University’s website for more information about the university and the city at


Fall semester: late August - late December*
Spring semester: late January - late May*

* Check out the exact dates at

KIMEP Exchange Students pay tuition fee to KIMEP, but all other expenses are the responsibility of applicants (accommodation, meals, books, transportation, etc):

Accommodation Fee per month

  • Dormitory: about 200-300 EURO depending on the size and location of the flat as well as on the number of students sharing it.

Estimated Living Costs per month

  • Meals, transportation, miscellaneous: around 250-300 EURO

Other Expenses

  • Visa and insurance: about 50+50 EURO
  • Academic related expenses (student ID, books, photocopying, etc.): about € 50 – 100 per semester
  • Round ticket: about 700 EURO

Total: about 3,500 - 4,000 EURO for semester.


  1. KIMEP Application Procedure:

In order to apply for this exchange program, please ensure that you satisfy the requirements of the program and submit necessary completed documents to the International Relations Office in KIMEP:

  • Good English skills
  • At least one full year of undergraduate or one full semester of graduate study at KIMEP
  • Completed Application Form for Pre-Approval of Transfer/Substitute Courses for KIMEP Exchange Students (download it from our website at - KIMEP Students - How to Apply)
  • Completed KIMEP’s Application Form (download it from our website at - KIMEP Students - How to Apply)
  • A recommendation letter from a KIMEP faculty member
  • An unofficial transcript

KIMEP Application Deadlines:

For Fall semester: March 10

For Spring semester:October 15

Submit the application forms to KIMEP’s International Relations Office: Office 409, Dostyk Building. Tel: 2704230, 2704480. Email:

  1. Corvinus University of Budapest
    Application Procedure:

Having been nominated as an exchange student to Corvinus University of Budapest, your next step would be to complete the documents listed below and send them by email or fax to the university in Hungary:

  • Official Nomination (your completed KIMEP’s Application Form)
  • Online Student Application and Course Registration:

It is obligatory for all exchange students and takes place at the online registration system webpage of the Corvinus University . Only registrations completed at this website in the period given below will be kept (all others will be cancelled)! Registration is usually* openfor Fall semester: in May; for Spring semester: in November. *The exact dates are available at the International Relations Office in KIMEP.

Registration is made up of two parts:

1. Application Form

  • No registration number, username or password is required to complete it.

2. Course Registration Form

  • To complete it, students have to use the automatically generated username and password, which is sent to the student’s e-mail address after having completed the Application Form.
  • Completing the Course Registration Form is optional for students who come for a study period of maximum 3 months (ie. not a whole semester).
  • It works on a first-come – first-served basis (and courses do become full).
  • Students are invited to take courses from various units within the university. However, applicants are discouraged from choosing courses offered at faculties/units that are not close to their subject areas.
  • Students are free to choose courses offered in English, German and French.

Further important instructions (including general restrictions to course selection) are given in the info section of the online system.

  • Application for Accommodation
  • Visa Application
  • Application Materials (Forms, Photos):

1. Completed and signed Registration Form printed out from the online system explained above
2. In addition to 1., for those taking one or more ISC courses:

  • Special ISC application form (ISC-B). It can be downloaded at the ISC website (click on Application form – there are 2 separate .jpg files: Form 1 and Form 2, or the PDF format).
  • Two passport size photos, either on paper or in electronic format

CUB Applicaiton Deadlines (Forms, Photos):

For Fall semester:March 30*

For Spring semester:November 1*

*The exact dates will be sent to the partners and to the nominated students. For those taking one or more ISC courses there is a late fee 60 € for missing the deadlines!

IMPORTANT: Students are kindly asked to check at the online Check-list whether their application materials have arrived. The International Office cannot respond to inquiries of this kind.

For a successful registration please keep in mind the following:

  • Your registration will be considered valid only if you have completed both the Application Form and the Course Registration.
  • When you have completed your registration, please print the Registration form out, sign it and have it mailed the address mentioned above.
  • If you have questions concerning the registration or encounter problems
    please write to

Instructions can be found at the beginning of the form.

Contact Information at the CUB in Hungary:

Hanna Varjas
Graduate Program Coordinator
International Studies Center
Corvinus University of Budapest
Budapest - 1093, Fővám tér 8. HUNGARY
Phone: (+36 1) 482 5446, fax: (+36 1) 482 5449
E-mail: / About accommodation:on website: Services and Facilities, Accommodation
Contact person:
Undergraduate program:
Graduate program: